Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Man who can't be arsed to show his face

by johnofgwent

I was going to leave remembrance day postings to GA, but something I heard on the six o clock news made me change my mind. But first, just to prove that some people do bother, here's a couple of shots from my mobile phone earlier this morning.

These were taken in the main street of a small village up the road from where I live. The service of remembrance in the village church has ended and a small band form up at the head of a procession, which, ten minutes after I took these, will lead the few veterans of conflict that live locally, plus some local serving men and women, and a selction of the great and the good, and the village bobby, on a short march, just a couple of hundred yards really, to the village hall. The column of marchers will be swelled by the local Scout, Guide, Cub and Brownie packs bringing up the rear, folowed by the congregation who were, as I took these pictures, just about to walk up the path to the church gate.

It isn't much of a parade really, because there's a bigger one in the town that jokingly calls itself a city a few miles away, and a bigger one again in Cardiff. But the fact remains that the people of this area felt it mattered that they came here and stood, in the rain on a cold November morning, and watched those who walked, or marched, those few hundred yards up the road.

I see from the coverage on the BBC News website that even Rhodri Morgan, who made a name for himself by NOT going to Normandy for the 60th Anniversary of the D Day Landings, choosing instead to wander off for a nice warm conferenace about golfing facilities in the principality he thinks he still rules, had to good sense today to try and make pennance for that previous act by standing in the cold and the rain in Cardiff's Cathays Park.

But at the main remembrance event in the United Kingdom's Capital City, where the Queen and the "major" royals assembled to respect the men and women who died for them, there were two faces missing. One has reasonable excuse; he is on active service with his unit, and one can only wonder what thoughts went through his grandmother's mind as she laid the wreath at the London Cenotaph.

But the other missing face was this chap :-

Looking pleased with himself after causing the death of nearly three hundred of our boys and girls in his latest war alone, but can't be arsed to attend the remembrance service to honour them.

According to the BBC News at 6pm today it is a long standing tradition that every surviving British Prime Minister attend the commemoration at the Cenotaph on the closest Sunday to Armistice Day. But tradition means little to this liar and traitor to our country. He is too busy in his new job as paid lackey of the US President to jump on a plane and come back here to face the relatives of the 231 people he sent to their deaths in conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq . By the way, that figure doesn't include the other 67 who went out there on this man's command, and came home in a coffin as a result of accident, or illness.

You can check out the whole sorry story list of the fallen in Blair's illegal military adventures here and if any of you are likely to bump into this chap in future, please do have a look so you can remind him.


xoggoth said...

The arguments against Iraq have been done too many times to be worth repeating but I totally agree, the man is an utter bastard who has been responsible for umpteen British and Iraqui deaths for no good outcome and never any realistic expectation of one.

Usually when I say politicians deserve to be shot I am joking but he is one of the two exceptions. The other was Grocer Heath.

Anonymous said...

Bloody grinning traitorous weasel.