Sunday, 30 November 2008

Everyone needs a little bad luck

This is a good start to a Sunday morning

Yep. It is true. Everyone needs a little bad luck now and again otherwise we would not appreciate things.

Last week, was a week straight out of Hell for me. Forget about my half decent laptop and my old backup machine crashing. I want to write about Combi Boilers and being cold.

When mine failed last Saturday, with loss of heating and hot water, I knew I was in trouble as no way could I afford an engineer and then within a few days my two ways of accessing the net were taken away by machine failures.

I was in a fine rage and freezing to boot. I felt that Lady Luck who had always seemed to travel with me through life had finally deserted me.

So if any of the reds who had threatened to come visiting and burn me out, had actually came around I would have welcomed their arrival with open arms. I felt the need to lash out and they would have been legitimate targets and I would now be in prison.

In fact I even thought about going to buy a dog just so I could kick it. Only joking. I love dogs. They truly are a mans best friend. They ask for nothing and in return give total unconditional love.

I have had only two dogs in my life, both border collies, a breed I believe to be the most intelligent, gentle and loyal ever. After the death of old age of my first, I vowed never to have another as his loss ripped a part of me away. But time goes by and I accepted the gift of a young pup from a local sheep farmer.

Never regretted it until he too died of old age, my dog not the farmer. The pain of his loss was twice as intense and I will never have another dog. It is a terrible thing to say but I grieved more over his passing then I did over the loss of people I knew. Like I said, a terrible thing to say.

Whilst reading in the evenings, embedded into my favourite chair in the good old days, he would often stroll over, sit down in front of me and gaze at my face. I would look up from my book and he would never turn his eyes away. He would just sit looking at my face until I returned to my book, whilst he continued to stare - for hours.

And I would wonder what he was thinking. I wondered if he could remember how, as a young undisciplined pup he had managed to jump up onto the table, grab the Sunday Roast and attempted to swallow it whole.

I was alerted by a gurgling noise and found him choking with the metal meat skewer across his mouth like the bit in a horses mouth. Grabbing both ends of the skewer I pulled the meat from his throat like pulling a cork from a bottle. It really did exit with a pop. So relieved was I that he was OK, that I chopped the joint up and fed it to him on his recovery. He had a great life. Catholics say that animals do not have souls, I am not so sure.

But I digress. Yesterday my kinsman, John of Gwent turned up and we stripped that boiler down and got it going after many hours. Then cracked two cans and talked about projects we had worked on together in the past after we had fired it up and removed our fur hats and coats.

On a roll, we then turned our attention to the laptop. Were we succesful? I will let this article help you make your mind up. It is a real Heath Robinson job but I am back online.

JOG and I together are never beaten. And that is why the BNP will never be beaten. Their members are the same as us, they do not lie down and just accept fate, they fight back and resolve their problems with the tools available or make themselves. It is the British Way.

So this morning, sat semi-naked(not a pleasant sight) at my machine, whilst posting Albions excellent article I realised that you do not appreciate your situation or things until they go wrong. So my run of bad luck as taught me to appreciate things I had always taken for granted and to appreciate my friends more. I just wish I had one of my dogs here staring up at me as I type.

Have a good Sunday Kinsmen.

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Songs of Provocation

The Buskers before the big split when
Tom took his dog and went solo

By Albion

It is Christmas time and already the disturbing spectre of Nationalism is raising its ugly head. It manifested itself with the arrival of two itinerant buskers singing and playing songs which the Police deemed ‘Songs of Provocation’ A news report stated that two men had been arrested for breaches of the racial crimes act and are now awaiting charges of a serious nature.

A police spokes-lady said the duo had already been cautioned earlier that morning for singing ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ outside of the curry shop ‘Mohammed’s Kitchen’ in the high street near the bus shelters. She added this sort of overt racism will not be tolerated in our multicultural society.

The duo, a politically active tenor banjoist and his accomplice, a mouth organ player were singing a collection of English folk songs and Christmas Carols in the Kingston Mall.

A small crowd of amused onlookers had assembled and were actively involved in a sing-a-long, when the security forces surrounded the area.The Buskers had already sung ‘Nuts for You’ and ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’ and were into the third verse of ‘Jerusalem’.

A man of Asian appearance had earlier rung the police on his mobile phone to complain of their choice of songs.

It was later confirmed that he also rang the BBC News and Current Affairs Dpt, The Sun Tabloid, The Guardian, The News of the World, several local newspapers and had also alerted Channel Four TV, sent a text message to the head office of the Moslem Council of Great Britain, and finally sent a brief message of good wishes to his brother’s third wife in Islamabad, who by coincidence is his first cousin............... if that makes any sense.

The police said the offenders had also built a Styrofoam model of a Snowman holding out a tray for donations.

A police inspector said this act in itself was indeed blatant provocation and will not be tolerated, he went on to warn political agitators against committing hate crimes and that they will institute zero tolerance in matters as serious as this.

On the receipt of the mobile alert the police were quick to respond; two paddy wagons and three police cars were dispatched along with ten policemen and two Police ladies all wearing stab proof vests, and armed with Mace and Tasers. With sharp shooters from the Police Quick Response Group standing by, two large Police ladies were sent in to wrestle the two miscreants to the ground.

The banjo player was fortunate in that his instrument was undamaged although he did lose his pick down the drain. The mouth organ player however was not so fortunate; he was devastated to discover his mouth organ was damaged beyond repair and he is now seeking redress by claiming punitive damages from the Police Service as he had only purchased the instrument new from a Pound Shop earlier that morning. He said he is also initiating claims for considerable damages for loss of earnings, impairment of hearing, stress, lower back pain and repetitive strain injury.

Passers by said they overheard the heavily armed Police quizzing the pair as to whether they were members, supporters or sympathisers of the British National Party and were raising questions about ‘lists’ The irate musicians refused to give any details of their political affiliations other than to say, quote “its none of your f*****g business” which did not go down too well with the men in blue…. and yellow; I should have pointed out earlier they had full riot gear on.

Rumours are rife that the men are being detained and will be transported to a secret location; a small police station on an island in a Scottish Loch, close to the Isle of Lewis, with the purpose to forcibly obtain DNA samples and fingerprints and to establish their political credentials

A young, effeminate news reporter sweating profusely asked excitedly, if torture will be applied, as is customary in cases such as this, to gain information.

The Police Commisioner was quick defend the police action and to point out that people are receiving the wrong message and that torture is NOT mandatory, and he personally defended his position by pointing out that torture will be only be considered as a last resort during the interrogation, using the well established method of applying extreme and painful pressure to various parts of the accused bodies.

