Friday, 21 November 2008

Death threat to BNP's Green Arrow

Along with other British National Party supporters I have been receiving my share of midnight calls. However this afternoon, obviously fired up on white lightening to give himself some courage, one decided to call during the day.

Now my normal policy with these calls is to answer them. I enjoy talking to fruit bats but sadly I missed this caller and so he had to leave a message on my answer phone.

And what a corker. Boy am I glad Ive got it taped for a couple of reasons.

Now at the moment I am away from base and my own machine but on my return I look forward to using an audio of the tape to show you just what the state funded agents are really like and will post it over the next day or to. You can bet that article will bring in a lot of support the brave members of the BNP and hopefully some welcome donations into their election fund kitty.

I am also looking forward to what the police have to say, when this time I am able to provide them with a voice tape of the threats along with some screen dumps of kind messages of support from the wacked out world of the brain dead read.

Howver they have been threatening to come and visit me for a long time and it would be a foolish person who did not have friends at this time and I have been encouraged by the response from local BNP activists who live minutes away from me. They would positively rellish the idea of meeting up with the mad marxists to discuss the issue in the usual Welsh way.

I have also received a message to say that the entire mailing list of Searchlight/UAF, containing names of policians, council staff, union representatives and members of the public have been posted on the same site as the British National Party's Role of Honour.

When I am back at base I shall track it down and be sending a few emails out with links to the death threats I have received.

I will not publish the list, not through fear of reprisals. I mean once you have recieved a dozen death threats you do not care. And after seeing some time in Northern Ireland and being shot at by people who really meant to kill me not just scare me the threats of a brain dead red is water of a ducks back.

No I will not publish it or at least not all of it(politicians are fair game). The British National Party are not into intimidation and the politics of fear. As Nick Griffin showed in the earlier video, we can win by just speaking the truth and the power of our arguments.

I apologise for no image or spell check but am posting remotely but will edit sometime after 1900.


Anonymous said...

and there was me thinking it was the BNP that are meant to be the thugs lol.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, learn to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, man.

Even at a time like this we need to have some pride in our language.

AbertaweBNP said...

To leave a death threat on an answer machine, you are either drugged up or as drunk as a skunk, either way it's no excuse, and the police will take a verbal death threat very seriously.

If the boys in blue are the so called protectors of our society, there will be a lot of SCUMBAGS being locked up for this kind of scum behaviour.

Proud to be BNP

Anonymous said...

well GA I can't see any sign of the UAF list on wikileaks, so I guess they only leak what gerry gable tells them to......

Peter said...

Obviously GA, if they mess with you they mess with all of us. Now we all know that these dope smoking sub human numb skulls are going through sexual identity crisis, most of the others are gay still living at home with mummy.

As most intelligent observers will be able to work out for them selves, they will be able to see where the threats are coming from and its not us. To all you Reds out there, if you want trouble you will not find us hiding when the time comes, however we will probably be finding all of you hiding behind the police!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am sorry to hear this has happened to you GM, I know you relish a fight but do take care.

Anonymous said...

The list was there JOG I saw it today.
No doubt it has been removed sharpish. Perhaps others have seen it and it may appear somwhere else?


Anonymous said...

These guys are doing their bit in Oz

Anonymous said...

What will Liebour come up with next? Internment?

Anonymous said...

Fear not GA its been copied by those nice guys over there,

national pride (fight fire with fire) said...

let me have the list of searchlight and UAF you, i will keep it for my own use...its time to hit back (fight fire with fire) on your links list

Red Squirrel said...

Take care, stay safe and God Bless you GA. You are an excellent man, and you don't deserve all this hassle from idiots.

Anonymous said...

My My its all new to me this and these 'people' with no life or mind are surely showing the ''elite'' left right up
The Labour left are also of the left of these Brain ded moderns..

we can see who the facists are

take care

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm banned so with more sense than to leave a paper trail, I donate and vote, don't join brother/sister, not yet!
I salute you my man and friend as a patriot.
The Shield wall cannot be broken.

We are ever watchful, vigilant and we protect life and property, our remit is to attend court as professional witnesses and we may not join any political party

(the old oaths..but we took them?)
Sleep well you are in safe hands

Anonymous said...

Five UAF thugs (one to hold the spray paint, one to mop his brow, two to play Aretha Franklyn and one to threaten GA with a really big threat)

So maybe you just have me Green Arrow from the Highlands of Scotland who will be at your side within a few short hours. Say the Word.


JPT said...

Use the law of the land - don't take it into your own hands!

Anonymous said...

Brian Reade in yesterday's Daily Mirror probably incited this person in his call to violence:

I'm worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don't fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis.
It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I see "the other list" link is up on other places now.

Although I have the technology you'll forgive me for not indulging in tit for tat torrent seeding ....

I'd much prefer to spend my tine processing the video recording of last night's THIS WEEEK where Diane Abbott that well known supporter of the UAF was allowed to mouth off that it was a VERY GOOD THING that these people's names and addresses are in the public eye as we all need to know who they are.......

You'll have an MPEG to hand to the plod along with the audio GA.......

Anonymous said...

hey, about that UAF list. It's blowing me away, government employees using their government emails to spread SWP and socialist alliance and pro PLO propaganda. Go google those names on that list. I need help here guys! This makes hte BNP list look like a teddy bears picnic. we have real raadicals on this list intent on replacing democracy with socialism. please please go through this list. i just emailed some names to the BNP, I also emailed the Sun and the Daily mail with some of my findings but i've already found more, even some guy from MOD is linked with a radical web forum. Guys, this is ground breaking! if this doesn;'t get onto the BBC then we better win at the next election.

Anonymous said...

The list is widespread saved for future use.

Anonymous said...

That searchlight/uaf list is all over the internet, no doubt this fact may relax the sphincter muscle of a good few on it. Google images of sphincter muscle searchies, if your not too sure what it is, you will find your brain there too, time for you to stock up on fresh skids.

I guess this weekend will see a rise in home cctv kits, and baseball being a more popular sport to keep fit with.

By the way numb brain searchies, the BNP list just made me 3 new friends. Thank you very much.

Have a nice weekend searchies, the spotlight is on you now. Pun intended.


Anonymous said...

No one is interested in the UAF list, it is the current authorized left wing thinking.

Backed by the majority of MPs, the press, as well as the BBC.

That is clear, forget the UAF and other such state numbskulls, we have to reach the real people, the majority.

This is what we need to focus on.

You fight them where it hurts, in the courts when their is injustice and more importantly in the pollling booths.

No greater pain can be inflicted on them than by us winning election after election - that is all the fire we need - political power.

Everything else is an empty red herring, chasing your own tail.

threats, change your number, letters, throw them in the bin, have a good laugh.

You are not alone you have 12,000 people at your side, what do they have a few hundred spotty middleclass uni cranks and no life pranksters. OK the odd isolated nutter might break through but what is the real likelyhood of it being you? 1 in 12.000!

Move along, nothing to see other than the BNP going mainstream.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

JTP is absolutely correct, there will be attempts to provoke NMP members, and if any one of them responds with violence, the media will find a way of making them the villians.

We saw how the media twisted Simon Darby's comment into a threat of violence, it is what they are waiting for.

We must demand that the police protect those on the list.