Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Lancaster UAF Change name

Thought you should know that the mad marxists over at Lancaster Losers have changed their name again.

Best check it and see what they are saying. They have a plan that puts the BNP Truth Truck to shame.


odin said...


Fyrdist said...

Always guaranteed to raise a smile, is old GA.

On a serious note, though, that "Stop the Truth" truck could be a vital weapon in persuading yet more innocent and vulnerable children at university -together with their incestuous purveyors of falsehoods ("academics")- to take up the cudgels, apply more hate for normality and perversion for the truth.

"Socialists Against Communism" is what the BNP Truth Truck should espouse on its side as it meandered through our university towns.

Peace to our people.

BFB said...


I always said the Welsh have the best sense of humour.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

lov it - smush the BLT! lol...nice one GA!

Anonymous said...

You little beauty GA :-)

Retiring to bed with grin,


Anonymous said...

ROFL Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Ha hahaha Fantastic. Though you do realise that humour is no longer allowed in Common Purpose Britain?, it doesnt fit in with the seriousness of "leading beyond authority" apparently.