Monday, 3 November 2008

The BNP ate my baby -

I look forward to seeing a similar one of these with Medway on

Just a quickie, as I really should be doing something else. Towards the tail end of last month, I pointed out in this article how the Labour Party, with the help of their so called journalist "friends" always seem to wind up shooting themselves in the foot.

Well today, they have decided to shoot themselves in their other foot and published another example of extreme bias full of lies and garbage about the British National Party in a follow up article.

Unable to realise that people these days can discover the truth with a single click of their mouse, they have stated the following;
Criticism of the British National Party’s plans for Kent prompted a deluge of abusive messages in support of the far-right group.
A simple click here will take you to the article and the "abusive" comments left by people, some not even BNP supporters who were outraged at the terminology used by Simon Robinson who masquerades as one of their "journalists", in reporting on the BNP.

They then say that some posts were deemed so offensive, they could not be displayed. Yeah right. First I doubt the existence of these offensive posts, it is clear that the is more than prepared to fabricate anything and if there were any, they would have been posted by the paid state agents of Searchlight/UAF rent a mob crowd to smear the BNP.

However there are some famous last words. Words that will come back to haunt Labour Party Vice Chairman, Steve Ladyman.
he felt the group had “no chance” of gaining seats in Medway or anywhere else in Kent.
Right Steve. I think there are a few ex Labour Councillors who said the same thing in the Dagenham and Stoke areas. Start sweating. We are after your job.

But in fair play to Steve he did reveal he has a sense of humour and this next bit made me laugh.
“It’s absolute cobblers for members of the BNP to say they are patriotic. That’s the sort of thing the Nazis used to come out with, and if you’re stupid enough to believe that then you’re stupid enough to believe anything.

I’m patriotic, Gordon Brown is patriotic and so is David Cameron. These people are not, and I think their policies are fascist and racist.”
He obviously is not aware of the deal that Gordon as done with the Arabs to sell of our remaining assets to them or Dhimmi Davids support for the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

As usual let us leave the last word to the BNP. South East Regional Organiser, Andrew McBride, who told the rag reporter how the BNP was on the rise.
He said: “We have a huge support base in Medway and Kent. It’s immense at the moment.

“We’ve grown so rapidly that we’re having a problem keeping up with membership requests and are having to set up new branches.”
Well done Andrew. Good luck to you and all your activists.

No, the BNP did not eat anyones baby. I just wrote that to grab your attention. No babies were harmed in the writing of this article.


AbertaweBNP said...

That was an excellent piece. I did leave a message on there.

Anonymous said...

Good write up.

Erm I have read the comments

Criticism of the British National Party’s plans for Kent prompted a deluge of abusive messages in support of the far-right group.

I dont see any abusive words on there ?

I simply was responding in a democratic way in a democratic society to a less than democratic media report

Anonymous said...

Well said, Green Arrow! They won't stop their LIES and SMEARS, but as you say, people won't fall for it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any abusive or bad language in the comments section. Unlike Nu Labours BBC programmes.
Just the contrary, they sound normal everyday people completely fed up with the far left giving taxpayers money away while running Great Britain down into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Oh the lies they tell!!
Compare the two stories.

UKIP rejects BNP electoral offer

UKIP Meeting Ends in Police Being Called

Anonymous said...

Only a complete loony would think this is true.

The British National Party today gatecrashed a high level UKIP meeting with an astonishing offer of an electoral pact. The offer was unanimously rejected by the party's National Executive.

Former British tennis star Buster Mottram, claiming that he represented the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, offered a deal: the BNP would fight seats in the north of the country and UKIP would have free rein in the south at the Euro-elections in June 2009.