Monday, 17 November 2008

A child is dead and we are partly to blame

We also betrayed this child. God forgive us.

I meant to write about the needless and violent death of a child (who for us does not even have a real name), yesterday but looking at the above photograph so disturbed me, that I was prevented from doing so until this morning when I realised I must write about the child or never write again.

But before I launch into a tirade against the establishment, look at that photograph again. We all have similar photos, my mother has one of a boy of a similar age also with blonde hair and blues eyes smiling into a camera. And there the similarity ends.

I have grown up and am at the start of old age but at least I had the chance to grow up and experience life, to fail, to succeed, to fall in love to lose love and everything else that goes with living a normal life. I had a chance.

The child in the photo will never experience any of those experiences or emotions. We will never know what sort of person he might have grown up to be. Coming from what is known of his background he might have grown up to be a thug. But not necessarily. He might have overcome those obstacles and grown up to provide "his" children with a better life than he himself enjoyed. But that will never happen now. He had no chance.

And now, I must join in the attack on those who betrayed and left him to die in agony. The social services, Haringey Council, the police, the government and also us, the people. All to blame and all should learn and some be punished severely.

The Police
are guilty by reason of the fact that despite having evidence that Baby P was being abused, they caved into pressure from Haringey Social services who preferred to return the child to his mother and death.

The Council and Social Services are guilty of playing politics and having a "we know better than you" attitude to those of their staff who were concerned about their decision to return the child to his killer mother and her accomplices and in order for them to save money to spend on other things.
  • BLOWING a fortune on the politically correct recruitment of ethnic social workers — while failing kids by pursuing the “cheapo” option of leaving them with their families.
  • LETTING managers ride roughshod over the recommendations of social workers by vetoing putting youngsters into care.
  • HOUNDING out staff for daring to voice fears.
The Government are guilty of extreme negligence. They were warned by brave Whistleblower, an Harringey worker, Ms Kamal who warned them that child protection procedures were not being followed by the council.
The whistleblower said: “Black workers outnumber white workers at Haringey. I felt there was racism towards white people on the social work teams. You felt in the minority.” The second woman confirmed: “Managers nearly always took the cheapest way of dealing with the solution. People think social workers have the power to storm in and say, ‘Right, I’m taking the child’ — but they don’t.
Patricia Hewitt MP knew what was going on, as did other MPs. Right to the top of the dung heap where Gordon Brown sqats like an evil toad - he knew also. They all knew and they are all guilty and one day they will be made to answer for their crimes.

And what action has been taken against those who are responsible for the death of a child by its mother? What of those people whose hands are also red? One lawyer has been given a written warning along with just two social workers.

And the top lawyer at Haringey who advised that Baby P should not be taken into care. What of him, John Suddaby, Haringey's head of legal services? Why he was promoted on an annual salary of £120,000.

Finally, we the people are also guilty. We have allowed our Police Service, our Government and our former Local Councils, now using the preferred title of "Local Authorities" to rule us as they please instead of representing us and doing what we elected and appointed them to do.
“The Government doesn’t need a review into what’s going on there — it needs to sack all the managers at Haringey and start again.”
Now some might think that the following is making political capital of a childs death. I assure you I am not doing that. The British National Party makes no political capital out of anything. It just tells the truth. It does and says what it says out of genuine love of country and people.

The BNP know what needs to be done to clean up the mess that the marxists have made but they can only do it when, we the people wake up to what the New World Order are doing to them.

Until then, there will be more deaths like Baby P and we the people, must continue to share the blame for the death of not just Baby P but all those other children who have died because of the ineptitude and arrogance of those we employ.


Anonymous said...

I think it's quite right for the BNP to make political capital from this and other similar cases. Because when it comes to care of children and social services it IS a political issue and as such needs to be tackled so it doesn't happen again.

This is a criminal neglect of duty and the lack of accountability is absolutely shocking. A little boy has been murdered thanks to these inept and incompetent public servants and that the whole lot aren't facing criminal charges I find astonishing. They are complicit in the abuse of this poor child and yet all they get is a warning? Diabolical.

