Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Richard Morris - The Hastings and St. Leonards Observer

Please Flag this Video

It seems that Hastings BNP are taking some stick off an obnoxious foul mouthed bigot, sexist and racist who works for the The Hastings and St. Leonards Observer.

Richard Morris who has the nerve to describe himself as a journalist as well as a comedian may not be either for much longer judging from his performance in both fields.

The rag he works for, is owned by the Johnston Press Group which is suffering from a massively declining circulation. In the last year the companies share price has plummeted from £3.50 to under 9p. Hardly surprising given the quality of the crude Richards writing.

You can check out the bigots skills as a comedian by watching the above video. Warning it contains poor quality offensive jokes that make Chubby Brown look like Eric Morecombe.

Actually there might be a place for him at the BBC. He is clearly a bigger prick than the exhibitionist John Barrowman who exposed himself on a live BBC show.

The link to Rate Flag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_4auYDFWSg


Ed. said...


Anonymous said...

that guy should stick to his day job, much more funnier

BFB said...

I've been suffering from the flu for the past four days...and I thought I was sick!

I flagged the video under 'shocking or disgusting content'.

Good work, GA.

Anonymous said...

Total joke person, comedian not.

Off topic GA but I note your blog page is very slow to open this week. BNP slow too, could be some ISP jiggery pokery? Im on BT.


The Green Arrow said...

RH You know nothing as usual.

There was a webcam transmitting life. Only prompt action by a technician throwing something over the camera prevented revealing his peanuts to the world.

You know, cretins like you just encourage me more to keep going.

You are a pervert if you find that creatures actions acceptable.