Sunday, 28 December 2008

Welcome to the World of the Green Arrow and Friends

The Green Arrow Blog and Forum are recruiting now for the big push to send BNP Ferrets down the rat hole of the European Parliament in June.

We need more article writers, news hounds, moral builders and truth seekers and spreaders.

Don't stand on the sideline. Play your part in this most desperate Battle for Britain.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Hate to have to correct you GA but at last I have caught you out in an otherwise perfect career of information gathering and excellent comment. Ferrets go down rat holes,terriers are too big and go to ground in rabbit buries, fox earths, badger setts etc. Rats are gassed in their buries, poisoned, trapped or bolted by ferrets or by pouring smoke into their holes so they can be dealt with above ground. But have no concern,when the time comes we will find ways and means of unearthing the slimy,diseased, infected creatures who rule over us. Personally,I wouldnt let my terriers go near them for fear they may catch something.

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic Morning.

Thank you for that old friend. I bow to your superior knowledge of all things canine related.

Take care and stay in touch.