Friday, 14 November 2008

MSP Jim Tolson, MP Willie Rennie and the BNP

The only wreaths I want when it is my time to go are BNP ones

There I was, just researching into the continuing failings of the Social Services and the NSPCC in protecting innocent children from people who should have have been sterilised at birth but instead prefer to play at politics - when Beep.

Off goes my search engine as another attack is launched at the British National Party. Checking it, I see that Battle for Britain has already written about it and provided supporting evidence. Wise move. But reading it again I can understand why Battler was outraged and just have to follow behind.

This time it was two real slime bags having a pop at the British National Party for having the temerity to laying an "unofficial wreath" at the Dunfermline Abbey's commemorative plinth to remember those who had fought and died for Our Island Nation.

The first piece of slime is MSP Jim Tolson who vomited out;
“This is an insult to the people that laid down their lives for the freedom these racist bigots want to use to publicise their views.

“All decent-minded people reject the BNP’s views.”
Not to be outdone by the MSP, the not so Liberal, Willie Rennie, MP for Dunfermline gobbed off with:
“They’re horrendous. I just hope they listen to people’s opposition, reflect and decide not to take part ever again.

“I find them a repugnant party that shouldn’t have a place in British politics.”
Now as an ex-serviceman, with three other brothers who all served in the armed forces and wear our decorations with pride on Remembrance Day, I am extremely offended at the words of these two less then men.

We have fought for Our Country, as did our father who landed on Sword Beach during the Normandy landings. He took a burst of machine gun fire for his love of freedom and was Mentioned in Dispatches. It is only thanks to the brave actions of one his comrades that Green Arrow even exists to write this post.

So when I read disgusting ignorant remarks by our so called representatives, I do get angry. All they do is send Our Sons and Daughters to fight and die in illegal wars that only benefit Foreign Countries. They do not fight themselves.

Willie Rennie, whose name is now locked into my memory, should spend more time trying to end the war and become a Friend to Our Country, rather than being a Liberal Democrat Friend of Israel. Then again all those expense paid trips to the promised land must be nice and some consolation when the Coffins of Our Children are flown home, covered by The Flag, Our Flag, that both those less than honorable gentlemen despise.

And whose red hand is found imprinted on the article, none other than the state funded Searchlight/SWP/UAF.
Editor Gerry Cable said: “It’s totally hypocritical that people who peddle the ideas of Hitler’s Third Reich should be anywhere near a war memorial.
The man is a paid, bloody liar and the blood of Our Servicemen is on his hands also.

The British National Party has thousands of ex-servicemen as members and hundreds of thousands ex-servicemen as supporters. These men and women have already proven that they are prepared to fight for their country, Our Country and are quite prepared to fight for it again.

However, Royal British Legion Vice-president, Tom Fraser said: “No approach was made to us by the BNP but I doubt we could really turn anyone away. “As long as nobody desecrates or makes a protest we can’t really comment. As far as I’m concerned we genuinely welcome anyone who wants to pay their respects and lay a wreath if they wish.

Well said Sir. I and countless others salute your brave stand against the Stalinsts.

As usual the last words go to the patriotic British National Party. BNP Scotland leader Gary Raikes said wreath laying was within the party members’ rights.

“We’ve been laying wreaths across the country and we’ll continue to do so to pay respect to the fallen.

“Many of the members and people that laid wreaths in places like Dunfermline are ex-servicemen or their families.

“We never contacted anyone about this and we didn’t do it for political gain but the MP has publicised it.”

Well said Gary. Proud of you. The BNP does things like this because it truly cares, because they are made up of real people, unlike the professional politicians who only use other peoples pride and grief for their own political ends.

Good Luck to you and the other members of BNP Scotland.


Anonymous said...

They've got some neck these bastards haven't they? Boy has this made my blood boil!

Who the f**k do they think they are? One minute they're defecating all over the freedoms soldiers gave their today's for, the next they have the temerity to use this sacrifice as a political football.

They who have turned this country into something those who fought in both wars DID NOT fight for. And had they known what it would become I very much doubt they'd have gone.

But that's these reptiles all over. 364 days they abuse the freedom our fallen gave them. Then for one day, they put on their little pretense of rememberance solely for their own gain. What truly dishonourable trash they are.

Some necks indeed. All the better for the noose that'll hang these traitor scum under a BNP government.


watling said...

I wonder who the likes of Willie Rennie or Jim Tolson would rather have defending them when the enemy is coming towards them?

LibDem supporters or BNP supporters?

Gerry Gable would of course be on the enemy side - albeit in an warm office hundreds of miles from the front line, churning out anti-British propaganda.

The Green Arrow said...

Watling, you already know the answer to that.

And defending them is right. Cowards like them prefer others to do their fighting for them.

Others, like the dupes of Searchlight and UAF who attack the BNP on behalf of the state and them.

The Green Arrow said...


My father said that had he known what "they" they were going to do to Our Country, he would never have ran up that beach.

And I agree with him. Talk about a chip of the old block.

Anonymous said...

On Sunday i march in a remebrance parade for the first time. I felt really pround to play a part.
At the memorial service a woman gave out order of service. Too my horror the lords prayer had been changed. I and many others could not believe it. A complaint has been made to our local council.

Anonymous said...


Two of my late Uncles know the beaches of France all to well after Dunklirk and D-Day. Their father (my Grandad who I never knew) also knew France and Beligium, especially Ypres. It's where he took a bullet in his head that eventually killed him.

I know from what my Mum told me about them that had they known what was to come my family wouldn't have gone, no way. And I'm proud to serve their memory by stating that I'm with you and your Dad all the way to put right the country our families and families like them gave so much for.


Anonymous said...

Ironic really, as my father was a veteran of some of WW2's most savage battles, and so this little "gay" libber think's that I should stay away from commemorating his bravery?. What gives a nonentity from a backwater in Scotland the right to make comments like this?. Please Lord, give me ten minutes in a locked room with this worm.

Some of my fathers comrades who are still alive certainly have no problems with the BNP presence, in fact I know that they have the highest regard for the only political party in Britain that actually recognises and appreciates their sacrifices.

I will be writing to this public servant asking for a full explanation of how he came about these views, and whether he has any military service behind him.

Airborne said...

Well said The Royal British Legion.

Anonymous said...

I went to a local rememberance service and when the Lord Mayor spouted two well know verses from poems commemorating the fallen, in such a fashion that it sounded like he coudnt wait to get it over fast enough and so his utterance lacked real genuine feeling or concern. Despicable.
It was a labour Council.

Yet the lowering of the Union Jack and the the last call was the most moving and the most proud and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

"Sixteen people arrested over an attack on an 89-year-old war veteran and his wife have been released on bail.

Bob Schofield and his 87-year-old wife Mollie were asleep at their home in Salterforth, Lancashire when burglars broke in on Monday. Mr Schofield was beaten repeatedly using what police said was an "obscene" level of violence.

Officers had arrested the 16 men, aged between 17 and 55, during a planned operation in the Blackpool area.

Detectives questioned them on suspicion of conspiracy to commit burglary."