He added “I hope that in the fullness of time an information brochure will be sent to all households to explain the Police ground rules on the use of torture. We have nothing to hide and in a democratic society such as ours I would like to stress we are obliged to be ever mindful of the concerns of the population, so we try to alleviate any misconceptions that we use torture for torture’s sake, WE DON’T! I repeat, we do NOT torture ad hoc, there are stringent guidelines to adhere to, although I can’t speak for all my men. I hope that clears the air

He added crimes like this are a matter of national security, and that undercover officers of an indeterminate black colour from the CRE will be ever vigilant for breaches of the Racial Crimes Act.

It was suggested that if people must sing Christmas carols that could be misconstrued as having racist connotations it might be more prudent of them to sing them in the privacy of their own homes.......... quietly.

All school choirs particularly those in cities and towns which are predominately populated by immigrants seeking sanctuary and thus having a substantial number of children of colour and sporting exotic eastern cultures have been issued with guidelines and a list of Christmas carols that the authorities deem inoffensive and appropriate in this day and age in a wonderful, gentle, sophisticated, diverse multicultural society such as ours.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

Liverpool welcomes the BNP

Smash this. Smash that. Their only answer to everything.

Early this morning at 08:01, 13 envelopes bearing the Mersey Side Police logo landed simultaneously on 13 separate doormats to be read by the brave activists of the BNP, now known forever as the Liverpool 13.

The political police of Zanu Labour had failed in their attempts to intimidate the British National Party and fully aware that their gestapo arrests were illegal and would be challenged in the courts, did what all cowards do when pushed back. They folded and ran like red rabbits.

But if they thought their last minute act of announcing that there would be no charges, would stop the BNP protesting about the police treatment and torture of one of our family, they were again badly and sadly for them, wrong.

Almost 200 members of the BNP were warmly greeted by the True Brits of Liverpool when they met up, held their protest and then led by Nick Griffin, Richard Barnbrook and Simon Darby marched to St George's Hall.

As Nick Griffin pointed out when addressing the BNP Activists and listening members of the public:
pointing out that it was the preparedness of the BNP activists to be arrested en masse which had driven the police to withdraw all charges against the ‘Liverpool 13? earlier in the day.

Those charges would have hung over our people’s families until February if it had not been for the fact that hundreds of BNP activists were quite prepared to be arrested today,

Mr Griffin said.“We hope that we have now established a sensible working basis with the police in Liverpool, and we welcome the appointment of a liaison officer for the BNP to ensure that there are no future incidents,” he continued.
Wise words Mr Chairman. Let us hope that Liverpool Police listen. They have tarnished their image in the eyes of the world and they need to show that they are there to serve the people and not the marxist politicians running Zanu Labour.

Considering the weather and the fact that there were many regional meetings taking place today that simply could not be cancelled at such short notice, it was a superb turnout by people who had to pay to travel in support of their Kinsmen.

How unlike the pathetic turnout of the state paid agents, paid unionists and their dupes who were there on an all expenses day out.

And despite that, they could still only muster just under 100 violent thugs, three of whom were arrested. Although I have it on very good account that the police turned a blind eye to actions that if committed by a BNP man would have meant certain arrest.

One example was an attack by two drink or drug fuelled reds who attempted to attack the BNP Chairman who was fortunately well protected by our security people. Well done those men.

And what did the police do on witnessing this attempted assault on Mr Griffin? You know what they did. Nothing. They merely escorted the would be assailants away and released them. Two laws. One for them and one for us, The Patriots.

Afterwards the BNP people retired to the Liverpool Meeting place and enjoyed a few beers whilst renewing old acquaintances and bond with new comrades. Well done all who attended.

Long live the BNP.

Hat tip: Liverpool BNP

What can you do in an hour?

Word on the street is they did not take
Mr Greens finger prints or DNA. Why?

Well we will see. First I am expecting the cavalry to turn up soon in the form of John of Gwent and between us we should be able to knock up a working system. Meanwhile it is a £1 an hour where I am coming in from, so will be brief.

So the Police have dropped all charges against the BNP's Liverpool 13 on the advice of the Clown Prosecution Service. Surprise, surprise. The police had already consulted the CPS and KNEW that the leaflets were not breaking the law.

No, this was about intimidation and another darker reason I believe, they wanted an excuse to fingerprint and DNA the British National Party activists and hopefully link them to crimes they might have committed in a previous existence.

For the same reason it gave them the opportunity to search their homes in the hope of finding literature linking them to other organisations. Failure on all counts and more support for the British National Party. Where are they getting all these replacement feet from?

Dirty tricks all round. Linked to this is the shameful arrest of conservative Damain Green for blowing the whistle on the government failings and lies with regards to immigration.

Last line on this. I wonder if Mr Green was fingerprinted and had his DNA taken. I can find no reference to this happening. If not, why not?

Are Members of Parliament exempt from being tortured by the state?

Hopefully will have some sort of normal service by early evening.

Friday, 28 November 2008

I am just going outside and may be some time.

Damn it's cold out here

Well that's it. It had to happen eventually. My trusty laptop as given up the ghost. For now. The back light inverter or tube has gone. Not surprised, I have really pushed it to its limits. This is the second machine I have now beaten to death.

This problem, along with some other equally troublesome issues means I will not be around as much as I should for awhile. I am currently having to pay £1 per hour for internet access.

I have given John of Gwent admin rights to the blog and he will moderate the comments when he can and I will check in once a day.

So sooner I try and sort something out the better.

Apologies to those people who have send videos and news links. I will get back to them.

Well done to all those traveling to support the Liverpool 13.

One final note for the reds. My mobile as also gone on the blink so just leave your messages and I will have a laugh at them when I get a new phone.

The British National Party.
The only party with the courage to speak the truth.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

March of the Red Dwarfs

Wherever you see a Searchlight demonstration you will see their flag

By Albion

Like Jackals and Hyenas cautiously circling the herd looking for an opportunistic meal, the crimson-faced Red rabble attempt to bait the patriots by over-excitedly chanting words such as Nazi’s, and Fascist. These are the Stalinists, Marxists, Trotskyists and rabid Communists; combined as one they are the true, modern day, violent Fascists. They scream obscenities as the green bile streams from their lips and stain their Castro and Che Guevara tee shirts.

The hate is all too apparent, it exudes from them like an odious sweat, it is an all consuming hate for anything that smacks of loyalty, comradeship to their tribe, their people, or to their country of ancestry.

It comes as no surprise then that in many cases their parents would have disowned them at puberty. The tall skinny spotty lad with steel embedded in his lip, the young girl with the crimson wig, black lipstick and tattoos, the elderly man with a beard, a red die-hard from the days of the CND, wearing a ill fitting brown suit with 1950’s lapels, the young grossly overweight youth with the vacant eyes and blank expression all look to their trainer for gratuitous encouragement as they wait patiently for their cues and directions.

