Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Can the BNP learn a lesson from the Jews?

Private armies. Good enough for them. Good enough for us.

This is going to be a tough one to write. Mention the word Jews on a nationalist site and you just know that the world is going to come crashing down around you and a crash course in "car brakes" maintenance a must have skill.

When one of my search engines picked up a link to an attack on the British National Party over on the Jewish Chronicle, I thought I had better pop over and see what they were saying.

But first a couple of qualifiers, the British National Party has no problems with the Jews or in fact any other people from whatever race, who live legally and peacefully in Our Country and who do not actively work against it.

Neither does the British National Party have a problem with people of different races protecting and promoting the welfare of their own people, providing those actions are not against the interest of the True British People.

The British National Party also recognises the right for the nation of Israel to exist as a nation and for it to defend itself against those who seek to remove it from the map of the world.

That said, on with the article. The Chronicle seems to have a problem with the BNP over its promotion of "White History Month" and the fact that our "Truth Truck" will be visiting universities around the Country.
The BNP's campaign website states: "During this month all White people around the world can celebrate their history and heritage with pride.

"This is our month where we can look to the past and explore who we are and where we come from. It is a month where we can be proud to be White and express it openly.
For some reason they have a problem with this but not it seems with the "internationally-recognised Black History Month".

I just cannot comprehend as to why they think Blacks supporting their achievements is right and yet Whites supporting and being proud of their even greater achievements is wrong.

Community Security Trust communications director Mark Gardner said the plans could cause "racist unrest, intimidation and bullying against children from minorities". Why?

But if you swallowed the Red Pill mentioned in the previous article, I said I would help show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Just who are the CST? Well they are supposed to be a private charity to look after the welfare of Jewish people living in Our Country. Now looking after ones own is a good thing and should be encouraged.

The CST looking after their own

But if you dig deeper and not very deep at that, you will find that the CST is more of a private army paid in part by the Jews themselves and the rest by British Taxpayers in the form of Tax Relief.

An army with Headquarters, offices and staffed by 55 trained people to support their private army of over 3,000 volunteers who are trained by the police to carry out the following.

Their "volunteers" Briefing Card carries the following information.

Your job:

  • Your job is ensuring the safety and security of those attending this location.
  • Check the location for unauthorised entry.
  • Observe/challenge all unknown persons approaching the location.
Now I am not sure why the police are helping to train a private army and whether they would be kind enough to train groups of White People, so they may also act in the defence of their own people should the need arise but I very much doubt it.
We have a close relationship with senior officers, constables and beat officers which includes joint patrols, training exercises and regular consultations on strategic issues in the fight against antisemitism. The CST is represented on numerous Police and liaison groups, including the Race and Violent Crime Task Force Unit at Scotland Yard and Police Consultative Groups throughout Britain.
Joint patrols, training exercises? What the hell is going on here?

"I am proud to continue working with CST, a truly professional organisation which has made a real difference in protecting its community and working productively with local police."
Peter Fahy - Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

What a different response to that given by the Police, when the British National Party were forced into forming their own street patrols in Corsham at the request of local residents plagued by young thugs. Some of us will remember North Wiltshire Police making the following statement;
“People should not take the law into their own hands. If they have any information they should pass it to ourselves, the police or their local council.”
So can the BNP learn a lesson from the Jews? Why of course they can. If the police and local councils find it acceptable for the Jewish Community to create and run their own citizens army to protect members of their community, then surely it is only fair that White People be allowed to organise in the same way.

When dealing with these state agencies point them to the CST as an example of just how beneficial they are. Somehow though I think if the BNP did try it, they would be on an hiding to nothing. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Clearly double standards. However the Jews only have to look at the situation in France and they see increacing attacks upon their people by the koranimals. I don't blame them at all.

Red Squirrel said...

I don't blame the Jews for defending themselves either. but what about us Whites?
The BNP patrols in Corsham did a good job and liased with the police. Groups like this should be formed all over Britain to protect us, after all the police don't!

