Friday, 7 November 2008

Some people should lighten up.

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Over on the Daily Backstabber, an unknown hack has written about Italy's premier, Silvio Berlusconi who has again managed to upset those people without a sense of humour.

Now Berlusconi, like most of todays modern politicians is a crook. He is currently on trial for corruption, along with the husband of Labour Minister, Tessa Jowell and as such I have little time for either of them.

But at the end of the day, I like a guy with a sense of humour and Silvio certainly has one and would probably be great company on a boys night out.

Referring to the coloured (he is not black) Barrack Obama, you know the guy out of that film Independance Day, as being "young, handsome and tanned", he has brought the rage of the worlds guardianista down on himself.

Can coloured not have tans? Can people, even racists like Obama not be paid compliments? Obviously not.

For some reason, the writer of the rubbish linked to also fails to see not only the funny side but also the glaringly obvious when referring to other comments made by Berlusconi in the past, including labelling one German MEP a 'prison of war camp guard' and saying that the 'West was superior to Islam'. I cannot recall Western Civilization stoning a 13 year old girl to death because she was raped.

But my favourite was the following:
'Let's talk about football and women.' (Turning to four-times-married German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder.) 'Gerhard, why don't you start?'
Hilarious. But anyone who can get away with making jokes about a wife must have something going for him. Even if it is a death wish.
While in 2002 on his first meeting with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in 2002, Berlusconi said:

'Rasmussen is not only a great colleague, he's also the best-looking prime minister in Europe.'

He added: 'He's so good looking, I'm even thinking of introducing him to my wife.'

Some people should just lighten up or at least recognize that they have a light side. How's your mummy Obama?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Great post again GA. Belusconi; A crook of course. Maybe it is a requirement if a politician is to have any hope of success in a modern democracy!! But the man certainly is a refreshing wind through the European scene and a great improvement on the Italian "euroes" who preceded him. On another tack, amid all the liberal rejoicing over Obama, one newspaper report which caught my attention seemed to go largely unnoticed or at least brought little comment.In the event of a win for McCain, lerge scale rioting was expected,across America, in large cities, and contingency plans were in place ready to deal with it. Doesnt that just say it all. Or at least reveal the mentality of those who voted to put the "New
Messiah" into power. It used to be "God Bless America." Time to change it I think, to "God Help America", look into the future, fifty years down the line when white people will be in a minority. One day they may make the same fuss over the election of a White President, such a rare and revolutionary occurence!
And what depressing reading in yesterdays Daily Mail where, in the fair land of Britain, a convicted Gay Paedophile, having been given a suspended sentence by a sympathetic judge after viewing hard core porn which include sexual acts against a Two Day Old Baby, is being allowed to continue his employment at a Cambridge University college after being suspended on full pay from his post as director of studies in modern languages. His computor showed more than a thousand "vile images" including over thirty of level five status. The sympatetic judge at his trial no doubt recognised one of his own, another member of a corrupt,depraved establishment.
Another item told of a Kosovan moslem who, having been driving about firing his automatic weapon, was shot at by British soldiers and suffered a wound to his jaw. He was airlifted to Britain where his face was rebuilt and he has now been awarded a total of £2.4 million!!! Our own troops, of course, recieve much smaller awards for much more serious injuries but this man has hit the jackpot and will no doubt be offering thanks to Allah five time a day between laughing fits at the stupidity of our once great nation.
Then there was the minor item of an Iranian born soldier convicted of, suprise, suprise, spying for Iran and passing on information from his key position which gave him access to NATO secrets. What the hell was he doing n such a position? The great man Enoch Powell, whose statue we must some day place in Trafalgar Square, told us that "we must be mad." As usual, he was correct. I hope that when we eventually come to power, in cases such as this, we will find a way to take retrospective action to right such wrongs and restore our nation to its former path, if not its former, and long gone, glory.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Celtic my old friend.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi Groundcrewman

Thanks for the comment about the deranged exhibitionist.

Sadly I cannot post your comment as we try not to link to perverts unless we really have to.

Anonymous said...

no probs, keep up the good work GA