Ignorant, uneducated, unemployable losers, but nevertheless totally reliant for their sustenance on the country and the people they despise and abhor.

An ageing grey haired Mr. Garry Bagel, an immigrant to this country, doubles as Ringmaster and Master of Ceremonies, a life long ardent admirer of Stalin and his Red collaborators, whose crimes against humanity would more than equal any other horrors in the world’s history combined, resplendent in his well worn red cardigan and wearing his easily recognizable National Health spectacles leads his motley group of untidy, bedraggled no-hopers like a Regimental Drum Major, as he puts his chanting troupe through their paces.

Still somewhat ragged and unsure they go through their rehearsed moves. The banners are held high. Proudly flutters the red Hammer and Sickle flag and the hand painted sign declaring ‘Stalin we love you’ …………and they have the temerity to carry placards reading United against Fascism. They are hypocrites; are they that stupid? For Christ sake, don’t they recognise who they are, THEY ARE THE REAL FASCISTS!

A banner depicting Lenin, the genocidal maniac of yesteryear is proudly born aloft. These are the misfits banished to the outer fringes of our society. Desperately they look for a common bond. They found it, the common bond being Fascism, but they are too stupid to recognise it.

Knowing little or nothing about their communists hero’s and apparently totally unaware that these now dead murderers whose political ideals they blindly admire without question were responsible for the systematic slaughtering of millions of the Russian people.

They bay like wild animals with a fake moral outrage at the ordinary men and women who unlike them have an undisguised passion and loyalty to their country.

After leaving school at 14 their mothers and fathers should have introduced them to a church youth club where they could have played table tennis and mixed with normal kids. No, the Reds got to them first while their small, pliable brains were still in the early stages of development.

They are not the only lunatics who are hell bent on destroying this country, read the following and don’t be embarrassed to weep openly for England.
"And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress...I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off. The police are first in line to be burdened further, but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too."- Andrew Marr

Will the people ever awake up?

Liverpool 13 Demonstration

Event: Liverpool 13: Liverpool Freedom Demo!

Support the Liverpool 13 who were illegally arrested by
the Labour Political Police of Merseyside

OK, you know what this is all about. It is about Freedom of Speech. It is about refusing to bend the knee to political intimidation. It is about showing Solidarity. It is about being a True Brit.

And for once it is not just about being a supporter or member of the British National Party. It does not matter whether you are a die hard Labour Voter, Conservative Voter or even a Liberal Democrat. You either believe in Democracy for all or you do not. In which case you are no democrat and are just part of the problem.

But if you believe in Freedom of Speech then all are welcome to join the demonstration in support of those ideals.
  • Start Time: 29 November at 10:00
  • End Time: 29 November at 17:00
  • Where: Liverpool City Centre
Another reason why you should attend and show your support, is that the state funded and openly communist Searchlight/UAF organisation are calling for a counter demonstration at the same time.

Searchlight of course, being a communist organisation does not believe in democracy. They prefer to daub paint on doors, phone up elderly people who oppose them and threaten to burn them alive. They do not have the courage to stand in elections. They prefer to act as the boot boys of the establishment in the hope that their masters will throw them some scraps. They are the real fascists.

You should also remember that the communists trying to whip up support for dupes to assist them in breaking the law, are either paid employees of the state, paid by trade unions to attend or indebted to Labour Councils by nature of the "gifted" council homes they have been given for being a traitor to their Country. Do not be duped into supporting the real fascists.

If you have a problem with the British National Party, then take them on at the ballot box and not on the streets. By attending the Searchlight Demo, you will be effectively saying that you support the physical attacks, vandalism and intimidation of the mad marxists. Is that really you and are those the images you want your children to see in the future?

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Jacqui Smith and the BNP

Never mind Jacqui, you have the BNP list now. Much more useful to you.
By the way, do those clowns know it is illegal to impersonate a Police Officer?

Jacqui Smith, the marijuana smoking Home Secretary, revealed how far she was off in cloud cuckoo land the other day when she was quoted as saying this about the stolen, edited and outdated BNP Members and general enquires list:
It probably says something about the BNP that people don’t want to have it known that they are a member.”
No what it says, is that the membership of the British National Party have the same rights of every other member of any political party and the right to not fear for their lives or property.

And by making such a foolish statement she is condoning the attacks on individuals, organisations and businesses that support the only hope for Our Country. No surprises though, as a quick glance over on They Work For You one can see exactly where she is coming from and where she has been.
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted for the Iraq war.
  • Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted for the hunting ban.
  • Voted for equal gay rights.
But I think nothing better reveals the true character of this parasite who draws a salary of £138,724 per year plus "expenses" of £156,313, tootaling a staggering amount of £295,037 per year, then what I write next.

On a private trip to Paris earlier this year, with another two adults and two children she purchased Standard Tickets knowing full well, that Eurostar would upgrade them to First Class.

What a cheap and tacky whore she is.

Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users
insanity, criminality, and death.

Broadcast information

Lee Barnes on Moral Maze tonight, BBC Radio 4 at 8pm(2000hrs)
Going to be hot stuff

How the New World Order operates in Kosovo

How many times have we swallowed the above?

In what amounts to an admission of guilt, Germany has declined to comment on reports that three Germans arrested for throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo on November the 14th, are in fact agents of the German Secret Service, the BND.

Kosovo, (which Our Country shamefully helped bomb into submission in a previous illegal war and then condoned the theft of of it by recognizing its unilateral declaration of independence by its new Moslem Masters,) had recently refused a plan by the UN for the deployment of the European Union Police Force, EULEX.

European Police Force? They will be over here soon enough.

If the EU had thought that by giving Kosovo to the Islamic colonisers, where the Christian population as all but been exterminated or forced to flee the land, would appease them, they got it wrong. The Moslems have the land now and all back room deals are off. You cannot appease Islam. You either submit to it or destroy it.

Of course, it is not the first time Germany has used a false flag to provoke a situation. They used one for the attack on the Reichstag in 1933 and again in 1939 when they created false evidence of non-existent Polish attacks to justify their war on Poland with the Gleiwitz Incident.

Some people never change.

Thing to remember is that our treasonous government are made of the same metal as the masters of Germany and will use the same tactics to fabricate and plant evidence if they think it will discredit the British National Party.

Informative links:-

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 1

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 2

Hat tip: Reconquista

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Lancaster UAF Change name

Thought you should know that the mad marxists over at Lancaster Losers have changed their name again.

