Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hazel Blears accuses BNP bloggers of undermining democracy.

"I wonder what foot this one goes on." Doh!

This will be the only article I will be posting today as I do not wish to detract from the excellent article posted by Mister Fox that precedes this post.

Communities Minister Hazel Blears made a speech yesterday to the Hansard Society in which she criticised political bloggers in the UK.
"Political blogs are written by people with disdain for the political system and politicians, who see their function as unearthing scandals, conspiracies and perceived hypocrisy,"
Damn right we do Hazel and that is what you do not like. But I suspect, that what really frightens our little Hazel nut is the fact that the most popular party website in the UK, is that of the British National Party whose readership grows daily.

And as their readership grows, so do does the BNP membership. And as those members become activists, so to, do groups and branches spring up all over our sad Country. And those groups and branches then get the message out onto the streets of our villages, towns and cities. No wonder Hazel is worried. She goes on;
"Until political blogging adds value to our political culture, by allowing new voices, ideas and legitimate protest and challenge, and until the mainstream media reports politics in a calmer, more responsible manner, it will continue to fuel a culture of cynicism and despair."
The truth is Hazel, this blog only exists because of the stranglehold that the Lib/Lab/con alliance has over the press they control and their refusal to speak the truth about what your governments true intentions are for the British People. Genocide.

Cynical some of us may be. But do we despair? No. The British National Party is a force for truth and that truth is now reaching the people. One day this blog looks forward to writing about Hazel Blears trial for treason.

Finally, check out Simon Darbys site. He has posted some of the main motions for the forthcoming British National Party conference. Call me a toadie but I support the lot.

Also, the BNP National Truth Truck Tour starts today. Why not leave a comment wishing them a safe journey.


Anonymous said...

The people who have the most disdain and contempt for British democracy are the marxist vermin in the Houses of Parliamnet and in Brussels. These are the people who are defecating on democracy and boy oh boy would they love to gag the bloggers and the nationalist parties.

This idiot Blears forgets that the BNP aren't just reaching people through the Internet and no matter what they do with Internet 2, they will never stop us spreading our message and one day we will have them and they know it.


Anonymous said...

Keep on trucking man!

Great to hear the truth is rolling out to the people.
As for our contemptious political masters, watch out, we will overtake you.


watling said...

What this Blears troll means is she's annoyed that the truth about her government's failed multicultural experiment is now in the public domain for all to see.

She hates the fact that bloggers have exposed the folly of importing third worlders into our midst.

She hates the fact that bloggers report on all the murder and crime committed by immigrants. In particular she hates the fact that bloggers have spread the word that her beloved blacks commit a grossly disproportionate amount of violent crime.

She hates the fact that bloggers have revealed that Gordon Al-Broon's pledge to take "any legislative measures necessary" to tackle knife crime is empty rhetoric - as we all knew it was when he said it.

She hates the fact that bloggers have revealed the evil truth about Mohammed's violent, intolerant, domineering, misogynistic death cult.

She hates the fact that bloggers report on all the crime committed by LibLabCon artists.

She hates the fact that bloggers have exposed her government's Marxist wet-dream of establishing a gargantuan European federal state, with power surrendered to the EUSSR's elite in Brussels.

She hates the fact that bloggers have exposed the champagne socialists in her government, who extoll the virtues of mass immigration whilst hiding themselves away from the third world rabble in gated communities and posh postcodes where property prices start at £500,000.

In short she hates the fact that people dare to oppose her failed, dishonest, corrupt, useless, smug, patronising, elitist, anti-British apology for a government.

The Green Arrow said...

Watling. Good stuff. Wish I had written it.

Any chance of you writing an article for us. Please:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting to say the least;

She says "who see their function as unearthing scandals, conspiracies and perceived hypocrisy,"

There is nothing perceived about the liars, buggers and thieves in our column reserved for 'perceived scandals' they were all reported in the Mainstream Media.

Does this woman understand the meaning of hypocracy?


watling said...

Thanks for the invitation, Green. I'll see what I can do.

Keep up the excellent work!

Peter said...

Yes, another good article GA with some great comments.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Blears.

johnofgwent said...

She's been reading my blog again !!

Anonymous said...

Green we should feel sorry for this woman, what with her screeching voice, and contempt for the british people. Thats what happens when no-one dances with you at the school disco. her pent up anger is now being directed toward her own people.
if only someone had danced with her, just the once.

Aberdeen Real nationalist

Anonymous said...

this mind controlled slave is just uttering whatever she has been programmed to say by her masters, probably she even believes in her own crap.

AbertaweBNP said...

What she really wants to say is, if The TRUTH keeps on getting out her and her sort will look even worse than they do now, if that is possible.

These politicians can do their very best to keep us down and also stop the TRUTH from getting out but we can do what we can by blogging, all is fair in love and war.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Albion, Hypocracy, Democracy, its all the same to the Blears and Bliars of this world.

Anonymous said...

The LibLabContrick will have to find some way of censoring the internet or else they will be destroyed.

Fyrdist said...

The words kettle and pot spring to mind.

Will someone please fetch the noose? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears accuses BNP bloggers of undermining democracy.

Is this the same woman who voted to Not give us the right to vote on the EU constitreaty that would rob us of our democracy in ever increasing ways, and even though she promised us one?

Anonymous said...

Truth is never popular.

THANKS to the BLOG it is very much so!

So note dear Hazel the truth will out!

Keep on Bloggng.

Anonymous said...

Shes very close to the gutter

Anonymous said...

Its more than just BNP Bloggers hazen luv, here are Blogs all over Europe and America and beyond that aim their inteligence and comment to expose the deceit that the likes you so lovingly propogate of that which isn't worthy

Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears, you should be tried for treason, I hope one day you will.
Us Brits like to read the truth, not some happy clappy pipe dream invented by the Labour spin doctors.
I live in a council area where racial hatred is rife because of this sickening multicultural experiment, so this "multiculturalism is wonderful" crap only goes so far. May the BNP take power swiftly and bring our ruling traitors to justice.