Saturday, 22 November 2008

What next for the BNP?

The BNP will not board the State Train. We will fight to the end.

Well what do you think will be the criminal states next act of oppression against the British National Party?
  • They arrest our members and detain them for long hours for giving out perfectly legal pamphlets.
  • They arrest our paper sellers and watch as they are attacked by the brain dead red.
  • They intercept our shipments of papers coming into the country.
  • They close down our bank account.
  • They deny us a voice on the so call topical programmes where they smear us but deny us a response.
  • They seek to expel us from our offices by threatening violence to the landlords of property.
  • They threaten the lives of the brave publicans who allow us the use of their premises.
  • They smear the good name of an excellent hotel for allowing us its use for our conference.
  • They sack people from their jobs because they are patriots.
  • They arrange the "theft" of our memberships list in order to pass it on to their paid thugs who are then instructed to carry out a nationwide campaign of intimidation and terror against those on the lists.
  • They encourage the use of stolen property to find more witches to burn.
So just what will they do next?

We have seen in just a few short weeks, how terrified they have become at the incredible growth of the British National Party. They have watched Nick Griffin in action, they have seen the courage of the heroic British National Party activists and they soil themselves in fear.

And I laugh when I hear their pathetic excuses as to why the True British People are joining us and becoming not just a member of a political party but a member of a family.

A family with real family values. A family that cares not just for themselves but for their Country and their children's future.

So they say we are being populist. A rich statement from crooked and corrupt politicians. They cannot see that the British National Party is espousing ideals, not to gain votes but because those ideals are simple truths. And these truths are now clear to more and more of the people.

The avalanche of political faith in the BNP by the people is starting to move.

I will not point out the crimes the New World Order have carried out against not just our people but our entire race. Those crimes are already known and for those crimes, they will surely pay.

No, I will refer back to an earlier post in which I asked if the BNP are the new Jews. I wrote half in jest at the time but no longer.
  • The BNP are the Jews to the new Nazis of the State.
  • The BNP are Snowball in Animal Farm.
  • The BNP are Winston Smith in 1984.
They hate us because we will not bow to them. They fear us because

We do not love Big Brother.
We bloody hate him.

If the Jews had known what their fate was to be when they boarded those cattle trucks during the time of terror they would have fought and died to the last man, woman and child.

But the Jews learned from history. Israel defends itself, even to the point of pre-emptively. They would not go quietly a second time.

And the BNP learns from history also and we say to the government. We are not the Jews who will go quietly to our end. We will fight you to the bitter end and with our last breath we will spit in your face. We are the British National Party and the Voice of the True British People.

Now if you sit and read this whilst BNP activists sit in cells and whilst old women are phoned up at midnight and threatened. When doors are kicked in at dawn to arrest a person for leafleting and do not get enraged then you are not British and can go rot.

If you feel angry, now is the time to stand alongside those in the BNP who are currently doing your fighting for you.

If you think you are to old or unable to be an activist or member then do this. Give us your money. Seriously. I mean it. Give us your money. As much as you can spare. Help that way.

Leaflets cost money. Newspapers cost money. The Truth Truck costs money. Money is the gun we need to fire the bullets of truth at the corrupt crooks and paedophiles ruling over us.

God Bless the BNP


Anonymous said...

My grandad died fighting fascists in 1945, i would be insulting his memory if i didn't fight the facsists of today (NULAB/CON/LIB) long live the B.N.P.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA,just in case you haven't heard,11 bnp actavists have been arrested in Liverpool for distributing leaflets

RH said...

You do know that Snowball represents Trotksy don't you?
Driven out by Stali... Bonepartis... Napoleon, because he dared to continue supporting Mar... Leni... Old Major?

I advise you go read Homage to Catalonia before making any more Orwell analogies...

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt in my mind that the NuLab fascists will now attemt to ban the BNP. They will use the "whites only" membership criteria as their method of justification. A tame and compliant media will back them to the hilt,conviently forgetting all about the black/muslim only organisations. We have to get off the back foot. Never before have we had a house of commons stuffed so full of commies.

Anonymous said...

My mum of 86 years cant believe it. I said that the values of thsoe who died in two world wars are the values that the BNP are being persecuted for.

JPT said...

People will look back on all of this in years to come with disbelief and horror.
And we wiil say, I hope, that we lived through it...

The Green Arrow said...

RH Read them all and understood everything. Know all their is to know about Mr Blair.

I used Snowball because he was blamed for everything by the state even when he was not there.

And I am fairly sure I know a lot more about Trotsky then you know.

AbertaweBNP said...

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Reinhold Niebuhr

Proud to be BNP

RH said...

GA, I'm doing a history degree with my thesis focusing on militarism in revolutionary Russia. If you mean that you 'know' about the 'evils of Marxism' perpetrated by Trotsky which I (being the 'unwashed red' that I am) have chosen to ignore, then I would suggest that what you do is think more about Trotsky than I do. What you 'know' is of little consequence.

If indeed you do know so much about EAB, you'll be only too aware that he'd have been less than fond of any political group so racially exclusive as the BNP, with such distasteful attitudes towards homosexuality, which pushes for an isolationist and self-righteous Britain. It occurs to me that his thoughts on the rise of antisemitism tally extremely well with where much of the country disagree with the BNP - you are "quite irrational and will not yield to arguments."

But then what do I know; clearly I'm a government paid agitator working at the behest of our Marxist overlords in their never ending quest to destroy the British way of life, and further collusion with the torrid evils of Islam. We will not rest until every feminazi-ruled man, suitably burqa'd woman and forced-to-be-gay child is worshipping idols of Gordon Brown in their broken society mixed-race homes whilst pensioners starve on the streets, and all white peace loving 'true brits' are silenced.

Oh yes, and the 'indigenous British-Caucasian genotype' - we want to destroy that too. Not for any particular reason, just 'cos we're nasty like that.

You may throw accusations of 'fascist methods' at the establishment, but the core ideology that made Nazism, Italian and clerico-fascism just isn't there - the only other place I've come across conspiracy theories as bizarre as yours is in Mein Kampf and Zweites Buch - not that i'm claiming you worship Hitler (or indeed Mussolini or Franco) and his ideology. It's merely that the vast, over-arching meta-theories of power (in Hitler's case Jews=Communists=Germany's traitors) - which you spout - tend to come as a combination of wilful historical inaccuracies, ignorance, and hate.