Tuesday, 4 November 2008

UKIP and the BNP

The BNP Fox jumps over the back of UKIP

When I read that the British National Party had made overtures to the fragmenting UKIP concerning the coming European Elections, I thought; "What a Master Stroke. Brilliant". But not for the reasons that some, especially the press might think.

Then, when reading confirmation of the move over on the Deputy Leader of the BNPs site, I came to the conclusion I would not like to play chess against the guys who came up with this move. It was nothing short of brilliant.
"It was with a view to ending this ridiculous situation of splitting the anti-Euro federalist vote and it hasn't paid off, frankly," he said.
"We are aware there are people very highly placed in Ukip who are very sympathetic to the logic that the vote could be split - that was where we were coming from. Someone has to take a lead on this if we are not to continue to be propelled into this federalist monster."
Buster Mottram, a former British tennis star, slammed "the idea of doing a deal with the BNP" straight into UKIP's side of the net at a meeting of their NEC. What a serve and a patriotic one at that.

It was a win, win situation for the BNP. In the unlikely event of an agreement, the BNP would have increased their chances of success in their main target areas and if rejected, as was expected, the rejection would show the leaders of UKIP to be nothing other than the mouthpiece and safety valve of the state.

Like I say, it was a brilliant move. During my time in the Royal Navy as a Radio Operator, I was taught how to type on an old Imperial. One of the typing exercises, a pangram, using all of the alphabet was;
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dogs Back"
In this case, the Quick Brown Fox, in the guise of Nick Griffin as jumped straight over the backs of the press and the UKIP leadership. More publicity and another nail in the coffin of UKIP and their BBC glove puppets. Read the truth of the whole affair here.


Anonymous said...

Gosh! how clever of the BNP leadership.
But wait, aren't the BNP meant to full of low IQ people? Edinburgh University said so, so it must be true?
Did you know, the moon is made of green cheese. Gosh!

Hard cheese for UKIP.


Peter said...

This was indeed a good move by the Party. UKIP are finished and have now been revealed for what they are, nothing more than an anti European safety valve.

All UKIP'ers wake up. Farage is a not what he seems. Join us at the BNP and make your vote count in 2009.

Edwin Greenwood said...

At best tangentially on-topic: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is sufficient to make the pangram. The letters in 's back are already present in the earlier words. That's the version I learnt, any road.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Just in ,black thugs of Obamas "security" intimidate voters in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Whites fear riots if Obama loses.

Anonymous said...

GA can you remember a you tube clip you posted with Geert Wilders talking about islmamification of Europe, and in the video he made a not too complemantary comment about the BNP.

well seems he himself had got the same lables that Nick Griffin had.

Dutch cabinet gives in: Wilders is no Hitler anymore.


Anonymous said...

Britain has stood alone before (but we weren't infiltrated then?)
Tonight Trevor Philips and some black "comediene" were on the BBC lovefest for Obama saying how his victory was a victory for every immigrant in taking the top job. Was anyone out there listening?
Are any small gains for the BNP going to make a difference to us?
The largest country in the Free World feted by our British media has almost fallen at 02.18 hrs GMT.

Anonymous said...

RIP USA. The beginning of the end.