Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama wins US elections

Could have been worse. Could have been Will Smith

I suppose I should say something about the US Presisential Elections. Yawn. So here goes.

"Thats the way to do it"

Barack Obama is just another glove puppet of the "global elite". A different colour one true. But still a glove puppet and so the illusion of democracy continues in poor sad America, that is set one day to make South Africa look like an haven of peace.

Way to go America.


Anonymous said...

Given that Britain usually follows America, are we looking at Abu Hamza for Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. One thing which strikes me is the fact that every black vote went to Obama, there was no question of a black voter supporting the white man. This is always the case when such a choice is offered. And yet white people not only gave massive support to Obama, they did so joyously, they aped the dancing, the gyrating, the shrieks and hysteria of the black support, they "became" black themselves as far as was possible. Wake up Whitey, you, and your civilisation are facing obliteration!! Obviously Obama had every last scrap of fortune on his side. He was faced with an opponent who aged considerably during the campaign and ended it looking like a deformed geriatric. He had the good fortune to see the economy disintergrate, even the misfortune of his grand mothers death ensured that any wavering support would rush to him in sympathy. In fact, after the Bush years, the Republicans never stood a chance. Even the witch, Hilarious Clinton would probably have managed to get herself elected as President. GA is right again, the same string pullers will control Washington, rather like our own country when we occasionally change from Labour to Conservative. President Kennedy, the great "Messiah" from the past was shown to be nothing more than a glib fake and Obama will be the same. The show goes on. Obama has promised an amnesty to millions of "illegals" in the USA thus ensuring plenty of extra votes for himself when he comes up for reelection. Britain will probably follow suit, many of our politicians are just itching for an example from across the Atlantic and as we know only too well, the well being of our country comes well behind the well being of their political survival. The election of Obama does not help our cause in any way.

The Green Arrow said...

I suspect you are right Celtic.

What we have here is Bill Clinton mark II.

The white people voting for Hussein probably thought OJ Simpson was innocent also.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. America.

cirso said...

Tony Blair Mk2, problems ahead for us all. At least if you are called a racist you can turn around and say so are blacks, about 97% voted for Obama.What they going to do when he cannot deliver, they seem to think they will get everything for nothing (no change their then)

Anonymous said...

When are we going to be able to name the "string pullers"?

We can't keep hiding behind the term "global elite".

Anonymous said...

Because of the legacy left by Mr Bush, McCain was a 100 to 1 outsider to win the race for the White House.

However, because of the dreadful political state of affairs in that country the democrats could have nominated a turd as their nominee and it still have won with a handsome majority.

Nevertheless, it was a win win situation for the American people as now they have the very best government that money can possibly buy, much to Obama's joy.


Anonymous said...

The mass majority voteing for...erm quality?