Monday, 3 November 2008

National Liberal Party supports Adam Walker BNP

Adam Walker

It does not matter which political party you belong to. If you believe in Justice and Freedom of Speech, you should be supporting Adam Walker, the teacher who has been persecuted for his political beliefs.
We previously reported on the case of BNP teacher Adam Walker. On Monday September 8th, Adam Walker attended a ‘professional conduct’ hearing of the General Teaching Council (GTC). Adam is accused of using his school laptop to check email and post to a local internet forum during class-time. He is further accused of displaying ‘racial and religious intolerance’ in his postings. The case raises a number of interesting ethical, political and legal questions. Adam was represented by the Solidarity Trade Union.
The attack on Adam is not just an attack on the British National Party but an attack on the memory of all those people who have died down the centuries so that we today should have freedom of thought and speech. Note, I said should have.

Despite the support the Board of Governors of Teeside School saying;
We’ve been pleased with the teaching he has carried out for us,” said Dr Philbrick. “He solved a very difficult position where we were struggling to staff particular courses and he has turned that around. We have much to be grateful to him for.”

On the basis of his teaching and on the basis of their being another appointment, the school would be happy for him to continue teaching because he has done a very good job.”
Despite these statements, the persecution of Adam Walker continues and so a protest has been called for by Civil Liberty and is supported by the independant trade union, Solidarity and other organisations.

17 November 2008
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: General Teaching Council
Street: Victoria Square House
Town/City: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Also supporting the protest are the National Liberal Party saying
"In the U.K. we pride ourselves of being tolerant of opposing views but it seems now there are some who cannot bring themselves to accept that principle. We are well aware that this is only happening because Mr Walker is a member of the British National Party. Despite our political differences with that organisation we must, as liberals, support their individual rights which includes the right to express political opinions regardless of how contentious they might be".
Now personally, I have never had much time for Liberals but I really do take my hat off to them on this occasion. They are displaying in the emboldened statement above, a simple truth that all those who profess to support freedom of thought and speech should fight for.

So on this occasion, it does not matter what political party you support. This demonstration is not just about one man. It is about freedom. Be there please and help make a noise.


Anonymous said...

Good for the NLP. True Liberalism at work!.

Anonymous said...

This case is bringing out people's true colours. Real liberals are supporting Adam as are real Nationalists (whatever their differences on other matters). The Red Fascists are threatening to demonstrate against freedom on November 17 using very violent language on Indymedia. I will be in Birmingham on November 17 to make a stand for freedom of expression and association. Join with us.