Saturday, 20 December 2008

Learning to hate

Laugh whilst you can. You are both going to prison

My article, provisionally entitled "Of Cabbages and Kings" will have to wait. I was about to start it when I saw the above image. Sickening isn't it.

Two, self satisfied, smug pigs. Totally in love with themselves and totally pleased with the way they have put two finger each, up to Our sad Country and got wealthier as our old people freeze to death, our soldiers die in foreign wars and people lose their homes.

I have been given to understand that on the wall of Our Chairman, Nick Griffin hangs a poem by Rudyard Kipling called "The Beginnings" and it starts off with.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate.

Now to me, a Welshman born in Farnham, England way back in time, I have always believed myself to be British first and foremost who happens to be Welsh also and so to me England means British. I am sure many will disagree with my thought process but thats the way of the world.

I have also always believed that hatred is wrong. That it is a weakness. I have never hated anyone no matter what their crimes are but that image as brought about a massive Sea Change in my thinking.

Like the English in the poem. I have began to hate and I have to thank those two arrogant pigs above for giving me this new, unwanted emotion so late in my life.

Both of them are liars, both of them crooks and at least one of them is a pervert and yet both of them pontificate on the world stage despite neither being democratically elected by the British People.

They are shining examples of the New World Order that seeks to eventually remove even elections from the True British People so they and their kind can rule until the end of the earth.

One of the regular commenter's over on the BNP site said that he would like to see the British National Party release a press statement saying that when we eventually gain power - and we will, that all those who have conspired against Our People be tried for treason.

I personally believe this to be an excellent idea. Because behind those laughing faces above lie dark thoughts. When they lie in their beds at night, I suspect they know their days are numbered. Let a BNP statement of intention that both are to one day be investigated for treason give them more cause to worry.

Whilst here I might as well mention that Jack Straw, the Minister for Justice will also face justice one day.

If he thinks by revealing now, four years after the event, that he received a cash gift of £3,000 back in 2004 from an energy company that was involved in a plan for a £300 million underground near his Blackburn constituency will satisfy our investigators, he has another thing coming. It will probably involve eating porridge.



They will not have time for any food nor will they need it.

Peter said...

Another excellent article GA. I have to admit I hate Brown with a passion like I hate the Labour Party. They have disgusted ,me since a young age and I was not fooled by Blair in 97 either.

Its the thing that keeps me going knowing and hoping that these scum of the earth will be tried in a court of law. That crook of the highest order Mandelson should not even be in Cabinet or have been made a Lord. The whole affair is laughable.

Anonymous said...

An excellent article as usual, Green Arrow. I believe (and pray) that these people will pay for what they have done to us and our lands. English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish - there is a difference, but it is small in the grand scheme of things - we are BRITISH. I am happy to be European, but not a member of the EU!

Anonymous said...

have you noticed ashley motes website has suddenly vanished,, he was also banned by the EU from using his Constituency Bus Banned by European Parliament. The only Member of the European Parliament with a mobile constituency office has been banned

bernard said...

"Totally in love with themselves..."

A commenter on radio 4 this morning spoke of them as being 'in love with each other'.
Interesting aside.