Best check it and see what they are saying. They have a plan that puts the BNP Truth Truck to shame.

BNP nurses spark ethics debate

We managed without immigrant nurses before and we
will manage without them again

The Nursing Times are having a bit of a debate over whether nurses should be allowed to join the British National Party.

It seems that their witch hunters have discovered that there are at least four registered nurses on the Role of Honour. How many BNP nurses have been convicted of mistreating patients.?

However they have reaffirmed their position that nurses are free to join the British National Party but warn that individuals could be struck of if their political views comprise the care they give to patients.

Fair enough and that rule should also apply to all political parties and also followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, who are in the medical profession.

However, Gail Adams of the communist trade union Unison said:
'It is hard to imagine the strong, far-right views of the BNP as being compatible with working in a caring profession such as nursing. Nurses must treat patients from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds with respect, professionalism and care.'

She added: 'There is no doubt that the NHS would grind to a halt without the efforts of thousands of migrant workers. Being a member of the BNP would interfere substantially with the close working relationship needed between NHS colleagues.'

Stupid woman. During the war our medics treated the wounded of captured enemies with care and they were trying to kill us.

Our True British Nurses of today are no different. Unlike Moslem Doctors who drive 4*4 into airports and try to kill people or refuse treatment to people because they are homosexual.

And I would like to remind the silly red cow, that this country managed perfectly well without migrant workers before they were allowed to colonise Our Country and steal Our Jobs. In fact we managed a damn sight better.

These days in hospitals and Doctors waiting rooms across Our sad Land, immigrants are fast tracked to the front of the queue to save on interpreters bills whilst White British People, with more serious injuries are left waiting at the back until the immigrants are looked after.

Come on people. Wake up.

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Police Torture political prisoner

Crushing Resistance

By Mister Fox

On 18 November 2008 a copy of a supposed BNP members list was published on the internet.

This begun a train of events that might later be seen as one of history’s turning points. It revealed to a trusting public what the authorities are really like. These decent people who are supposed to be looking after our interests now stand exposed as totalitarians who will do anything however oppressive and tyrannical to silence dissent.

Innocent members of the public will be surprised at how oppressed the British people are unless they remain quiescent and only do permitted activities like watch telly, support sports teams and go to bars. If they dare speak out or campaign against certain injustices they will be persecuted and even brutalised.

There are many in this country who sincerely believe in freedom and democracy and while they thought they occupied the moral high ground condemning racism by whites a totalitarian, undemocratic structure was being created to oppress whites. (1)

Did they ever think that in the home of Democracy and the Mother of Parliaments - Rule of Law and representative Democracy, the police would torture a political prisoner?

There was even incitement to violence from the established media. On 20/11/2008 Mirror columnist Brian Reade wrote in mock-worried tones: “Let's hope black radical groups don't get hold of those BNP members.” He ironically claimed: “I'm worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don't fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis. It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn't it?

Pensioners have had their property vandalised and received threatening phone calls after they were mistakenly targeted as BNP members. This has been occurring across the country. In Cheltenham widow Natalia Colthurst received six threatening calls, in which she was asked her name and why she supports the BNP. The caller warned "we know where you live".

The 72-year-old, who lives in Whaddon Road, was advised by bereavement councillors to join social groups when her husband died in 2006. The former language teacher said after two BNP meetings early last year, she and her elderly friend realised it wasn't for them and broke with the party.

The house of George and June Papps Lysons Avenue, Gloucester, was vandalised, with graffiti saying BNP Scum scrawled on a wall. The couple, aged 79 and 77, are both recovering from cancer and said they were singled-out because their son, who has moved away, is a member. (2)

Another shock for trusting members of the public is the police torturing a political prisoner. Merseyside police tortured one of 13 BNP activists they arrested to take his fingerprints and DNA to add him to national Database.

The victim explains: “They then somehow applied a tremendous pressure behind my ears, inflicting great pain. They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen, he was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints. This caused a deep gash in his forehead.

Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,” he continued. The episode lasted at least a quarter of an hour, and the victim was left shaken and in pain. Photographs taken shortly afterwards clearly showed bleeding from wounds sustained behind both his ears. They applied some kind of pressure to his arms and his side, once again leaving considerable bruising, evidenced again by photographs taken shortly after his release.

This similar to how the Americans torture political prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (3):
The military police inflicted so much pain, Mr Aamer said he thought he was going to die. The MPs pressed on pressure points all over his body: his temples, just under his jawline, in the hollow beneath his ears. They choked him. They bent his nose so hard he thought it would break.”

Here is a technical analysis of what they did to him: they were applying pressure to the transverse processes of the first cervical vertebra. It's taught as a pressure point in both Karate and Ju-jitsu, either to strike at, or press, to break a grip or grapple.

You may cause the atlanto-occipital joint to cavitate by doing this which is like cracking the knuckles, except that this done at the base of the skull and it will probably frighten anyone who doesn't understand what is going on. They might think their neck has been broken!
They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen. He was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints.

Pulling the head back forcefully can and will break the neck. You will either die very quickly or become parplegic and confined to a wheelchair for life or tetraplegic like Christopher Reeve, depending on the location of the fracture and how far any bone fragments from the vertical lamina enter the spinal cord itself. Attacking the trachea in the manner described can also be fatal, but a fatality is more likely to occur from a violent blow rather than pressure. It's not so much the collapse of the trachea but disruption to the baro receptors located at the bifurcation of the carotid artery. These control blood pressure to the brain, and if sufficiently traumatised can shut off blood supply to the brain permanently.

Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,
Again, very dangerous, but depends exactly on where the pressure is applied, but a broken neck or avulsion of the dens could occur. The dens is a little bit of bone about the size of the last phalange of your little finger that acts as a pivot for the heads rotation. It is sometimes avulsed or pulled off in whiplash victims. It sits just posterior to the brain stem, in the area where breathing is regulated, so you don't want a broken dens shoved through that particular area!”

This action from a Police officer can only be justified in a desperate one on one brawl with a bigger and stronger opponent, but is not appropriate for a custody suite. Either the Police have a lack of understanding of the potential dangers of their action, in which case their training needs to be revised or they were deliberately reckless. It's not unheard of for people to die in Police custody, and this shows why.

This started when Liverpool’s political police arrested thirteen BNP members on Saturday the 22nd of November for distributing "Racism Cuts Both Ways" leaflets which is not illegal! They also ransacked their homes. Police refused to tell friends and relatives when they would be released. The men were interviewed under caution under section 19 of the Public Order Act. There is more to this than meets the eye and is the start of a co-ordinated policy of harassment across the country.(4)

There were a lot more out leafleting than thirteen but the police only arrested the people who had the "Racism cuts both ways leaflet" at that precise moment. Those at St. Annes Street police station were released between one and two in the morning. As their colleagues had not been released from other stations they went in Convoy to Wavertree Police station the area which is akin to Pakistanistan.

