Monday, 10 November 2008

Look what we can look forward to

If Omama had not won, America would now be
fighting a civil war - again.

If you turn your ahead away from the screen, you would believe you were listening to the soundtrack of the film ZULU.

Over 95% of blacks voted for Barack Obama. They did not vote on party policies. They did not vote for high ideals. They voted Black. That is the way their mind works. It is tribalism in its purest form.

Just as they supported OJ Simpson, despite the murders he committed, they supported the savage murderer because he was Black.

Just as they continue to support Michael Jackson. It does not matter what he does. He is Black. It is as simple as that.

What has happened to Rhodesia and South Africa will happen to America and if we are not careful and fight back now it will happen to us.

If you have a strong stomach and want to know what life is like for the whites remaining in South Africa then go visit South Africa Sucks. Add it to your bookmarks and visit it regular to remind yourself what is coming if the British National Party does not succeed in regaining Our Country for Our Future.


Anonymous said...

The paedo worshippers voted en masse for him also

Ronbo said...

America is fighting a civil war.

It is true that if Obama had lost this same mob would have been turned the city of Brotherly Love into a burning hell.

However, half the country -- the better half -- voted for McCain, a never very popular moderate Republican. These largely white middle class people are not yet angry enough to form lynch mobs.

Anyhow, mobs and riots are not our style. But when the inevitable economic crash hits hard next year and the blame goes 100% to "THE BOSS" -- Then hell really is gonna break out in America.

Those reading my blog know I predicted inevitable civil war over three years ago. I said we had become two nations and the era of compromise had come to an end. I said there would an event that would light the fuse. The fuse has been lit.

Like the election of Lincoln in 1860, the election of Obama will be the signal for civil war. In an otherwise bleak economic picture gun sells are reaching unseen highs, as each side arms themselves. The most popular model is the Colt AR 15 which an armorer can convert to a full automatic assualt rifle in about 15 minutes.

"The dogs of war" are lose in America. It would have been better for the Republican Cause if McCain had won the election, but it appear those who would save our nation are to be rebels.

So be it.

Let tyranny tremble!

Anonymous said...

Yes. The appeal to the greater masses of the poor and the poor black and non-white of America by Obama was a sealed deal for success. The promise of power to the poor black and non-white 'minority' was what Obama basically was selling as advised by and supported trhough the rich and powerful Oligarchs that run America.

Yes. Race was always important.Important for Blacks and non-whites, as well as many whites who fancy him becasue he is a handsome black man and of course his Muslim sympathisers. In such an appeal I agree no thought was given to the greater good of America or any true value, just haveing a powerful man in office that is Black and of course the 'change' promised that of more money and welfare for the poor, so they can shop in the Malls and make money for the rich industralists. The middle classes will be taxed to death to pay for all this as will every white American including THOSE THAT MINDLESSLY voted for their own demise.

Yes. That video and the behaviour of the people in it was the tip of the iceberg of the reality of what as been unleashed. I agree, when Blacks are given the opportunity to rule countries or given power we will the likes of South Africa happen and I have seen some terrible terrible savagery on video and images. It is nothing short of a Genocide on white Boer farmers by Blacks and the rape capital of the world. A once peaceful ordered and prosperous city of Johhanesburg turned into a hell hole. All the result of the lifting Apartheid and the rule of Blacks.

And so now America will thus be reduced. One has only to view the many cop live reality tv on Sky to see episode after episode the offenders and crimianls are black and non-white 90 oercent of the time. Now we wills see the increase in attacks on whites and of course the victimisation of whites by the police in higher rates of convictions over 'racism'against blacks by whites. ''You cant touch me because we have a (B)lack president'' So it goes.

And when the majority who got him to power see that thay arent getting what he promised they'll, yes, take it out on the white man.

This presidency is a licence to kill and take Western white civilisation back to the sub-human barbarism (that it never really had) that these mobs feel at home in.

This is the regression of Civilisation. It must not happen here.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. I just wish that white people would be so faithful to their race. As you say GA, the sound track could have come from the Zulu film but if Obama had lost you would have had the savagery to go with it. Just imagine the reaction, the violence, the looting,the rampaging mobs. This white man was arrested and taken away and we will be told ( if we are told anything!!) that it was for his own good, his own safety. And that could, in fact, be correct for I fear that if he had been allowed to stay in that baying, gyrating, frenzied mob he would surely have been torn limb from limb. We must become independent from the USA. There is no "special relationship", we have always been the junior partner to be exploited and made use of and this will only get worse as the proportion of whites are overtaken by black and hispanic peoples. Time to stand once again on our own feet, time to stop being manipulated, time to reclaim our own identity before we end up in the same mess as that "Great Republic." At one time I thought we were in a worse position than America but now I see that we still have a chance to survive as a free white nation if we act very soon. I am afraid that the USA has little chance, Obama will amnesty all the illegals already there and encourage a great increase in immigration to ensure his partys survival long term. The original European Americans will be backed into a corner and eventually become irrelevant. Just as happened to the first occupants of that continent, the native Americans who we once knew as Indians. The next "Massacre" of a species will be the ethnic cleansing of the white races from the great country they created from wilderness. Britain should rid itself of its alien occupiers and instead, welcome the more independent minded, strong willed people who have been displaced from South Africa, Rhodesia etc and will soon be replaced in the USA. Europeans populated those lands and made them great, the time is fast approaching for their descendents to make the return journey and put their talents to the task of reclaiming and rebuilding Britain and Europe into a great and thriving and civilised continent. A continent, which would include Russia, that the white races can call thier homeland forever.

Anonymous said...

Heres a first even for them!!!

The next generation of new Labour scum now feel it well within their compass to attack our BRAVE FALLEN HEROS on rememberence sunday.

How low can they go?

Anonymous said...

McCain would have continued the current genocide on white America by killing them off in Irak, Iran and Afghanistan as well as robbing them blind through an engineered credit crisis.

Obama puts another spin on the genocide, It heralds the beginning of the U.S.A run by aggressive and inferior primates. This
mimicking South Africa from 1994 onwards.

It's a catch 22.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52

What a dispicable cowardly little bastard.

Good to see so many comments giving him grief for his stupidity.

Another nail in labour's coffin I hope.


Anonymous said...

Let's forget America now as Celtic Morning said. It is over for America now.

Fyrdist said...

Thank heavens the Yanks still have the right to bear arms: they will soon need them.

If this doesn't wake up white America, then nothing will. Ron Paul, et al really need to get their act together. The best response to this madness is increased activity.

The police: proof, if ever it was needed, that they are NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE. They are the Establishment's henchmen. Their loyalty is for sale -bought and paid for by Zionist gold. They've chosen their side. Legitimate targets.

Fyrdist said...

What wonderful people they are in the Rainbow Nation. Look here at the photographs of how Black treated their White neighbours.

After viewing these horrific pictures, ask yourself why and at whose authority is a statue of Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela blighting our capital.