Saturday, 8 November 2008

The dog turns on his master

Is this the man who would be president of the loose federation of disparate tribal fiefdoms that will be left when he succeeds in destroying the united kindgom ? Not if I can stop him.

by johnofgwent

It had to happen, I suppose. It was as inevitable as night follows day. BBC News reports the odious Trevor Phillips as saying "Britain will never elect a Barack Obama" because of institutionalised racism in the Labour Party.

Yes, it seems that eventually every dog who is not taught their place in the pack will eventually turn on its master and Trevor feels his time has come.

No, Trevor.

Britain will never elect a Barack Obama because Britain is a constitutional monarchy, not a republic. And it is not a two party state in which any third newcomer is roundly denounced on all sides as a spoiler, but a democracy that welcomes all comers who believe they can show the electorate that they can do a better job than whoever, and whatever party, is in charge at the moment.

While many dislike the current occupant of the British Throne and the behaviour of her family, and many others feel the crown should perhaps "leapfrog" a generation when the time comes, thus making her tainted, "damaged goods" son go down in history as the father of a new, young and untainted monarch, few are ready to see the institution abolished, and none feel inclined to do so while its abolition may provide the means for Tony Blair and his delightful wife to sieze the Presidency that will arise and use it to lead the country back to Roman Catholicism.

But what are we to make of this outburst at this time ? Is there a clue to be found here, I wonder. On that page Trevor Phillips reveals his wildest desire is to have been not himself, but Sir Trevor McDonald. Phillips is apparently fed up of having to hang out in Starbucks Coffee shops for hours until some nerdy customer not only recognises him but gets his name right, and Phillips clearly feels if he had the name and face of Sir Trevor this would not be a problem.

I don't know how to tell you this, Trevor, but your infintely more popular namesake Sir Trevor became an instantly recognisable and much admired figure in British Society not because he spent his days banging on about institutionalised racism holding black men back but because he chose instead to spend years, night after night, working for one such institution and thereby destroying the lies you peddle by becoming a trusted, respected figure. Or maybe he did this by making sure that every time he went on television, every word he uttered was the truth to the maximum extent that it was possible to verify that it was the truth, and where the message he passed on was not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that was because people like you peddled that false information to him in the first place.

And Sir Trevor knew one more thing too. He -and the cast of hundreds, if not thousands, who did their job just as dilligently, often under difficult conditions, and sometimes at risk to life and limb, in order to bring us those truths, knew that no matter how evil, no matter how tragic, no matter how desperate the news items he brought into your living room each night were, it was of the utmost importance that as you reached for the off button afterwards, the last thing you remembered was someting trivial, yet so heartwarming or so utterly madcap that you went to bed inspired by the thought that no matter how desperate, how evil or how awful things were, someone out there was cocking a snoot at it, and that in the words of another inspiring black man, this truly was a "wonderful world".

And that, Trevor, is why both Sir Trevor and Barrack Obama are where they are today. Because they know how to use the truth to inspire people. Something you should perhaps take some time to ponder. Because the reason you don't have the "I'll name that black man in two" factor is you aren't exactly renowned for using oratory to deliver the truth, but are in fact guilty of using oratory to distort the truth into your twisted ethnocentric view where all white men are in need of being given a good slapping down by 'de bruvvas' at every possible opportunity.


Keith said...

Well said. It's a pity that whats-his-name will never see your post, because I suppose for one minute that he reads this truth-blog.

Airborne said...

Isn't Hazel Blears updating the Human Rights Bill to counter racists such as Philips?


SO what is the truth?"fat white bastard"or "institutional racism"and the "truth" is revealed when we look around the world at all those incredibly democratic welfare states,that are run by negroes throughout africa,for the benefit of thier own zurich secret bank accounts,and the same is true of these two miscreants,this is a gene war however it is dressed up,and the sooner we are rid of them and thier kind the better.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be SO dismissive of the power of SOME bloggers. I mean, it seems Hazel Blears is scared to death by some of us, and rightly so, for she knows that they (the government) cannot bring all of us down everywhere. They can rant, they can scream and scream until they're sick, they can send armed men to drag one or two from their beds at dead of night. But they CANNOT silence ALL of us.

Which is why it is even more important today that we do two things.

First, keep up the pressure, on all sides. Make the buggers think we want to roast them in hell. which isn't difficult, as we all do, right ?

But second, in keeping up that pressure we have to make sure just as the odious mister phillip's hero had to, that every words is true. Because the one thing they cannot kill is the truth.

Salford Supporter said...

At even a cursory glance at the plethora of TV channels it is clear that Black Minority Ethnic status for TV presenters and commentators is now a prerequisite for the job. So, a big Ha,Ha! that Trevor Phillips' ambitions to work in television didn't work out and that the obvious anti-White institutional racism of the media has not paid off for him.

Mr Cognisant said...

A really quite weird article,disparaging Catholic's, many of whom are natural nationalists, whilst asserting that one negro told truth (sic) and the other did not. I must say I am quite surprised you let this through GA, where is Sarah :-)

Ronbo said...

Speaking of the American republic, it ended on November 4, 2008 with the election of Comrade Obama.

I will grant in its latter years our republic it did bring to mind the Weimar Republic of Germany with much chaos. Still the honest citizen felt safe and his private property secure; however with the election The Lord Messiah Obama and a hard Left Congress, the Bill of Rights -- the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution will simply be ignored. What will happen next is anyone's guess -- my estimate is that civil war will break out when the white middle class is hit with both tyranny and an economic downturn all at the same time.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but I sure don't see anything positive coming out of this situation. In a few years time you could see a Communist America coming into focus, or the division of our country into two or three nations at each others throat.

The United States of America

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