Outside Wavertree police station there was one of those caught on camera yellow police vans watching them whilst cars full of Asians racing up and down Wavertree Road at speed beeping their horns shouting obscenities at us while the police did nothing. It is illegal to beep a horn after 11pm at night.

Furthermore, Police at the Wavertree Road Police station have asked that all British National Party activists refrain from displaying British Flags as it is likely to cause “offence” to the ethnics in the area. They have advised that the display of the St. George cross and Welsh flags Cross of St. David & Welsh Dragon, in particular would give offence!

A victim related: "I was arrested, first time ever (I never even ever had a detention in school). The police were awful to us, they did nothing but lie and treat us like rubbish. They made a 64 year old sleep on a wood bench, denied an elderly chap with medical problems his medication saying "You will be alright till tomorrow". Supporters from around the country arrived and demonstrated outside the stations, but as they left the city they were stopped and harassed by the police. If you want to know how low the police have sunk one of those arrested was wearing his regimental blazer and medals! They intend to take Merseyside police to law for unlawful imprisonment.

An apposite comparison for the BNP is with the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the oppression they were subjected to by the Regime of the time - it bears close comparison with the tyrannical behavior of Merseyside police. The Tolpuddle Martyrs "crime" was to try to start an organisation to represent their interests against a class bent on their ruin. (5)

This applies to the BNP. The leaflet the “elites” want to suppress argues for parity in the consideration of racist attacks on innocent people. There are manifold explicitly racist crimes committed by ethnics on the indigenous population, encouraged by the victim complex which has been instilled in them by the state which stirs them up by relentlessly blaming whites for the slave trade, the Empire and even portrays “racism” as an exclusively white phenomenon.

The most evil example was Kris Donald which was kept quiet by the media for years, an attack of which there is no white on black equivalent and which is far more brutal than the murder of Steven Lawrence, which has never been proved to have been a racist attack. (6)

Unprovoked Racist attacks by ethnic minorities on indigenous Britons are commonplace and the urban indigenous population know this as a simple fact.

The bias in the law is perverse and unjust. The sovereignty of Parliament rests on its own resistance to laws it considered immoral during the Civil War, from this precedent not only are all Britons entitled to resist laws which are unjust but they are duty bound to do so in the defense of liberty, freedom and the sovereignty of the British people. Even to the extent of armed resistance in the last resort.

The common perception of dissident groups is that the Establishment is knowingly evil and corrupt. The alternative explanation is that the core beliefs of the Establishment mean that their actions have an internal logic and appear to be virtuous by their own standards. For example if you accept that racism is the supreme evil as the Establishment does, then is persecuting racists is a noble and necessary activity? No, because those negatively labelled “racists” are not harming anyone but being pushed out of their communities and denied employment as cheap labour is imported and they are trying to defend themselves.

The establishments descent into tyranny and persecution is a symptom of an ideology in its death throes where it exponentially multiplies internal contradictions and becomes irrational and fossilises into simplistic dogma. We saw similar phenomenon in the the final stages of fascism and communism. Of course we have to allow for our own pre-conceptions and the distorting effect of our own beliefs when assessing the morality of the Establishment's actions. Even then it is clear that they are becoming increasingly aggressive and totalitarian as their values are been shown to be false. But as they are persecuting people they are culpable not misguided.

Our authorities are effectively in cahoots with Muslims against us. The BNP may well have intolerant elements but that is far preferable to a government which is undoubtedly both and also genocidal and incompetent. People are led to believe that the establishment are decent people. I think they are thoroughly evil while pretending to be good with the media propagandising to us that they are good. They are far more evil than the BNP leaders who were more naive than wicked in their wild pronouncements.







Groups concerned with liberties and rights

Statewatch :


BNP - We ain't gonna take it

A year of BNP activism

Still angry after watching on BNPTV the video of British National Party Liverpool Activists being led away in handcuffs(can someone get that over to Youtube please) I was somewhat calmed down after watching the video header of this article that was posted by bnprenaissance.

With a sound track that might not be to everyones taste, it gives a real good montage of images of British National Party activism over the last year from all around Great Britain and shows clearly that we are not the knuckle dragging thugs that the media would have people believe.

I personally found it very motivating. If those elderly gentlemen with rows of medals can still fight for their country then so can I and so can you.

I think this video sums up the mood of the BNP at this moment in time

Now back to those illegal arrests and torture of one of the Band of Brothers who were "detained" and endlessly grilled whilst their homes were ripped apart, property seized and family members insulted by the behavior of the Gestapo of the state ransacking their homes.

If the state thinks that they can intimidate the Activists of Liverpool by these actions, then they know nothing about the people of Liverpool. In fact they know nothing about the True British People, which is why they have messed up the country in the first place. Because they never listened to the Voice of the People.

No British National Party activist from any part of Our sad Country is going to be intimidated by the states acts of oppression. All they have done is encourage us to greater efforts. The BNP have the hardest working, most determined patriots the World has ever seen.

The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights,
makes the most reliable soldier on earth.

They think by publishing an outdated and incorrect Members list that they can intimidate people into not joining the British National Party and not taking their place in the Shieldwall of Resistance. They are wrong again.

Membership has increased. True, there have been a few casualties. Some of our people have been frightened by late night callers and others are suffering at their places of work. Some of us may even lose their jobs.

But the British National Party does not leave their comrades behind, nor do they ever forget them. Those who have suffered now will be compensated and those who have persecuted them WILL be punished. The political wheel is turning in Our Favour.

Now as we know, quite a few Patriotic sites have posted the entire mailing list of the state sponsored communist Searchlight. Copy that list. Use that list and find out who these Enemies of the People are.

On that list are many politicians of all parties. Email them and ask them their views on the death threats made to Our members and supporters. Ask them why they are on the mailing list of a communist run organisation?

Be polite in your tone and let me know what you have emailed and if you get any responses. I will then publish them with your details removed. Word of Honour. Here you go. Start typing please. I shall also be writing one myself.

I know that real British National Party supporters would not email abusive message to others on that list. That is not our way. Ours is the British way. The fair way.

However expect to read in the press, their press, that people on their List of Shame have received threatening emails. These will have been created by themselves.

By the way Barnsley Nationalists have some topical T Shirts for sale.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Well at least one journalist sees part of the truth.

