Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Proud to be a young BNP supporter

Young BNP supporters at Sundays Remembrance Day

One hearing the news this morning, that Mark Walker had returned from his appeal, where school governors had upheld their decision to sack him for being a member of the British National Party, I realised just why "they" had done it.

The Enemies of the People, have for decades now been deliberately dumbing down our education system in order to produce (somewhat successfully) new generations of white British youngsters who they will be able to manipulate and control.

Generations of young who will have grown up knowing nothing of their Country's proud history and without the ability and skills to succeed in life. Bred to be nothing more than factory fodder that will work for slave wages just to live.

Uneducated and without the skills to rise up the ladder to political control and unaware of what is really happening to them. Controlled by an "elite" whose own children are destined to be the new masters and given the finest educations that our money can buy to be the future controllers of a slave nation.

They do not want teachers and white male role models of the caliber of Mark Walker or his brother Adam, who is also being persecuted for being a member of the British National Party.

They want uneducated and culturally ignorant teachers who simper through lessons, brainwashing our young into believing that to be proud of being white and British is wrong.

But some of our young, especially those of British National Party members and supporters are not so stupid to fall for the lies of the marxists who teach them. They have discovered that they are not alone amoungst their peers in believing that Our Country and future can be better and are getting organised themselves.

The left would have you believe that only people above a certain age support the BNP. Another marxist lie to try and prevent our young going out and discovering the truth for themselves. Check this out from The Student, the UK's oldest student paper, referring to Facebook.
There are over 100 pro-BNP groups on the site, with the largest of these, ‘Vote BNP’ boasting over 9,000 members. Another group, entitled ‘BNP is not racist (kick out muslims that r racists)’ calls for ‘muslim haters’ to ‘stand and fight’ and heralds the return of ‘White Power.’

Last year The Media Guardian reported that the five main BNP groups on Facebook counted 377 members, although individuals often join multiple groups. Student can reveal that this number has risen to over 20 000 in the space of just 12 months.
So for any of you young readers out there, living in places where you think you are alone in thinking what is being done to Our Country and your future is wrong, check out some of the following videos and images. The BNP is full of young patriotic people like yourself and you to, can be one of their big family. All you have to do is Swallow the Red Pill and discover the truth.

OK so you have swallowed the Red Pill. What happens. Well let us see what the youngsters in the following video clip have to say.

Shelley Rose. One of my friends on Facebook
I wish I could ignore what is going on in our country and bury my head in the sand like most people, but I can't and that is why I support the BNP. I feel they are the only party that has got our country's best interests at heart. Also so far I have met many like-minded people and new friends. I have been to new places around the country and feel like I am actually achieving something. Together we can put the Great back into Great Britain!. Shelley Rose, BNP
But being a member of the Young BNP is not just about politics. It is about friendship. It is also about Comradeship. Friendships and Comradeships that we all need in the dark days that are coming.

Friends and Comrades for ever

And the young people shown above, who all know how to enjoy life, are Our Future, Your future. They are our future Leaders, MPs and Cabinet Ministers but still they have time for some fun whilst attacking those who would corrupt Our Country.

So you can see, you are not alone. If you have access to the internet and you have access to Facebook, then you can make 20,000 new friends within minutes of joining. You can find friends in your area that you probably did not know felt the same way as you. Join Facebook and help make that 20,000 friends of the BNP into 50,000 and then a million. Welcome to the family. Welcome to the BNP.

You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff GA.
Not all the "Yoof" are dumb.
Just like I said in my earlier comment in the previous article, it's all about ....
And these kids have it!


The Green Arrow said...

Hi Harry,

I liked your previous comment and might use it in an article.

Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Great way to start the day! I was beginning to despair at our youth. Not any more though!

Peter said...

Fantastic article GA. This has certainly put a sprint in my step today.

As regards the dumbing down of our children, well I have to agree with you here. It gives the powers that be an excuse to flood the country with "their choice" of alternative immigrants to do the tasks that they say our people cannot do. It makes my blood boil.

GreenPleasantLand said...

Having taken the Red Pill about a year and a half ago, and attending UEA, the university with one of the most pro-active and marxist student unions in the country, I see first hand the brainwash culture that is sweeping our universities.

Anonymous said...

pretty and young nationalist holding union flag - the image must send chills through the opposition.

we NEED much more images like these.

we NEED that positive gloss to capture the attantion on the imagae concious young.

make it so.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 14:02

Make it so?

An expression I have not heard for a long, long time but if you insist.

Aye, aye, Sir.

Strider said...

Hello GA,

Here's a youth who is on the rise - he'll never be intimidated and adds a touch of humour which smashes through the political correctness:


Man Of The Woods said...

I know this if off topic, but was wondering if you had come across this yet GA.

Pendle war veteran, 89, attacked by burglars in his home

Violent attack on Pendle war veteran shocks neighbours

Anonymous said...

Great article, GA! Anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that most people feel the way we do, but few have the courage of their convictions.

The Green Arrow said...

MOTW, never worry about being oFf topic. All information is relevant no matter where posted.

Thank you for your links. I had not seen them.

Good Luck and regards to RS.

bernard said...

Very good post indeed GA, and it may be no coincidence that you have thought of this on the 11th day of the 11th month, 90 years ago, when the letters and thoughts of the people that fought in the Great War, spoke only of the comradeship, friendship and kindness of those who shared their fears and hopes.
Those very feelings will surely return again in this new, 'great war' of liberty and self-determination for the true British people.