Monday, 1 December 2008

Now is the time for

The real Heroes

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party". If the BNP had a penny for every time I have typed that, they would be the wealthiest party on the planet.

It should actually of course be, "Now is the time for all good blogs to come to the aid of the party" on this occasion.

The excellent (note:must find an alternative superlative) BNP Chronicles have posted an article that I think all BNP support sites should read and act on.
The political blog directory on Here will demonstrate the numerical disadvantage of the BNP in terms of the number of our blogs. We have 7 registered blogs compared to 298 for the Conservatives, 209 for Labour, 207 for the Lib Dems, even UKIP and the Greens outnumber us with 15 and 74 respectively.

There are at least 25 pro BNP weblogs listed in the Google directory; including regional group, personal and nationwide sites, simply opening a free blogger account isn't enough, the effort must be made to get your blogs listed in mainstream directories such as Total Politics. A site that has provided nearly 1,000 visitors to the BNP Chronicle since it was listed and 2,000 page views which is the all important figure.
The BNPC then goes on to give the reasons why ALL BNP support sites should register with Total Politics and he is 100% correct. We missed a trick here but are on the case now. I have been registered there for awhile but did not have the sense to pass the details on. My apologies.

Contained within the BNPC article is a reference to the Green Arrow site and the hatred expressed for me personally by the red rats. The BNPC honours me by writing:
And now you see why the far-left despise him almost as much as Nick Griffin himself.
What a nice compliment. Thank you BNPC and following a link sent to me by one of our readers, I see that the paid agents of Searchlight/uaf are still writing rubbish and lies about me over on one of their Tumbleweed Town sites. But who cares what they write, they are political non entities now. The last of the dinosaurs.

Although, when you read the BNPC article you will understand the importance of blogs in the new Battle for Britain, I would like to add my own two pennyworth and I may or may not be correct in my thinking so your comments are welcome.

We all know or should do, that at the end of the day, the only way the British National Party is going to win, is by leafleting, selling papers and most importantly knocking on doors and speaking to people. The Activists are the Main act. Us bloggers are simply, just the warm up artists for them the PBI. The Real Heroes.

Hopefully, the voting public still capable of thinking free, visit our sites thank to links published on our leaflets and discovered in the Search Engines.

On our sites, they can then see what the family of the BNP are really like. They can then make up their own minds by following our links to the BNP Home Page where they can read for themselves and discover that the BNP really does have the answers to all their problems.

We need more BNP blogs. The more blogs we have, the more articles we have out there and the more we bury the red rubbish under the truth.

We help awaken our fellow True Brits to what is really happening to them, so that when Our Activists come knocking on their doors, they are more receptive as to listening to what our people say.

Finally, we hopefully help maintain moral of our growing Band of Brothers so that those in "enriched" areas do not feel totally alone. The blogs, forums and internet sites help us bond even closer.

So could I respectfully request that all fellow bloggers visit the links and register with Total Politics and all other directory sites providing similar services.

Could I also ask that all readers drop links to the relevant article over on the superb BNP Chronicle onto all BNP support sites they visit. Thank you.

How can you come to know yourself? Never by thinking;
always by doing.
Try to do your duty, and you'll know right away
what you amount to.


Anonymous said...

GA the bold highlighting is a bit too much, otherwise good piece.

faustian said...

Agreed. I find peopel are very willing to talk about how they feel about theway the country is.

How can you come to know yourself? Never by thinking;
always by doing.
Try to do your duty, and you'll know right away
what you amount to.

Indeed. I read this somewhere and I agree its my modus operandi.

Is it Goethe?


The Green Arrow said...

ND, thanks for the comment. I had already read the link.

We do not link to the red shite sites unless we really we have to, as we do not wish to improve their search ratings.