Saturday, 13 December 2008

Shrewsbury BNP and the UAF

It is always good to watch videos of what our comrades are doing around the country, as it helps keep us motivated but it is surprising what you can learn also.

Doing my morning rounds I saw that Welshie of the Green Arrow Forum had posted a clip of Shrewsbury's last official meeting of the year and having made a strong coffee, settled down to watch it.

Intelligent, presentable, articulate speakers. All good stuff. And then at about three minutes into the six minutes video, I really pricked my ears up.

The speaker talks about the involvement of the insidious state funded and unelected UAF in Shrewsbury Council. Best watch it for yourselves.

And you just know that this situation is not unique to Shrewsbury, like Common Purpose people the UAF are everywhere. Maggots in the apple of politics both at National and Local levels.

These deadly parasites must be dug out and exposed to the electorate. Join vermin control and help the BNP dig them out.

Hat Tip: ChesterNationalist


defender said...

GA, would you have a link which shows the offical connection of the main parties to UAF, searchlight etc.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting GA and a pity the sound cuts out just as we are about to hear what the marxist hypocrite said about immigrants.

Thanks for posting mate and have a good weekend.


The Green Arrow said...

Defender well you can track back via the previous article which as several links but here are a couple that are good to go.

Communist party

Other Parties allied with the communist run Searchlight.

MPs signed up to the communist UAF/Searchlight mob

Anonymous said...

This young man was hounded from his job, luckily his brother has taken the blame or the police would have sacked him.

Anonymous said...

Its worth noting without referring to the list that among others David (call me Dave) Cameron is a registered supporter of the undemocratic bunch of crooks that go under the title of UAF.
Had a laugh once by asking one of them who he thought were the real fascists, he was too thick to understand what I was on about.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to article that the speaker at the Shrewsbury BNP meeting is referring to.

Anonymous said...

misterfox said...

I tried to send Chesternationalist a message but all I can get is sign up for a you tube account. I really don't want one.

Edwin Greenwood said...

The sound track cuts out at three points during the visiting speaker's speech, just at the point he's apparently about to say something interesting. Is there a good reason for this?

Anonymous said...

With the credit crunch biting and council tax rising - it's good to know that Shropshire council can still afford money for this little lot!

(taken from the minutes mentioned in speech)
Bridges DVD:
Mana Kaur from the Bridges Education Centre introduced the DVD about
Equality in Shropshire. This was about empowering communities and
had been prepared for Schools, Community groups and training
The DVD had involved interviews with 68 people in Shropshire. The
DVD was accompanied by a book and exhibition which would fit into
personal and social education in Schools stages 2 & 3.
The DVD led to a wide discussion including the growth of the Polish
community in Shropshire, the needs of Gypsy and Travellers in
Shropshire and the needs of the BME community. It was agreed that
issues concerning race and equality were complex as many communities
were now second generation immigrants with complex identities.
MH stated that the DVD had raised a lot of interesting issues, showed the
variety of communities in Shropshire and that books and information such
as the DVD was very useful for work with Schools and community groups
to raise discussion issues

Anonymous said...

I C.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whistleblower said...

By Enemies of the People blog has been updated for those wanting to look.

Click on my username for direction to it.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Hyams of Shrewsbury Unite Against Fascism (SUAF) was invited to take part in this so-called Equalities Forum.

It's outrageous that a member of a militant hard-left outfit who's supporters have a recent track record of physically attacking the police, is sat at the same table with a spokeman from West Mercia Police, discussing 'hate crime' of all things!

It is my belief that the actions of SUAF with their dehumanizing smear campaigns, played a part in inciting far-left thugs to commit politically motivated hate crimes against 68 year Shrewsbury BNP candidate, Alan Coles.

Alan (who's wife was seriously ill with cancer at the time) had his home attacked, car windows smashed and was verbally abused by these cowardly idiots during the time he stood for the BNP in the Underdale ward back in 07.