Monday, 24 November 2008

The BNP and the News of the World

Gerry Gable. The News of the World Puppet Master

The News of the World yesterday released an article stating that two paedophiles, who were jailed for having sex with under age girls are British National Party members.

But before we go any further, let us look where the information came from. Their names were supposedly(one was) on the stolen membership list, the use of, is in itself, an illegal act. But we will let that go for now. I believe and the BNP believes that paedophiles should be exposed and punished for their crimes. And I mean severely punished.

News just in, is that the people involved were in fact members according to the local BNP organiser, Robin Evans who made the following comment to the Lancashire Telegraph.
He said: "They didn’t have any sexual offences when they became members. As soon as it was brought to our attention - as soon as they were arrested - they were both expelled."

If it was up to the BNP they would have got a lot longer."

Mr Evans said the pair were not involved in the running of the local party.

He added: “They just turned up to meetings. We are glad to be rid of them”.
So there you have it. Soon as their disgusting crimes were known to the BNP, they were expelled.

Now if the NOTW wants a story about paedophiles in political parties then they should look at this list(lot of lists about these days) and see just how many paedophiles from the main parties are on it.

And these are Councillors and MP's, not just ordinary members and supporters of their parties. God only knows how many paedophiles there in those parties membership. I should imagine a lot more than there are in the BNP. We tend to have strong views against that kind of crime.
A Tory politician has lost his job and could be kicked out of the party after admitting five sex offences involving three girls, one of them being a charge of rape.
One of the girls above, was under 14. Then in another story in the link we have more of the same.
A senior politician has been charged with indecently assaulting a boy.

Mark McCarthy, 36, a member of Worthing Borough Council, will appear at Reading Crown Court on February 12 accused of two counts of indecent assault on a child under 14.

But what do I read further down in the NOTW article. The name of a person now seen almost every day in every national and local state controlled newspaper. The perverted communist Gerry Gable of Searchlight infamy.

Turn over almost any rock of an attack on the BNP and the red maggot is there. And what does this walking turd have to say in this rag of the New of the Screws?
The fact that these two sex offenders are on the list shows the sort of vile characters which gravitate towards the fascist group.”
Well get right in there Gerry and shoot your foot off the way you shoot your mouth off. I think we can see from the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site just what sort of vile characters gravitate towards the Lib/Lab/con parties and in greater numbers.

The BNP gets rid of their few bad apples once they know they are rotten, whereas your red rubbish hang onto yours as if they were something precious instead of just evil perverts. In fact, Gerry has a paedophile as a friend.

The following is taken from the Thurrock Pattriots site. Please visit and read the entire eye opening article. Well done guys.

MR. GERRY GABLE (Editor of political journal Searchlight, shareholder of Searchlight Publishing Ltd., criminal and speaker at SET conferences):

Although not named as such, it is very likely that Mr. Gable is one of the main organisers of SET.

Mr. Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain. He left school at 15 years of age and started as a trainee journalist on the Communist Party's Daily Worker. After a year he left for what became a career as a Communist Party trade union official. He stood for the Communist Party on Thursday the 10th of May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London. (These links remain. In 1986 Searchlight was distributed by 'Central Books Ltd.', a Communist Party front that distributes various Marxist literature). In 1962, after 10 years unbroken membership, he left the Communist Party to "concentrate on anti-fascist work and because the party had begun to adopt an anti-Israel line".

"...There is a man who has been involved to various degrees in the anti-fascist movement for many years now who is known to be a police informer and by his own admission has contacts in the security services... His name is Gerry Gable and his publication is Searchlight." Black Flag, Autumn 1993.

His type of "anti-fascist work" soon became clear. In November 1963 Mr. Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a bungled attempt to burgle the home of historian, David Irving. On the 14th of January 1964, Gable admitted breaking into the flat with intent to steal. His associate Manny Carpel (see later) also pleaded guilty. They were both fined £20. Gable was also fined £5 for stealing a GPO pass card.

As editor of Searchlight, Gable is an expert at spreading lies and disinformation (see later evidence re. 'The Gable memorandum', secret state involvement and various incredible smears against individuals and organisations).

Gable is also a Zionist. His son served in the Israeli Defence Force (sic) which has been responsible for some of the worst crimes against unarmed civilians - even women and children (dare we mention the word 'racist' in attacks by 'superior' Jews against dispossessed Arabs?).
Now I doubt if your average reader of the News of the World will read or care about the above information. They only buy the rag for one thing. Sorry usually two things but I urge any other readers to boycott the papers and their advertisers and if they must read it then read it online.

Do not put money in the pockets of our enemies.


Anonymous said...

If Gerry, whatever his name is, is so enamoured with Communism why doesn't he move to Russia, or even China.

Maybe he can form his very own Fascist pary in the Sudan say, just outside Dafur.

The man is an aging red lunatic. Praps he should consider moving to the Gaza Strip.

Anonymous said...

Denis Neilson was a labour party activist. For all I know the Yorshire Ripper voted Labour. So what. Anyway, take 12000 names at random,and included will be thieves, perverts, murderers & rapists I'm sure.