Pussycat Dolls not qualified to protect Our Chairman

Bernard Dineen of the Yorkshire Post started of with an attack on the British National Party as the heading of his recent article but then moved on to speak some sense in the rest of his report.

Whilst recognising the stupidity of the state, via its cats paw of the incompetent Crown Prosecution Service in launching a dodgy prosecution of our chairman, Nick Griffin, he loses the plot somewhat in criticising the appearance of some of the BNP Security Staff assigned to protecting Mr Griffin.
But one look at Griffin's bodyguards could tell you what kind of an outfit the BNP is. The last time I saw expressions like that was on the faces of Nazi Brownshirts in the 1930s.
Of course our boys look tough and mean. They are supposed to. Their presence alone will hopefully deter attacks by the red rubbish and dupes set off by the establishment press. If they looked like the Pussycat Dolls they would be encouraging people to think they could get through to our man.

The Chairman wishes he did have the freedom to go as he pleases. But he does not. Most of us on the Role of Honour have been getting our fair share of attempts to intimidate us into silence. How many does Nick Griffin receive? Quite a few I bet. He is the BNPs greatest asset and must be protected and protected well.

But then Bernard, does have the decency, unlike many of his colleagues in the national press, recogonise that the British National Party are a legitimate party and the peoples right to support it if they choose and that the persecution of their members and supporters is clearly wrong.
The witch-hunt against them is intolerable: a policeman suspended, a radio DJ sacked, an academic fearing dismissal. There have been threatening phone calls as well.
Good stuff Bernard but you excelled yourself with your closing paragraph:
It is not hard to see the influence of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party, which poses as our "protector" against the Nazi hordes – hence the Anti-Nazi League, which was an SWP front. The BNP and the SWP are equally detestable, but the SWP is more dangerous because of its sabotage of the Labour Party.
Well done that man. Clearly a person capable of seeing the truth should he just look a little harder. By the way, he also speaks a bit more sense when he writes about other matters.

BNP Liverpool Press Release

Pete Molloy reads out a press release concerning the politically motivated arrests of 13 Members of the British National Party in Liverpool city centre while carrying out a lawful political leafleting campaign.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot"

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Were Liverpool PoliPolice trained at Guantanamo Bay?

This is not torture. We just want your DNA sample.
Do we have your consent now?

You can read over on the the British National Party's site, details of how one of the Liverpool Thirteen was treated when he offered "passive resistance" to demands for finger prints and DNA samples for simply distributing a perfectly legal booklet.

I hope I will be as brave as Andrew Tierney, the Activst who narrated the following experience, when they come for me.
They then somehow applied a tremendous pressure behind my ears, inflicting great pain,” he continued. Photographs taken shortly afterwards clearly showed bleeding from wounds sustained behind both Mr Tierney’s ears.

Next, the guardians of democracy applied some kind of pressure to his arms and his side, once again leaving considerable bruising, evidenced again by photographs taken shortly after his release.

They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen, Mr Tierney was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints.

Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,” he continued. The whole episode lasted at least a quarter of an hour, and Mr Tierney was left shaken and in pain,
The above experience sounds remarkably like the torture mentioned here in an article about claims of torture at Guantanamo Bay.
“The MPs [military police] inflicted so much pain, Mr Aamer said he thought he was going to die. The MPs pressed on pressure points all over his body: his temples, just under his jawline, in the hollow beneath his ears. They choked him. They bent his nose so hard he thought it would break.”
Now I do not give a damn about terrorists but I do give a damn about the law and what is right in a supposedly civilised world and the torture of anyone is just not on. Certainly not on for trying to preserve democracy.

Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

What is torture?

Article 1

1. For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

The BNP are constantly vilified with articles in the Mirror and Guardian going out of their way to positively encourage attacks on people whose names are on the Role of Honour for whatever reason. These attacks are on the orders of the state.

They are like the early Nazis in Germany, whipping up the population into a frenzy of hate in order to dehumanise the BNP people and make attacks on them acceptable. Then when one of us dies, it will be, "who cares. He was only a BNP member".

But their attacks, like the one mentioned in the News of the World are failing, just as their government masters are failing to reclaim the trust of the True British People they have betrayed. Their days are truly numbered and the time they spend in prison will be as long as their numbered bank accounts in foreign countries.

Long live the BNP

A Big Hat tip to a Great Lady: Ancient Brit of the Green Arrow Forum.

The Armies of the Genie

One of the Genies out of the Bottle

By Albion

Multiculturalism, a new religion? Why not? We bow to the God of Multiculti, our Police Commissioners tip toe with nervous apprehension when faced with the day to day realities on how to accommodate this new religion and are extremely nervous as to how to deal with strange peoples from strange lands bringing with them strange customs.

The Police too have been unwittingly seduced and have been known to kneel in strict observance in reverence to this unholy religion. The ordinary Policeman or Women? Well theirs is not to question why or they will face a disciplinary board faster than their feet can touch the ground.

Our government also seduce its own people to give up their ethnic uniqueness and identity and are encouraged to wallow like swine in this festering mish mash of a violent Multi Culti society.

The island people are speechless and stand in awe, unaware that their day to day perceived freedoms are non existent but they are unknowingly moulded and cunningly crafted to ensure unwanted Multiculturism is thrust upon them without dissent. We are not alone; many western countries are now plagued by the effects of its poisonous tentacles.

We must embrace diversity and enrichment” shout the New Architects; more expressions from Mr. Orwell’s world of 1984?

But in truth what do these words actually mean? They are just words because in truth these people do not WANT to diversify and third world violence does NOT enrich a civilised nation, the invaders do not even diversify with other imported exotic cultures, thus we see the appearance of Ghetto’s, sorry visible ethnic minority clusters in many of our decaying major cities as experienced in many of Europe’s once peaceful cities. I repeat, it is a cruel illusion.

If approximately 4,000 of our own people who have been murdered by these ‘Enrichers’ who have been invited into OUR country to enrich and share our culture then it IS an illusion.

The establishment and Police will not warn the people of this silent, murder by stealth of its own people because it smacks of institutionalised racism. The lives of our people are easily expendable and any serious dissent can be kept in check by threats of incarceration; a small price to pay to foster uncertainty upon them to meekly accept this new Muti Culti religion.

If our government are forced to bring out strict laws to enforce this Multi Culti religion then it obvious it is unwanted by its own people, just as there are strict laws to protect our people against Murder, Rape and Paedophilia, it is just another evil. What makes it even more obscene is that the government that enforce it are also our own people.

So what is its aim? Like Winston Smith in Orwell's prophesies of 1984 I thought I knew, but it is too complex for me to understand. There are too many variables; it is protean in its concept. I sometimes wonder if the government have unleashed a terrible Genie out of the bottle and they now realise that in the very near future they will not be able to control this evil monster, thus we are seeing our security and intelligence services being beefed up.

