Sunday, 16 November 2008

Picketts Charge has been canceled

Picketts Charge has been canceled for today

Damn, damn, damn.

You know I like Sunday (apart from that one bad one), I live for Sunday. I feel it is the one day I can do what I like without feeling guilty for not writing about what is happening to Our Country and write about anything I wish. Or not even write at all.

After being glued to BNPTV all day yesterday, I thought I would crack some more cans and do the same again today. At the moment (06:37) it is showing some disturbing footage about attacks against white people in America.

Then I intended to do something I have been meaning to do for awhile. I was going to fire up my Take Command American Civil War battle simulator, load the Order of Battle for Gettysburg and see if I could change history. There would be no Picketts Charge this time.

What a waste of white lives on both sides. By the way, anyone who thinks the American Civil War was just about slavery does not know their American History.

But no. That is not going to happen now. There is too much important information to write about and so I had better stop faffing about and make a start. I doubt I could have done better than the bravest and boldest General the world has ever seen anyway. Robert E Lee.

"He will take more desperate chances and take them quicker
than any other general in this country."

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JPT said...

I just bought American Conquest Divided Nation (civil war game), but when I came to load it last night it's not compatable with my Windows Vista system!
I'd had the game a few days and was 'saving up' playing it for the right moment so frustration is an understatement!
So now thanks to you I'm looking into getting Take Command - I'll let you know how I get on!