Saturday, 22 November 2008

State Persecution of BNP Continues

Soon this government will require BNP members to have their
membership numbers tattooed on their arms.

The Labour/Con state’s anti-democratic campaign against the BNP continues apace with the detention by Merseyside Police this morning in central Liverpool of 11 activists for distributing the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ leaflet in that city.

The BNP men — Peter Molloy, Peter Squire, Peter Stafford, Peter “Quiggans” Tierney, Andy Tierney, Graham Davis, Paul Telford and four others from North Wales — were detained while handing out the completely legal booklet, already distributed by the thousands up and down the country over a period of weeks.

The ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklet details anti-white racism and violence. See the truth that the Merseyside Police don’t want you to read by clicking here.

Our solicitors are already in touch with Merseyside Police in connection with this illegal detention, and we are working on this as a matter of urgency,” BNP chairman Nick Griffin said.

This gross overreaction is most likely the result of us sending Merseyside Police a legal letter yesterday warning them that they were using an illegally obtained list to persecute a member of the force who is alleged to be a BNP member,” Mr Griffin said.

“It is illegal to use evidence which itself was obtained illegally, and we also warned them that they are in possession of stolen property,” he said. “This morning’s vindictive and thoroughly undemocratic action appears to be a revenge action ordered by their extremist political bosses.”

Mr Griffin called for supporters to call Merseyside Police on 0151 - 709 6010 and politely express their displeasure at this latest Gestapo-like act.

More updates to follow in due course.

* More news just in: Yorkshire Police have confirmed that the earlier ‘car explosion’ story, linked by the leftist media to the partially faked, old and leaked BNP membership list, has in fact nothing to do with the BNP at all.

Yorkshire police have placed it on record that the explosion was linked to a feud between two families, totally unrelated to the nearby BNP member’s residence. The scare stories in the media were totally unjustified, but, given their active complicity in the failed attempts to have a BNP witch hunt, totally predictable.

Source the BNP Site

UPDATE - Ask the following questions if you ring.

  1. Why have they been arrested ?
  2. What are they being charged with ?
  3. When will they be released ?
  4. Are they being well looked after ?
  5. Have they been fed ?
  6. Do they need anything brought for them ?


AbertaweBNP said...

I can see it coming, in a minute it will be crime to be white in this country, the old bill should be totally ashamed of themselves.

tridabizz said...

i agree with that, just visit u and give smile

odin said...

Quote:in a minute it will be crime to be white in this country!

I thought it was already.

Anonymous said...

I've just downloaded the leaflet. It took quite a while - must be due to high demand. I can see why the Stasi are trying to suppress it - it's political dynamite! But in the internet era attempting to suppress anything immediately draws public attention to it, so the Liverplods have probably by their actions distributed far more copies throughout the country than the BNP activists could have handed out in the city streets.

Now having an electronic copy on my PC I shall be leaving hardcopies in various public places.

Anonymous said...

The LibLabCon are very worried by this leaflet. It's definitely hit a raw nerve. They've even set up a dedicated website which promises to expose it as a 'pack of lies', but in fact doesn't.