Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Searchlight and UAF Mailing List

If your name is on the UAF list you should be ashamed of yourself, for you are complicit in the crimes being carried out against the decent people of the British National Party.

Well praise be to Mister Fox for submitting an article otherwise there would have been nothing to kick off the day with. More volunteer writers please. Be a Friend of the Green Arrow and get your articles out there to the world.

Before I start on the Searchlight and UAF mailing list a little bit about my night.

Disappointing really. I refuse to switch my phone off and be intimidated by alcohol or drug fueled agents of the state. But in view of my success in getting one of the brain deads on tape, I decided not to answer any calls I received during the night and hope that they would leave similar messages I could play back for your enjoyment. No such luck. Four calls, the last at 0510.

Quite enjoyed them really, as with the phone by the bed, I would come out of my slumber to a nice little tune playing in the background, glance at ,the time, snuggle down with a smile and wonder how much it was costing these cretins to ring up 13,500 people.

Then again if the state is paying for the calls, it does not matter to them I suppose. But seriously guys leave a voice message. The nastier the better. I love it when you talk dirty so pay attention there Mr Fister.

Now on with this list of shame business, I am sorry but I will not post links to it and I ask those you have posted the details in the comments not to do so. I now know where it is and have been busy trawling through it. Unlike the Police and Searchlight, the BNP and the Green Arrow site respects ordinary peoples rights to privacy and peace.

With regards to its authenticity, I can confirm 100% that is is genuine, after receiving an email from one person who is actually on it(I checked), who informed me that it is authentic and was used to send out details about the demonstration outside the British National Party conference. This list is the real McCoy.

He also said the reason he was on the list was because he was really one of us??? researching information on what the Searchlight/UAF were up to. I am prepared to accept that but as his email address was a hotmail account it matters very little as he can easily get another one.

Of course when this story broke, trust me to be away from the net and travelling and not being able to check it out really until this morning.

So some advice to all those people on the List of Shame with Hotmail and Google email accounts. Bin them and get new. You can bet all the phishing email programmes out there are gobbling the list up and will soon be attempting to attack your machines in order to discover your bank account details or worse.

Now how many are on the list. Well I counted 2171 individual email addresses and contained amongst them are what you would expect from a state agency.

Some of the politicians on the list include names like Keith Vaz and Dianne Abbot and many many more from all the treasonous parties. More later.

There are a couple of so called journalists on it from the Guardian rag and probably other state papers but given the limited time I have not had time to examine the list in detail, so I cannot be sure.

Universities and other educational establishments are well represented as are numerous local authorities. This made me wonder if this information would be useful to the likes of the Walker Brothers of the BNP who have been persecuted for receiving and sending political emails during school hours.

Perhapsit is time that press moved away from their attacks on the BNP over their membership list and checked out the Red List, because it looks to me that some of those on the list are associated with terrorist organisations. Then again this is a List of the Left so this story will probably only reach their bins. But that is Britain today.

Anyhow more later. I really must dig deeper.

I have also been informed that there are other lists available. If so please email me the links to them as I cannot and will not post the details but will use the information within them.

Now back to work. The European Elections are coming and I want see some images of our people riding the gravy train in Brussels and digging into the dirt of Europe on our behalf.

Mind you if I was on that list I would be a little concerned. Every single name on it will be investigated for their part in the treason committed against Our Country.

Long Live the BNP


AbertaweBNP said...

Lets call a spade a spade here, If my name appeared on that list, then I would be really ashamed, how could anyone hold there heads up after being named on that list, TRIATORS the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Why would a representative from the Supermarket Tesco be on a UAF mailing list? Why are government workers using their government email addresses to push hard left propaganda?

I have sent out emails to many of the listed government departments and to the Organisations such as Tescos to ask why this is going on.