When politicians and their public servants fail in such a catastrophic manner they should face the consequences. But this is a mark of how the left has totally corrupted politics. When all is well claim all the credit yet when all is rotten avoid taking even the slightest responsibility for it.

Accountability desperately needs to be restored into British politics and only the BNP will do it and that's just one reason why they have my total support.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. I have a happy grandson, the same age as Baby P. It would be impossible to find a child more loved or better cared for or more happy with his little life. As I look at the photographs of Baby P I imagine an infant in abject terror at the approach of his torturers and in my rage and sorrow I know that I could, and would, feel priviliged to hold a gun to the heads of those sadists who did this and blow them to hell, where they belong. The "whistleblower" was herself an ethnic, a very brave Christian Turk, and it seems to me that with her obvious courage and concern for the people in her care, she is just the woman to place at the very head of Social Services in Haringay and indeed she even may be of a calibre to lead a complete overhaul at the very head of national Social Services. People like her should be encouraged, be in charge, making the crucial decisions, cutting through the restrictions of red tape. Save the child and to hell with the consequences. Yet she was herself persecuted and victimised by her establishment leftie employers!! I dont think you would find her enjoying jollies at Ascot at the expense of corporate sponsors, or enjoying trips to exotic places abroad when little children suffer torture, abuse and death at the hands of people who are unfit to be called human beings, unfit, indeed to live.Incidentally GA, I am sickened by this tragedy but dont feel responsible for it, just as I do not feel any responsibility for slavery, the first World war, the Black and Tans in Ireland or any of the other calamities and atrocities carried out by governments on behalf of the people.The system is to blame, not me. The system which we laughingly call democracy and which allows us to elect politicians who govern in our name but ignore our wishes. Immigration, abolishment of capital punishment, the obscene Gay legislation and entry into the EU are just four excellent examples and would never have happened if we really had democracy and if politicians really represented the people who elect them

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for this beautiful little boy, but I guess in the eyes of the Common Purpose Marxists within social work he wasnt worth saving, blonde haired and blue eyed he wouldnt have fitted the criteria of being a protected species. As I pointed out on the BNP website, I am not a fan of capital punishment, as in the present political climate the police and judiciary are unreliable to protect the interests of certain segments of the population, namely those who speak up and oppose their masters diabolical plans. But in this case I think that anyone involved in this little boys harrowing tale who didnt do their job or took part in the murder should be publically hung. And while they are at it, keep the gallows maintained and ready for the Bliar/Mc Broon roadshow.

Anonymous said...

when in need of social services, better not be in an area with a majority blacks, they will try do everything to sabotage the white man, in this case a white helpless child, they do the same with benefits, housing, elderly care, and as we see the have no problems even leaving a baby in the hands of merciless sadists, since they are too.

Anonymous said...

Green we dont have much money, but we feed our kids, we tell them we love them EVERY DAY. We take them to the park and for long walks in the country, taking the time to point out the different animaals and plants. Our kids get and we do without. I have holes in my shoes but my kids are warm and dry when out in the cold.
But then I am a knuckle dragging nazi, But I am a Knuckle dragging nazi that would have happily brought up that poor child and gave him a house full of love.
We would have shown him right from wrong, and encouraged him to be all he could be in life. But then the lefties that were responsible for this childs death would see me as unfit as a parent because I am right wing.

And people wonder what the hell is wrong with this country. The warped mindset of the left is what is wrong with our country. remember Liberalisim is a disease.

Baby Ps death is on the hands of the left they killed him with their warped values.


BFB said...


Don't 'apologize' for making 'political capital' out of this: Neo-Labour have never apoligized for the 'political capital' they made out of the murder of Stephen Lawrence!

The fact is that Haringey is NOTORIOUSLY ant-white - as the whistleblower rightly says - so you (and I) have every right to emphasize the 'racial' aspect of this appalling crime.

Haringey council were spending £6000 a time recruiting from Jamaica (what's wrong with Poland?) to ensure that black kids get black carers!

Think about that!!