They are now employing increasing numbers of these same invaders to help warn and combat the threats, which mark my words, will one day turn our streets into first world killing grounds.

So where are the violent threats coming from, our own people? Most certainly not, but from the very people who are part of this multicultural illusion, the armies of the Genie. Keeping the stopper on the bottle would have saved at least 4,000 of our people’s lives. But it just proves who cares? The perpetrators are STILL in power.

The future Winston Smith might not be surprised to be stopped in the street one day by a officer in a blue uniform, speaking broken English, wearing medals and ribbons for devotion and loyalty to the Federation and on his shoulder a identification patch with the letters EQRG (Eurabia Quick Response Group) surrounded by yellow stars, but by then as Orwell’s Winston Smith found out much to his consternation, it will be too late, he thought he knew who his enemies were too, but the hidden enemy were his own people.


The BNP and the News of the World

Gerry Gable. The News of the World Puppet Master

The News of the World yesterday released an article stating that two paedophiles, who were jailed for having sex with under age girls are British National Party members.

But before we go any further, let us look where the information came from. Their names were supposedly(one was) on the stolen membership list, the use of, is in itself, an illegal act. But we will let that go for now. I believe and the BNP believes that paedophiles should be exposed and punished for their crimes. And I mean severely punished.

News just in, is that the people involved were in fact members according to the local BNP organiser, Robin Evans who made the following comment to the Lancashire Telegraph.
He said: "They didn’t have any sexual offences when they became members. As soon as it was brought to our attention - as soon as they were arrested - they were both expelled."

If it was up to the BNP they would have got a lot longer."

Mr Evans said the pair were not involved in the running of the local party.

He added: “They just turned up to meetings. We are glad to be rid of them”.
So there you have it. Soon as their disgusting crimes were known to the BNP, they were expelled.

Now if the NOTW wants a story about paedophiles in political parties then they should look at this list(lot of lists about these days) and see just how many paedophiles from the main parties are on it.

And these are Councillors and MP's, not just ordinary members and supporters of their parties. God only knows how many paedophiles there in those parties membership. I should imagine a lot more than there are in the BNP. We tend to have strong views against that kind of crime.
A Tory politician has lost his job and could be kicked out of the party after admitting five sex offences involving three girls, one of them being a charge of rape.
One of the girls above, was under 14. Then in another story in the link we have more of the same.
A senior politician has been charged with indecently assaulting a boy.

Mark McCarthy, 36, a member of Worthing Borough Council, will appear at Reading Crown Court on February 12 accused of two counts of indecent assault on a child under 14.

But what do I read further down in the NOTW article. The name of a person now seen almost every day in every national and local state controlled newspaper. The perverted communist Gerry Gable of Searchlight infamy.

Turn over almost any rock of an attack on the BNP and the red maggot is there. And what does this walking turd have to say in this rag of the New of the Screws?
The fact that these two sex offenders are on the list shows the sort of vile characters which gravitate towards the fascist group.”
Well get right in there Gerry and shoot your foot off the way you shoot your mouth off. I think we can see from the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site just what sort of vile characters gravitate towards the Lib/Lab/con parties and in greater numbers.

The BNP gets rid of their few bad apples once they know they are rotten, whereas your red rubbish hang onto yours as if they were something precious instead of just evil perverts. In fact, Gerry has a paedophile as a friend.

The following is taken from the Thurrock Pattriots site. Please visit and read the entire eye opening article. Well done guys.

MR. GERRY GABLE (Editor of political journal Searchlight, shareholder of Searchlight Publishing Ltd., criminal and speaker at SET conferences):

Although not named as such, it is very likely that Mr. Gable is one of the main organisers of SET.

Mr. Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain. He left school at 15 years of age and started as a trainee journalist on the Communist Party's Daily Worker. After a year he left for what became a career as a Communist Party trade union official. He stood for the Communist Party on Thursday the 10th of May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London. (These links remain. In 1986 Searchlight was distributed by 'Central Books Ltd.', a Communist Party front that distributes various Marxist literature). In 1962, after 10 years unbroken membership, he left the Communist Party to "concentrate on anti-fascist work and because the party had begun to adopt an anti-Israel line".

"...There is a man who has been involved to various degrees in the anti-fascist movement for many years now who is known to be a police informer and by his own admission has contacts in the security services... His name is Gerry Gable and his publication is Searchlight." Black Flag, Autumn 1993.

His type of "anti-fascist work" soon became clear. In November 1963 Mr. Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a bungled attempt to burgle the home of historian, David Irving. On the 14th of January 1964, Gable admitted breaking into the flat with intent to steal. His associate Manny Carpel (see later) also pleaded guilty. They were both fined £20. Gable was also fined £5 for stealing a GPO pass card.

As editor of Searchlight, Gable is an expert at spreading lies and disinformation (see later evidence re. 'The Gable memorandum', secret state involvement and various incredible smears against individuals and organisations).

Gable is also a Zionist. His son served in the Israeli Defence Force (sic) which has been responsible for some of the worst crimes against unarmed civilians - even women and children (dare we mention the word 'racist' in attacks by 'superior' Jews against dispossessed Arabs?).
Now I doubt if your average reader of the News of the World will read or care about the above information. They only buy the rag for one thing. Sorry usually two things but I urge any other readers to boycott the papers and their advertisers and if they must read it then read it online.

Do not put money in the pockets of our enemies.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

What Now - Street Judges ? No Thanks.

ANTIFA are wetting themselves hoping they can bring out this chap in all of us.
But hard as it is for me to say it, this is NOT the way to go.

by john of gwent

I was going to post this as a comment in the article that Sarah, Maid of Albion posted here. But then I realised my words would fill it. So I'm going to have to put up a full article.

The point I wish to emphasise was where Sarah said :-
"However, I urge any BNP member or sympathiser who is currently reading this to demonstrate ultimate restraint in the face of what is going on"
Easy to say and damned hard to do. But if I can do it, so can you. Twenty Six Years Ago I was Public Enemy Number One Hundred And Six (or thereabouts) in the eyes of the Animal Liberation Front. Public Enemy Number One, in return for his efforts to explain to the public why he was doing what he was doing, was foreced to endure "being a hate figure for the animal rights movement, assaults by masked terrorists, bombs sent to his children, letters laced with razor blades, a suicide bid by his wife, and more than a decade of attacks and abuse". And when, shortly after his home received a nailbomb by post and I and two of my colleagues had fire bombs planted under our cars, I learned a lot about myself and a lot more about the attitides of these people and their "supporters". If you can spare me a minute or so I'd like to pass some of that on.