Anonymous said...

brill post green it's about time that jewish people woke up to the fact that it us that is really on their side, as we believe that everyone has a right to their own homeland. I cant and have never understood why they support the Marxists who would turn our country into an Islamic state. America now has a president who Will pander to Iran.

Yes the BNP did have some odd jobs attached, but look at the other parties, they are worse.

The one thing different about us and them, is that we are upfront and honest.

Its just like the BNP dont have problems with anyone gay (all we ask is that it is not rammed down our kids throats in primary school)but still the gays support the marxists who would see the country filled wwith gay hating Muslims. Saying that I do know a few gays that vote and support the BNP.

Its like you said Green the red pill needs to be swallowed and shaat out where it belongs in the gutter along with the rest of their Nazi jibes thaat are both wholly untrue. I cant ever recall a BNP member wanting to invade, attack or damage another country. All we want is our own homeland, for our people, wwho support a British way of life.

Anonymous said...

I have just read their article, and I am furious!

'Members of its youth and student group have launched ‘White History Month', which will take place throughout November, with the party hoping to "counterbalance" the internationally-recognised Black History Month.

...Mr Gardner added: "Education authorities and police must monitor this situation very carefully and ensure that everything possible is done to protect schoolchildren from such poison."'


There you have it. We are not allowed to celevrate our past or our history, it is deemed poisonous. Infuriating. Who do these people think they are?

watling said...

Regarding white history month, years of state sponsored anti-white propaganda - e.g. farcical allegations of institutional racism, fictional reports of white racist thugs, proclamations from the government about the fictional benefits of diversity and immigration - have meant that we are now a nation comprising far too many self-hating white liberals.

A nation which hates itself can have no pride and, in particular, can have no motivation for defending itself, let alone for promoting its achievements. Yet the British people have arguably been the most high-achieving people in history and we therefore have a lot of history to be proud of, but apparently we can't celebrate it.

Meanwhile black history month puts a false gloss on the dubious achievements of black people, conveniently forgetting that black Africans prefer to risk a hazardous sea voyage in a leaky boat to reach the civilisation of Europe than to remain in Africa.

The state supports minority groups in promoting themselves but cries foul if whites do the same. And the self-hating white liberals just accept it because they have been duped into thinking that other cultures are better than their own.

The liberal message is: all behaviours and cultures are ok. Yet they don't seem to know or care that the encouragement of other cultures here means our own is gradually eroded and ultimately destroyed.

I'm not aware of any other example in history where a nation's leaders and its people have actively sought their own destruction. It just goes to show how successful the years of anti-white propaganda have been.

Anonymous said...

How many of these cst people have served in the British armed forces i wonder?None probably.

Anonymous said...

The BNP patrols in Corsham, do they still exist? or any other patrol?

Anonymous said...

The BNP patrols in Corsham, do they still exist? or any other patrol?

Infidel K9 said...

This is a bit off topic, but here is something I came across by connecting a few dots

Did you know that "kidnapped" BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was a Muslim all along?

Shiva comments:

Johnston is regarded by the BBC as a respected, experienced journalist, and due to his local knowledge, he was someone other journalists would turn to for information when in Gaza. Prior to being kidnapped however, Johnston was not well known to the general public.

What was not known to the general public was that he just happened to be a muslim.
Prior to his kidnapping, there was a policy not to negotiate with Hamas. The BBC turned up the full volume, and really gave the world their BBC/Palliwood charade nonstop air time , thus giving the government an excuse to get all cuddly and negotiate with Hamas

I always felt there was some very wrong with the whole affair, and it was this article that puts everything into perspective.

Don't you think he should be locked up for fraud and deception.

Dont you think the BBC should be relocated in GAZA

Anonymous said...

British pride.

Anonymous said...

do not attack us or.............

Fyrdist said...

