Thursday, 27 November 2008

March of the Red Dwarfs

Wherever you see a Searchlight demonstration you will see their flag

By Albion

Like Jackals and Hyenas cautiously circling the herd looking for an opportunistic meal, the crimson-faced Red rabble attempt to bait the patriots by over-excitedly chanting words such as Nazi’s, and Fascist. These are the Stalinists, Marxists, Trotskyists and rabid Communists; combined as one they are the true, modern day, violent Fascists. They scream obscenities as the green bile streams from their lips and stain their Castro and Che Guevara tee shirts.

The hate is all too apparent, it exudes from them like an odious sweat, it is an all consuming hate for anything that smacks of loyalty, comradeship to their tribe, their people, or to their country of ancestry.

It comes as no surprise then that in many cases their parents would have disowned them at puberty. The tall skinny spotty lad with steel embedded in his lip, the young girl with the crimson wig, black lipstick and tattoos, the elderly man with a beard, a red die-hard from the days of the CND, wearing a ill fitting brown suit with 1950’s lapels, the young grossly overweight youth with the vacant eyes and blank expression all look to their trainer for gratuitous encouragement as they wait patiently for their cues and directions.

Ignorant, uneducated, unemployable losers, but nevertheless totally reliant for their sustenance on the country and the people they despise and abhor.

An ageing grey haired Mr. Garry Bagel, an immigrant to this country, doubles as Ringmaster and Master of Ceremonies, a life long ardent admirer of Stalin and his Red collaborators, whose crimes against humanity would more than equal any other horrors in the world’s history combined, resplendent in his well worn red cardigan and wearing his easily recognizable National Health spectacles leads his motley group of untidy, bedraggled no-hopers like a Regimental Drum Major, as he puts his chanting troupe through their paces.

Still somewhat ragged and unsure they go through their rehearsed moves. The banners are held high. Proudly flutters the red Hammer and Sickle flag and the hand painted sign declaring ‘Stalin we love you’ …………and they have the temerity to carry placards reading United against Fascism. They are hypocrites; are they that stupid? For Christ sake, don’t they recognise who they are, THEY ARE THE REAL FASCISTS!

A banner depicting Lenin, the genocidal maniac of yesteryear is proudly born aloft. These are the misfits banished to the outer fringes of our society. Desperately they look for a common bond. They found it, the common bond being Fascism, but they are too stupid to recognise it.

Knowing little or nothing about their communists hero’s and apparently totally unaware that these now dead murderers whose political ideals they blindly admire without question were responsible for the systematic slaughtering of millions of the Russian people.

They bay like wild animals with a fake moral outrage at the ordinary men and women who unlike them have an undisguised passion and loyalty to their country.

After leaving school at 14 their mothers and fathers should have introduced them to a church youth club where they could have played table tennis and mixed with normal kids. No, the Reds got to them first while their small, pliable brains were still in the early stages of development.

They are not the only lunatics who are hell bent on destroying this country, read the following and don’t be embarrassed to weep openly for England.
"And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress...I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off. The police are first in line to be burdened further, but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too."- Andrew Marr

Will the people ever awake up?


Anonymous said...

Straight to the heart Green Arrow

I have come across that quote from Marr

He is a worldess obscenity, a torturer, as he advocates, hate, glorifies violence , repression , death whilst in the same breath obsesses about making money.

The very fascism that the other retards lick the rear of.

God Bless England

BFB said...

Very well said, Albion. Stalin would have been very proud indeed of Mr. Marr.

Anonymous said...

Marr is one of the BBC's heavyweights; its employment of him smacks of their endorsement of everything he says.

With this in mind, hands up how many of you are now going to refrain from funding your enemy (the BBC) by desisting payment of your license fee?


Thought not.

Heavy words (criticism) are so lightly thrown. Why don't you all take that extra step and do what logic demands? Its not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Am I Right in noting the article was from 1999?
Get a grip a backbone and a life.
I'm just back from a WI Meeting where I was applauded (somewhat embarressingly) for being on "the list"
We have grannies, young parents family doctors and nurses, teachers, policemen and the stalwart foot soldiers who will never bend a knee in our ranks and I hear grumbles from GA's site?
Gable is an old Jew who never made the ranks of the slaughtered, a Zionest without pedigree, no one to say Shiva for him, though he desperately wants to belong.
Belong he the also rans, the neglected kids, the "C" minors the ones who left comely women for skinny feminists with more facial hair, in short those who failed to move on.
In every Ed Balls is a Marc Bolen who didn't die, in every pock marked Jaqui a Joan Collins who settled down with a Kilroy- look-a-like, and had a boy and a girl.
W e are the victims of their "one world" dream (with or without the necessary hallucnigenics to facilitate that dream)
It was nice, it was ever so bourgous (had they but known it, but it was fake.)
They are all alone without the significant other who makes the Earth move.
We live now in interesting times, the last white conquerers of the Earth have woken from Denmark to Tulsa and from Margate to Ibiza, whatever happens now will NOT be up to Gable a few lesbians (by force of circumstances )
and the odd old Lothario regretting the missed chances for a truly uplifting sexual experience with a breathing member of the opposite sex.
We are not defeated, not racist and so far from finished we should recieve a "New Species" award.
The old feareful ones will soon go the way of all relics, the Dawn is ours.
Felicity K


Anonymous said... Wasn't a member till 20 mins ago so cant comment on BNP site.
I saw they were takin papers to court over list and thought i'd give you the latest outer in our bit.

