Sunday, 30 November 2008

Everyone needs a little bad luck

This is a good start to a Sunday morning

Yep. It is true. Everyone needs a little bad luck now and again otherwise we would not appreciate things.

Last week, was a week straight out of Hell for me. Forget about my half decent laptop and my old backup machine crashing. I want to write about Combi Boilers and being cold.

When mine failed last Saturday, with loss of heating and hot water, I knew I was in trouble as no way could I afford an engineer and then within a few days my two ways of accessing the net were taken away by machine failures.

I was in a fine rage and freezing to boot. I felt that Lady Luck who had always seemed to travel with me through life had finally deserted me.

So if any of the reds who had threatened to come visiting and burn me out, had actually came around I would have welcomed their arrival with open arms. I felt the need to lash out and they would have been legitimate targets and I would now be in prison.

In fact I even thought about going to buy a dog just so I could kick it. Only joking. I love dogs. They truly are a mans best friend. They ask for nothing and in return give total unconditional love.

I have had only two dogs in my life, both border collies, a breed I believe to be the most intelligent, gentle and loyal ever. After the death of old age of my first, I vowed never to have another as his loss ripped a part of me away. But time goes by and I accepted the gift of a young pup from a local sheep farmer.

Never regretted it until he too died of old age, my dog not the farmer. The pain of his loss was twice as intense and I will never have another dog. It is a terrible thing to say but I grieved more over his passing then I did over the loss of people I knew. Like I said, a terrible thing to say.

Whilst reading in the evenings, embedded into my favourite chair in the good old days, he would often stroll over, sit down in front of me and gaze at my face. I would look up from my book and he would never turn his eyes away. He would just sit looking at my face until I returned to my book, whilst he continued to stare - for hours.

And I would wonder what he was thinking. I wondered if he could remember how, as a young undisciplined pup he had managed to jump up onto the table, grab the Sunday Roast and attempted to swallow it whole.

I was alerted by a gurgling noise and found him choking with the metal meat skewer across his mouth like the bit in a horses mouth. Grabbing both ends of the skewer I pulled the meat from his throat like pulling a cork from a bottle. It really did exit with a pop. So relieved was I that he was OK, that I chopped the joint up and fed it to him on his recovery. He had a great life. Catholics say that animals do not have souls, I am not so sure.

But I digress. Yesterday my kinsman, John of Gwent turned up and we stripped that boiler down and got it going after many hours. Then cracked two cans and talked about projects we had worked on together in the past after we had fired it up and removed our fur hats and coats.

On a roll, we then turned our attention to the laptop. Were we succesful? I will let this article help you make your mind up. It is a real Heath Robinson job but I am back online.

JOG and I together are never beaten. And that is why the BNP will never be beaten. Their members are the same as us, they do not lie down and just accept fate, they fight back and resolve their problems with the tools available or make themselves. It is the British Way.

So this morning, sat semi-naked(not a pleasant sight) at my machine, whilst posting Albions excellent article I realised that you do not appreciate your situation or things until they go wrong. So my run of bad luck as taught me to appreciate things I had always taken for granted and to appreciate my friends more. I just wish I had one of my dogs here staring up at me as I type.

Have a good Sunday Kinsmen.

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The Green Arrow said...


I understand your situation all too well.

It is the older generation who paid for Our Country of today and now that they are unable to provide an income to the state, the state wants us dead. Freezing us to death is one way of doing it.

They have stolen our pensions. What was all our payments to National Insurance for. If that money had been paid directly into private pension funds most of us could have retired with dignity and a modicum of comfort. We do not need a lot of money to live.

All we want is enough to be warm, fed and enjoy the remainder of our lives.

The only party that will give us our dignity back is the British National Party. The Gray Wolves must realign their political support.

I am sorry to hear about Bob, I said I would not have another dog but if I were in a position to take him I would in a heartbeat.

Thinks will get better I promise. The BNP never breaks a promise. They say what they mean and mean what they say.

Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Dont talk to me about boilers aargh!. Mine went on the blink 2 weeks ago, was told by a plumber to go out and buy a new valve, (which I did, but a pattern one due to cost)) then he didnt turn up again. Fortunately a neighbour who is also a plumber came and fitted said new valve for a reasonable twenty quid, only to find that in the cupboard a brand new (and original quality valve) which was lying there behiond some tins. But at least I now have heat, though I do envy those who took plumbing as a trade on leaving school!. Good to see you back online mate, and have good sunday rest in that balmy heat.

Fyrdist said...

Great clip. That's brightened up my day.

Those dogs are the most intelligent, protective, productive and adorable dogs ever.

"Man's best friend": never a truer word.

Fyrdist said...

Touching post, GA. Good stuff.

At the very least you would have been warm if the Reds had come to burn you out!

The Green Arrow said...


Honestly the answer to many DIY problems are out there. I would have still without my combio boiler had I not visited a diy forum with things to check for, manuals and images of what to do.

I will not pay to have my laptop fixed. I have already read how to do it myself and will once I get the necessary parts.

Up until now in my life and previously very comfortable existence, I would just make a call and never question a bill or even try to fix things myself. I honestly did not think myself capable of doing such things. I could run a company and not even change a fuse. All that has changed and I feel better for doing these jobs now for myself.

Try it.

The Green Arrow said...

Fyrdist, first thank you. I now have enough to buy the replacement part thanks to your donation and one from an old friend. It will be great to fix it myself and have a decent machine again.

I am should have known you would like the same sort of dog as myself. They are indeed special and make great friends are great with young children.

Mine was always trying to round up my young Grandchild and friends and herd them into a corner of the garden. He also made a great pillow when camping.

Anonymous said...

Great story

Red Squirrel said...

That was a very touching article GA, my friend and comrade in the BNP resistance!
We are going to buy some extra locks and gadgets to protect our home from red tyranny! I must say though that the spotty crew of misanthropes that were baying at us in Liverpool yesterday didn't scare me, it is the Stalinist State machine that funds them that is the real threat.
I'm glad you are now comfortable and warm again.
Enjoy your Sunday.
Donation sent.

RS xx

The BNP Chronicle said...

Glad you're back GA.

Anonymous said...

Red Squirrel, you got me thinking how about the bnp MAKE A POINT OF PUBLICISING the fact that BNP members will be buying more security gear due to threats from Labour party supporters. We can advertise that we will be buying our security items from British firms only.

Man Of The Woods said...

Glad you're back online and toasty warm GA.

Here's a news snippet for you.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi RS, big thanks as MOTW said it is great to be toasty showered, toasty warm, dishes finally washed and stowed away and access to the net.

Look forward to having a beer with you both one day.

Thanks for the link will watch it when I get my decent machine fixed. Meanwhile cannot use FlashPlayer or other video software until then.

Have a pleasant Sunday evening.

ivan said...

Saying that green arrow i cant access any videos properly on you tube etc at the minute,they seem to pause after about a minute any ideas folks ? As im misssing all the superbe clips from Liverpool yesterday.

Salford Supporter said...

I found your comments about your dogs very moving - I wouldn't have one because I couldn't deal with losing them, but I live in a high rise flat so it's not possible anyway. At least I donate regualrly to The Blue Cross which takes in abandoned animals and prevents them from being put down. A little time and consideration of animals and you realise that they are from being 'dumb' - all the more reason to oppose ritual slaughter, and I say that as an unwavering vegetarian of more than 21 years. Good to see you're back in action.

The Green Arrow said...

Ivan, I sometimes have that problem. Sometimes I believe it just my internet connection. I also make sure I clear my private data from my browser before closing it down which sometimes appears to help.

Good Luck Ivan