Monday, 17 November 2008

Rowan Atkinson - Coward

The other night, I had the misfortune to catch the above sketch by Rowan Atkinson being performed in front of The Man Who Should Never Be King.

Now some of Atkinson's work, I really admire. I thought the final episode of Black Adder goes Fourth contained one of the most moving scenes ever produced in a comedy series and I ask that you watch it again by clicking here and think of those who gave their lives for us.

But back in 2005, along with other comedians, Atkinson made a great fuss about Humour and Freedom of Speech but the other night in front of The Prince who wishes to change one of his titles from that of Defender of the Faith to Defender of Faiths, he completely bottled out.

And instead of doing a fresh sketch, as say, a Moslem Preacher, he chose to poke fun at Christianity again. He is a coward and the clowns who clapped him are as pathetic as the Man for whom the sketch was performed and the Man who should never be King.

Hat tip: Harry


By the way I found this over on the BNP Chronicle. Thank you guys. That was a thoughtful post. Can I ask readers to follow and bookmark the site when you next visit it. Which should be daily.

And now a test to determine if you are a Moslem.

1. Do you have more wives than teeth?

2. Do you own a £5,000 rocket launcher but cannot afford shoes?

3. Do you refine heroin but have a moral objection to beer?

4. Do you think vests come in two types. Bullet proof and suicide?

5. Do you wipe your behind with your bare hand but consider bacon unclean?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. If Charles had anything about him he would have shown his disapproval by walking out. But that is too much to ask of any member of our supine,spineless Monarchy when the Queen herself has consistently signed up to every unconstitutional act passed by successive governments over our inclusion in the European Union. Elizabeth 2 should have refused to sign her consent and so brought about a crisis which would have awoken the British public, led to a proper debate and either have ended with her abdication or the rejection of our involvement with the European project. It was her chance to engineer a glorious victory for her country. It was her chance to defeat the Armada, as Elizabeth 1 had done so many centuries before. We cannot expect such heroism from the present lot. They are supine parasites, totally our of touch with history and destiny and concerned only with maintaining their priviliged life styles. Charles would only have protested if the sketch had ridiculed Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism or the Dalai Lama.There are calls for his son to replace him in the line of succession. Has he done anything to suggest he would be any better than his father? As far as I can see he is just another member of a pampered dynasty, concerned only with self gratification.

Peter said...

According to the Sunday Express yesterday, he is to become King by the age of 65. He will still be bending backwards over then for Islam and guess what they can have him!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

"He will still be bending backwards over then for Islam ... ..."

That was a misprint I think. It should have said:

"He will still be bending over for Islam ... ..."

After all, any 'man' who would dump a beauty like Diana for Camilla Park yer Balls must have some pretty bizarre proclivities.

Pip pip

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. You have caught my attention.

That information was very interesting. Can you tell me more?

Either leave another comment or email me on whichever is easier.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Rowan Atkinson's sketch and wonder that if he had done a Muslim skit he would have been criticised for that. The work he did wasn't great, but we shouldn't treat Chrsitianity as an indisgenous folk religion, but ratehr something from Jesus which is alive and active