Saturday, 29 November 2008

Liverpool welcomes the BNP

Smash this. Smash that. Their only answer to everything.

Early this morning at 08:01, 13 envelopes bearing the Mersey Side Police logo landed simultaneously on 13 separate doormats to be read by the brave activists of the BNP, now known forever as the Liverpool 13.

The political police of Zanu Labour had failed in their attempts to intimidate the British National Party and fully aware that their gestapo arrests were illegal and would be challenged in the courts, did what all cowards do when pushed back. They folded and ran like red rabbits.

But if they thought their last minute act of announcing that there would be no charges, would stop the BNP protesting about the police treatment and torture of one of our family, they were again badly and sadly for them, wrong.

Almost 200 members of the BNP were warmly greeted by the True Brits of Liverpool when they met up, held their protest and then led by Nick Griffin, Richard Barnbrook and Simon Darby marched to St George's Hall.

As Nick Griffin pointed out when addressing the BNP Activists and listening members of the public:
pointing out that it was the preparedness of the BNP activists to be arrested en masse which had driven the police to withdraw all charges against the ‘Liverpool 13? earlier in the day.

Those charges would have hung over our people’s families until February if it had not been for the fact that hundreds of BNP activists were quite prepared to be arrested today,

Mr Griffin said.“We hope that we have now established a sensible working basis with the police in Liverpool, and we welcome the appointment of a liaison officer for the BNP to ensure that there are no future incidents,” he continued.
Wise words Mr Chairman. Let us hope that Liverpool Police listen. They have tarnished their image in the eyes of the world and they need to show that they are there to serve the people and not the marxist politicians running Zanu Labour.

Considering the weather and the fact that there were many regional meetings taking place today that simply could not be cancelled at such short notice, it was a superb turnout by people who had to pay to travel in support of their Kinsmen.

How unlike the pathetic turnout of the state paid agents, paid unionists and their dupes who were there on an all expenses day out.

And despite that, they could still only muster just under 100 violent thugs, three of whom were arrested. Although I have it on very good account that the police turned a blind eye to actions that if committed by a BNP man would have meant certain arrest.

One example was an attack by two drink or drug fuelled reds who attempted to attack the BNP Chairman who was fortunately well protected by our security people. Well done those men.

And what did the police do on witnessing this attempted assault on Mr Griffin? You know what they did. Nothing. They merely escorted the would be assailants away and released them. Two laws. One for them and one for us, The Patriots.

Afterwards the BNP people retired to the Liverpool Meeting place and enjoyed a few beers whilst renewing old acquaintances and bond with new comrades. Well done all who attended.

Long live the BNP.

Hat tip: Liverpool BNP


JPT said...

Smash democracy is, I think their main aim - just in case the people vote 'the wrong way'.

Red Squirrel said...

It was a brilliant day GA!

Anonymous said...

The reds really are getting tedious and boring and their pathetic pink placards do noting but annoy people. I mean why UKIP colours. I feel sorry for UKIP.

The reds know they have lost the argument, but what was the argument.

Its a simple one.

Do you want your homeland turned into a foreign land where your children will become second class citizens. Governed by Marxist unelected politicians who despise us.


Do you want Britain to retain its identity and culture and with that the retention of our british way of life, that was the foundation of our British society that once had morals and proper values. A society where even criminals would not dare pick on the elderly, a society where fairness came before political correctness. In short a society with the same good wholesome values that most of our parents and grandparents were familiar with. A society where the rights of the weak and law abiding are put first before the workshy and criminals.

The people are starting to see the truth about the BNP, the Nazi slurs are just boring especially as the leaked list does not show nearly all the ex servicemen and woman that we have, and professionals from almost every work background. We are the party of Britain we will put the rights of our people first above, profit and self gain.

Thats something the British people want and deserve.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Liverpool was a Trotskyite stronghold. Derek Hatton must be spinning in his grave.

Fyrdist said...

I've just thrown in £20 toward the GA fund. Is anyone else going to help out?

Come on, people, we all have use of this great blog -let's show a bit of appreciation and help out the sterling work of the economically unfortunate webmaster.

"All hands in."


Anonymous said...

The argument "Do you want ......" written by anonymous above should be the BNP's next leaflet. It's simple, factual and to the point.

Anonymous said...

Scottish tv had a headline spot about an STUC "Anti Freedom" march through Glasgow, they went on to interview a couple of the workshy, and none had local accents. One chap, of African heritage spoke with a very London accent. No doubt bussed up to Scotland to make up he numbers and give the impression that they were local people. Bet they wont march through some of the heavily enriched areas of Sighthill or Pollock though. The message they hoped to bring to the people of Scotland wasto ignore the BNP. And there was me believing all those media tales of the BNP being insignificant minows......

Anonymous said...

A Great day Indeed.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of all BNP members was impeccable saturday a real feeling of solidarity.
Members had travelled from Ireland Scotland London infact from all the country.
The unite against freedom baying their usual rubbish ignored by the BNP too busy handing out leaflets.
One lady asked who we were, why were the police there.
She'd tried to get a cop a few days before but they were too busy.
She then caught sight of a guy saying; " i recognise that mans face"
I explained thats' Nick Griffin the leader of the party.
Nick came over shook her hand, she wished him luck adding it's time somebody spoke up for us.
She accepted the racism cuts both ways i had offered her.
She left me with the feeling there goes another voter won over.

My conclusion was, the people of Liverpool were not impressed one bit by the noisy UAF but i felt a kind of friendly feeling toward the BNP.
One German tourist, when hearing the Rabble saying "get the BNP off our street"
He was bemused adding; they don't own the streets anywhere. didn't the BNP also pay taxes?
I aswered the BNP do, but most of the Rabble don't, take a look at them it shows what they are.
In a few years, their Marxism will have brought to an end the benefits they rely on, then what.
He joined the BNP walk back to where Nick addressed us all.

He knew which group he was safer with.!

We did at the end clap for the police and gave thtee cheers.
They'd left us alone to give out leaflets that men had been arrested for.
We'd made our point!!
The 250 mile round trip was worth it...