Why do the Jews need an army? Aren't they innocent, angelic, sacrosanct people who have never done anything wrong? Aren't they the victims that have (for no reason other than the fact that they have "hooked noses") been "persecuted" through the course of history, way back to the time of Cromwell?

Defies logic, doesn't it, that these people have constantly been "persecuted" by many peoples, many countries, many governments, many religions -all at many different stages of history.

Why them? Why exactly is that? Why has it always been them, wherever in the world they have been, who have been the recipients of pogroms, deep suspicion, CONSISTENT accusations that they own the banking system, the media, etc.

A logical response to this, their unfortunate history, is to say that maybe they are not as innocent as they make out to be. No other reason for it.

"Anti-Semitism": what an utter bastardisation of a word.

Oxford English Dictionary describes "Semite" as thus: "a member of a people speaking a Semitic language, in particular the Jews and ARABS."

WOW! What an eye-opener. So the ARABS are also Semites, are they? WOW, the Establishment never told me that. I thought "anti-Semite" meant anti-Jew -nothing more. Wow, what else am I being lied to about?

The point here is that the Zionist element within the Jewish nation has expurgated truth and reality so they can defend against any criticism and in defence of the Zionism's ultimate goal: global enslavement.

CST: yet another Zionist fifth column that has infiltrated the British Establishment. As GA so rightly says, swallow the red pill, people, and see the other side of the mendacious coin.

For the hard-of-thinking I suppose I better clarify my point and state that I am anti the wicked ideology that is Zionism rather than anti-Jew. Professor Noam Chomsky and the brilliant author Will Self stand out as two Jews that are actively anti-Zionist.

Anonymous said...


OT I know and I'm sure you're already aware but just for insurance:

The Google marxist Internazis pulled the South Africa blog yet again but they're back with their own domain at:



Anonymous said...

Sorry GA that should've been: "pulled the South Africa Sucks blog" but as I reach the grand old age of 44 co-ordination between my eyes and brain seems to be giving up on me :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait till you get to 60 Reconquista!! Then you really are in trouble really.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for cheering me up and giving me something to look forward to Harry :-))



Anonymous said...

About that BBC Johnston fellow, I heard his programme on Radio 4 where he describes his time in Afghanistan.
He tried to interview the Sheik in charge of the Taliban. (Omar?)
He was unable to get an interview as this Sheik decided only talked to Muslim journalists.
So for the sake of accuracy, if Johnson is a Muslim "revert" then it must have happened since his time in Afghanistan.
Whatever, he seems to be a typical BBC dunce, all to willing to lick up to his Eastern idolators.
On the Jewish tack, I say good luck to them, but I hope they know who their friends are.
By being so fixated about anti-semitic holocaust issues, they may fail to see the growing mountain that is heading their way.
The Jews only number about 600,000 in UK, and that pales in comparison to the probable total of Muslim allegiance that is more likely nearer 5 million than three.
I remember a TV programme about the Jews in Britain, and a meeting of young Jews was addressed by an ancient visiting Rabbi.
When he was describing the growth of the Islam and it's radical tendencies in Britain he summed it up with a tremulous assessment of what was coming their way and that word was "trouuble!"
If the BNP is not against Juadaism, then it should take advantage of this and take every opportunity to say so.
Of course there are background theoretical issues, but like it is said, Israel has the right to exist, and we know who threatens their existence most?
Mr. Obama.
He will no doubt apply the thumbscrews to make Israel give up Jerusalem to the "Palestinian."
Expect WWW111 soon after.
I have met many good men who are Jews and a few who are Islamic.
Put them in Britain as a minority and you have a self preserving balance-point.
Put the same combination in the Holy-Land and you have dynamite.
The extracting of the blood sacrifice of Israeli land, will be the new USA leaderships price for continued support.
Israel is in great danger.
Britain is in approaching danger. The source of the trouble is the same polluted fountain of prophetic