It has to be said that the actions that have led to the current situation have been festering for quite a while. The information that has been made public was stolen a while ago, and varous legal measures were put in place to try to prevent what has happenned, but let us be honest, the people that the BNP are up against have no interest in the law or its upholding.

Over on a forum i find an interesting place to be from time to time, "UK Debate", one of the members was kind enough to regurgitate this from the "Daily Star" at the time of the RWB festival.
AN anti-fascist organisation hell-bent on violence is targeting the British National Party’s summer festival. The hardline group Antifa – who advocate the use of extreme violence against neo-Nazis – are calling on members to descend on the Red, White and Blue Festival next month. The organisation has members all over Europe and were responsible for the decapitation of the waxwork Adolf Hitler at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. They are now targeting the BNP’s festival. Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”
Now you must remember that this is one tired and ageing communist who thinks he can use his cosy relationship with the red-masthead press to try and put a bit of fear about. We all know the glorious Antifa Brigade managed to drum up at least half a dozen hoodies whose idea of creating mayhem was to engage in a disorganised fracas in a Derbyshire farmyard and some adjoining back lanes that forces of law and order accustomed to dealing with real troublemakers found few problems in rounding up. And you can be sure that right now each of their prize troopers collected that day - and all their drinking pals - are in the limelight (well, the infrared sights at least) of a whole load of CCTV cameras.

You have to understand there are two totally separate sets of oafs indulging in this campaign. If they are the same oafs, they are bigger fools than I could ever imagine. You see, the "Animal Liberation Front" and the "Come Home To A Real Fire Buy A Cottage In Wales And We'll Give You A Real Welsh Welcome Pal" brigade share two things in common. They both have a collection of foot soldiers who can be called upon for the low level mayhem - the road sign and wall daubing, and the crank phone calling, and the numbers that do THAT far exceed the numbers who feel motivated to chuck the odd rock, or more. When I stood in the front line the dodgy phone callers used to skulk in pubs near public phone boxes, working up the courage, or finding it the "dutch" way, to go to a dark booth in a dark alley and ring my office to leave messages that would make a trooper blush.

Why did they use darkened BT phone booths in dark lanes ? Because they needed to perform their acts one-handed. The other hand was being used to perform a completely different kind of act to make use of the adrenaline rush they got from their low level criminality. How do I know this ? Well, whereas many of the tossers left messages on my office answerphone, one or two got the pleasure of speaking to me in person, and one fool was on the phone so long, we got a trace. The phone box was well plastered in certain secretions when the police arrived, and whilst, alas, there was no DNA profiling in those days, we DO know the guys blood group. Because the lab in which I worked was one of the few equipped to perform the analysis, so the stuff was brought to us to be analysed. While my gear was in their hands, I was able to find something else out about the mentality of these people. Either the guy doing this was finging me as a substitute for geting his girlfriend pregnant, or he had lots of helpers in that phone box with him who were barely able to get anything up, for the "sperm count per ml of material" in those samples wasnlt going to impress any real women anytime soon.

So next time you get one of those calls, GA, don't forget to ask him how long he's been practicing getting the words right while dialling left handed. You could ask if his tackle's getting a bit sore what with him having to queue up behind all the other callers waiting to insult you.

The other thing to remember is to try and keep the little shit on the line. If he's calling from a phone box, "CLI" is automatically recorded these days, even if it is "withheld" from you, but if the idiot is using a mobile, hoping that a SIM bought for cash no questions asked is a guarantee of anonymity, then this is how he will be found out.

You see, I've worked on analogue and GSM mobile and satcom systems in my career, so I know that one thing the cellular towers that take the call do is measure the signal strength and signal to noise very carefully, so they can hand off a moving caller to the next base station. Not politically correct these days, I know, but a basic feature of the system. So if you make a call from a mobile, EVERY cell mast in range not only receives your signal but also measures the strength of that signal. And strength of signal means proximilty to the base station. It's as if there were a lot of bits of string between you and the mast. And we know the length of each bit of string, and if we have enough measurements, we can triangulate on you as surely as the gestapo grabbed the french resistance, or our chaps grabbed the german spies in our midst.

Because if you make a big enough fuss someone somewhere will be forced to retrieve those records and then the place where the call came from will be located. So it all comes down to political will on the part of your chief constable to find and punish the perpetrators of these actions that violate the Telephony and Wireless Telegraphy Act and subsequent Telecommunications Legislation.

So remember, all you UAF scum out there picking up those phones with your left hand in a damp call box this rainy night, or tanked up on cheap booze with your new SIM card, it could be you the finger of fortune picks out tonight but you're gonna see the hand on the end belongs to the long arm of the law and not the Lotto Millions Machine.

So just remember, if you are lucky enough to get one of these cranks ringing you, the chance of them actually doing anything to you is minimal, because the last person a firebomber wants to firebomb is a bloke who had a call ten minutes ago saying "oi nazi we're coming to burn your house down" because now you're waiting for them with a lumberjack axe aren't you.

That said, it cannot be danced around for any longer. There are some hotheaded scum out there for whom the excitement of the phone box is no longer enough to get it up. For them, the brick, the mask, the crowbar, the boot and the explosive device are the way to go. But thanks to the fols having a practice kickoff at RWB, today's equivalent of PC George Dixon Has Their Number

I've attracted the attention of just one such piece of scum in the past. Twenty Six years ago in fact. I came out of a lecture theatre and as my boss's boss got in his car and drove down the hill there was a muffled "whump" as an incendiary device went off. Two more devices were found decorating my boss's car and my own. The trigger mechanism was a dead ringer for the one in the bomb that took Airey Neave's legs off. Proof positive if I ever needed it that there used to be cooperation amongst the violently militant of all causes in this country, and even more reason to believe the people whomight do this are marked men.

The question you have to ask is what sort of person goes round firebombing cars and wishing people physical harm in their cause ? Well, Antifa's own website declares their dedication to physical confrontation in the furtherance of their goals and their contempt for legal political activity and the democratic process. There is only one fate that awaits such men. A number of low velocity bullets in the head.

It is unbelieveably important that no-one, no-one does anything regardless of the provocation against you to give any politician or other slimy weasel in our establishment the slightest excuse for not condemming such scum as terrorists.

The hardliners in Antifa are praying (well, the minority who have a god of any sort are anyway) that a combination of inaction by the police, and weasel words by slimeball UAF supporters like Diane Abbott MP (who on "This Week" a few nights ago told Andrew Neil it was a good thing the names and addresses of these racists were known to all in this country) will topple a few into following the example of Mr Stallone's character.

DONT let them have their way.