Thursday, 20 November 2008

A small price to pay for a country

They want to hang onto their toys

Good morning to the British National Party. It is Attack BNP Day + 1.

Well it is fairly clear now that the way the state controlled media broadcast details of the stolen and edited membership list, that they were already on the starting blocks and ready for the off.

Before I start though, I was wondering if the Police Service can be charged with handling stolen goods? They know the list is stolen. They are aware that there is a court injunction in place about the list and they most certainly know that it has been "doctored". And yet they are prepared to use it in persecuting people because of their political believes. Would that they would respond so fast in discovering real crimminals.
A Merseyside police spokesman said: "We understand that the BNP names a Steve Bettley for an alleged association with the party.

"Whether Merseyside PC Steve Bettley was, or is, a member of BNP is subject to an ongoing inquiry"
And like I said, names have been added to the list for malicious reasons, so why are they naming a person in the national press before there as even been an investigation?

And who is the person responsible for the so called Independent Police Complaints Commission in Merseyside? Why it is Naseem Malik who said;
"The national policies are clear that membership of the BNP is incompatible with the requirements of the role of a police officer and I know Merseyside Police will act robustly if necessary."
Well he would say that. But remember this Malik, the True British People find that the swamping of our country will immigrants is "incompatible" as also are people who are fast tracked into non jobs because of their colour.

Now about the title of the article. I remember reading those words or very similar to it many, many years ago, when an interviewer asked a top Israeli politician about the continuous deaths of Israeli citizens murdered by the Moslem terrorists. He said "It is a small price to pay for a country".

Most of us in the British National Party know that we are in a war to save Our Country for Our Children's Future. This is not a game. This really is a war and the stakes are high and in all wars there are going to be casualties and people will be affected to varying degrees. Some may even die. We are fighting for not just a Country but our very existence.

Forget for a moment about the Quisling Puppets sitting in the House of Commons, what they leach of the British People is nothing compared to what the International Bankers are stealing from us.

Anyone who listened to Nick Griffins speech at the conference about reforming the Banking System for the benefit of the British People should know how high the stakes are.

Did the press even mention the BNP Conference? No of course not. Did any political journalist look at the Banking Proposals put forward at the conference. No they did not. Did they listen? No.

But the "elite" that control us did. Sat on the decks of their luxury yachts that put small liners to shame, they listened to what Nick Griffin said and they trembled. These rulers of the world trembled.

They see the rise of White Western Nationalist parties all over Europe and they trembled. Their plans, almost complete, in turning the world into one revolting mix of dumbed down humanity that they control, could still be thwarted by parties like the British National Party. And they have reacted with all the power at their disposal.

A long time ago, all the major parties were infiltrated by the mad marxists who work in cahoots with the "elite" of the New World Order. They all have a Common Purpose.

But the people who are still capable of thinking are wise to them. They have wondered why the Liberals, Labour and Conservatives are all members of the communist organisation Searchlight and their Leaders all signed up as supporters of the umbrella UAF.

The people, thanks to the British National Party know that the Lib/Lab/con alliance is just a case of smoke and mirrors to give the British People the illusion of living in a democracy.

And the "elite" seeing the continued growth and success of the party released their revolting Dogs of War in the press and the state controlled public services such as the Local AUTHORITES, the Police, Fire Brigade etc to attack the BNP and frighten people from supporting them.

And seeing the success of heroes like Richard Barnbrook in exposing the "local" corruption of their setup they tremble at the thought of British National Party MPs and MEPs ripping away their camoflage on the National and International level.

The press know that the publication of the Role of Honour was a serious breach of the data protection laws and that they should have acted responsibly. But they did not. On their masters direction, they overlooked the law and went on the attack and continue today with more of the same. More about that in the next article.

For decades now, the "elite" have plundered the wealth of Our Country, they have controlled and manipulated us whilst amassing vast fortunes for themselves and their heirs they see destined to govern a world of slaves. They will not give this power up easily. They will fight. And they will fight dirty. The phony war is over. The real one has begun.

Now back to the Role of Honour. I have recieved numerous emails and private comments and almost without exception they are from people on the list expressing defiance. Many of those proudly have Activist next to their names. Many of their names are already in the public domain for the reasons that I posted here. They have not been vilified at their local levels. They are seen as heroes and they are.

But I would be lying if I did not say that I have been in touch with people who are frightened and I have done my best to reassure them but out of the 13,500 members on the list, the majority have become even more determined to fight back.

We would be betraying the memory of people like my father who fought and died to prevent the occupation of Our Country by alien invaders if we were to give up and let the "elite" carry out their plan of genocide for Our People as part of their evil plans to become controllers of the world.

But there would be no memory in a few generations because there would be none of our kind left to remember them as history would be rewritten to show we never even existed.

Now is the time for bold hearts. Now is the time to be British. Now is the time to join the British National Party and fight back.


bill pugh said...

A good post G.A . I too was on the list with all my details,( so what).This has given me new energy to go further ! Eeven though i am an activist, its local knowledge in my county any way.

I think this is going to explode in their face"s big time,only thing i can say is BRING IT ON !!!

Anonymous said...

Great Article. The elite globalist want to destroy this country and every country in Europe and denigrate its peoples and its heritage and right to its life. They want to succk every last resource and profit out of these lands and destroy the environment and in all this destroy any decent quality democratic future for these peoples.

Over my dead body

The real fight as begun.

We are ready.

Anonymous said...

I was also on the list and.......

I do realise that some people could lose their jobs because of it and this is the sad part.

I believe the british love the underdog and this will backfire for the state sponsored persecutors.

Anonymous said...

May I send respect and admiration to the posters above and to all others who are on the list.
Stand strong.
This is an attempted intimidation and it looks like it has back fired. For example, a law firm has offered free represetation to any persecuted because of this publication. Respect to that firm - but quite right too.
Names on the list are those who woke up to the reality of the current political situation before the others did - and the others will, they are just slower.
Respect and thanks to all on the list.