Saturday, 29 November 2008

What can you do in an hour?

Word on the street is they did not take
Mr Greens finger prints or DNA. Why?

Well we will see. First I am expecting the cavalry to turn up soon in the form of John of Gwent and between us we should be able to knock up a working system. Meanwhile it is a £1 an hour where I am coming in from, so will be brief.

So the Police have dropped all charges against the BNP's Liverpool 13 on the advice of the Clown Prosecution Service. Surprise, surprise. The police had already consulted the CPS and KNEW that the leaflets were not breaking the law.

No, this was about intimidation and another darker reason I believe, they wanted an excuse to fingerprint and DNA the British National Party activists and hopefully link them to crimes they might have committed in a previous existence.

For the same reason it gave them the opportunity to search their homes in the hope of finding literature linking them to other organisations. Failure on all counts and more support for the British National Party. Where are they getting all these replacement feet from?

Dirty tricks all round. Linked to this is the shameful arrest of conservative Damain Green for blowing the whistle on the government failings and lies with regards to immigration.

Last line on this. I wonder if Mr Green was fingerprinted and had his DNA taken. I can find no reference to this happening. If not, why not?

Are Members of Parliament exempt from being tortured by the state?

Hopefully will have some sort of normal service by early evening.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, and a big relief for those involved, despite knowing their innocence. But being glad its all over isnt enough, the evil doers in the government and political police need to be shown how disgraceful and undemocratic their behaviour is, otherwise they will think they have set a precedent and will continue to abuse decent honest people. Thirteen claims for unlawfull arrest, intimidation and the illegal use of torture and withholding essential medication. Publicised as much as possible.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Would it be possible to find out if Mr Green had his DNA/prints taken using an FOI request? I think it is in the public's interest.

Anonymous said...

The 'Britons' from Bradford have done the country proud again. But who is to blame, no doubt the nasty racist white man.

Britain Awake said...

Wasting police time is regarded as a serious offence, so surely arresting the 13 when the CPS knew the leaflets were legal was a waste of police time, and commiting an offence, even if it was their own time they were wasting!

johnofgwent said...

Hi "Unrepentant".

I think any such request will be declined (they'll find a reason).

What MIGHT be interesting is for someone to find out how he voted in the police and criminal evidence bill that allowed this DNA collection, and then have a constituent of his write to him to ask if he still thinks it was a clever move to vote that way ???

Anonymous said...

Its compulsory when arrested to have DNA and Fingerprints. So that the dta base on pople can be increased for use anon.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Anyone notice the news on ITV which showed a veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan being beaten up mercilessly by our Stasi from the Greater Manchester police? Once he was handcuffed and immobilised by four stalwarts, they laid into him unmercifully. The bastards. He said that he thought he had survived his war zone postings only to die in his home town! A Crown Court judge, after seeing the video footage of his treatment quashed his conviction which the Stasi had engineered on a trumped up charge and now there's to be an "enquiry", conducted by fellow storm troopers naturally. When the police come to your door, be afraid for your safety, they aint Dixon of Dock Green any more and havnt been for many years now.They were supposed to be our protectors not our persecutors. Forgive me while I laugh- or cry.