Usual horrible stuff, hope the guy gets pension out of it.

Eddie B

JPT said...

As long as 'The People' have reality TV, cheap booze and a poor education they WILL never wake up.

The Green Arrow said...


I have rejected your tiresome comment. We have seen your work too many times before.

If people choose not to visit your site and respond to your, quite frankly, tedious writing style, I can quite understand.

I tried to read your last comment but gave up halfway through it. From now on I just reject without evening trying.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that a left wing mindset is a mental illness.
I was doing a little research into the causes of the credit crunch,and came across an interesting character.
Clinton appointed a woman whose mandate was to bully banks into lending money to ethnic minorities.
Just a bit of social engineering that all socialists seem to love.
This woman, Roberta (call me Bob) Achtenberg,previous claim to fame was, in the persuit of diversity,campained for the Scouting movement to enlist MORE gay scout leaders.
They really are insane,but we are at fault for allowing it to happen.

defender said...

BMA and Now The Armed Forces Showing They At Least- Still Believe in Democracy!
November 27, 2008 · No Comments

THANKS to North Kesteven organiser, Mike Cooper, for forwarding a message from one of his members who is serving overseas.
The message reads . . .

“Have just read Part One Orders today - this is where official Army Policy is distributed on a daily basis and there was a WHOLE paragraph about the British National Party!

Every soldier in the British Army (ie 100,000 troops) read this daily - they have to by order. The Navy and RAF have similar orders, so add about 40,000 extra personnel on.
I that “any serviceman/woman is entitled to join ANY political party /sheshesthe BNP ndo attend political meetings etc. However they must not attend in uniform or indulge in behaviour that will bring the forces into disrespect. or demonstrations or be ivolved in an official capacity with any political party.”

So to summarise this means that the BNP is now being treated like every other political party in the country as far as the Armed Forces are concerned.

Today’s Part One Orders are a GREAT step forward and has put us on an equal footing with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberals. A lot of soldiers will breathe a sigh of relief and the positive impact this will have on the BNP’s image among service personnel and their families is INCALCULABLE!!! Good news all round!”

Hat Tip: Martin Wingfield

After the way this Fabian Government has treated our armed Forces it’s their turn to give them a good kicking!

Anonymous said...

The Labour party will still get millions of votes at the next election because most people just follow the politiical leanings of their parents. They do not think " is this in my interest?", it is mere tribal loyalty. In Scotland you support Celtic, and vote Labour. That is why the Frankfurt school adherents saw they could achieve victory by infiltration and influencing the Labour party. Could you imagine Ernest Bevin in the 40s supporting the race acts etc?
The aim of the BNP must be to divide the labour party from its " bread and circuses" voters.

Anonymous said...

Are these the people that us on "the list" should be "living in fear" of? According to the British press.

I could eat those pansies for breakfast!

Keith from Brum said...

In the pub tonight one of Gerry Gables fans called me a Nazi Facist BNP Scumbag (Yawn. How original!)I replied "OK, give me one reason why you say I'm a racist, nazi, etc" and he came back with an answer that I couldn't possibly argue with.

"Well, it said so on the telly".

So it must be true then. . . .

Fyrdist said...

The best comment yet from Mr. Simon Darby: [referring to the credit crunch and the pathetic unthinking shit that is the British public]...
..."Let's see how "celebrating diversity" compares to the cold hard reality of paying the mortgage, feeding the family and putting petrol in the car."

Yes! Finally someone has echoed what I've been saying all along: you have your TV, you PS2, your new mobile, your few pints down the bar each night, your X-factor...the shit list goes on.

I will rejoice and dance the tune of "I told you so" when the British public has their artificial life taken away from them. Then all us spiritual and traditionally minded folk will say "no" I won't teach you how to live without the nanny state.

The philistines, the greedy, those who (as soon as one new car was on the drive) were constantly striving for their new, updated model, will soon be in tears. These are the same people that buy "new" football shirts just 'cos they are the latest edition (even though there is only a different stitching from the last shirt).

"I must have, I want, I need , I consume, I can't do without..." -you are all a fucking Capitalist construct that (regardless of the fact you were warned about) nevertheless took the bait and became part of the machine.

Now let's see how you all live without it. I think it will be hard for you all to live normally.


Anonymous said...

I have mentioned Marrs' filth in many letters to newspapers and I dont have a TV

Anonymous said...

Nazi, Scumbag etc (yawn) over used / abused words lose their power to shock 'n awe then in the mouths of the real facists many will see them for what they are

Anonymous said...

The Great British Public have exchanged the eternal for capitalist consumer pigs swill, fashion and mediocre barbarity

Fyrdist said...

Sorry if my previous post was a tad abrasive (the result of a rather splendid bottle of claret last night) but this, of course, needed to be said.

Freedom FROM capitlism is freedom in its entirety.