Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The NWO think the Irish are just thick Micks

Imagine if Ireland had voted to accept the European Constitution, do you think the voters would have been given the chance to change their mind in a second referendum? No of course not.

But such is the arrogance of the New World Order, that they have instructed Ireland to hold another referendum and this time Ireland had better say yes - or else? Bugger democracy and the will of the people. The only will they recognise is their will.

Whilst the eu will not go as far as bombing the people of Ireland into submission, the way they did the Christians of Serbia, massive pressure will be brought against that small country.

They will use economic measures and even starvation to make the Irish surrender their sovereignty. You do not really believe that the collapse of Ireland's meat industry was accidental do you?

It was about as accidental as the state engineered destruction of the British Beef, farming and Milk industries. The NWO do not like the idea of nation states being able to feed themselves. They prefer each part of their jigsaw to depend on other nations to survive.

The "elite" also think that by "allowing" Ireland to keep their own commissioner to the undemocratic marxist eu and saying that they will be allowed to retain "some" of their laws on abortion and neutrality will be a sweetener to help. Rubbish. The sweeteners are just there to hide the taste of the poison that will destroy Ireland and its culture.

Then, once the "Thick Micks" have been forced into voting yes, they will quickly be reminded that EU Law takes precedence over National Law and they will have their army of political police to enforce those illegal laws. Goodbye Ireland.

Let us hope that the Irish electorate have the courage to stick two fingers up to their masters in Dublin and their string pullers in Brussels and VOTE NO again.

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dosett said...

Now there's a surprise, Common Purpose have set up a branch in Ireland: http://www.commonpurpose.ie/home.aspx

The Green Arrow said...

Rejected Anon.

My policy on posting opposing views and comments is quite clear.

It depends on how I feel.

This blog clearly states that it is a BNP support site. It is not the UKDebate forum.

Plus by sometimes letting some opposing comments through, I get other reds to write really long time consuming articles I can then reject without even reading.

This gives me great pleasure and is a small reward for having death threats made to me in the middle of the night.

Please submit a 2000 word article on freedom of speech and I will consider posting it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't believe the irish are "thick micks" they have already voted no once and will do again.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: Rejected.

Thank you for that long comment. Sorry I did not read it.

Anon 12:25

Neither do I think the Irish are "thick Micks", they are clearly not. However I think the eu has that impression of them.

pardonmyenglish said...

Can our Party not find a scientist to examine the evidence?
Speaking of which, where is the evidence?
Who decided that Irish pork was contaminated with dioxins?
Call me paranoid, but given the number of times you, and I have been conned by weasley words, damned lies,and statistics, do you blame me for suspecting an EU fifth columnist attack on the sensible people of Ireland?
The number of times the UK has been fooled makes me wonder if the examiner was truly independant...!
If the evidence suggests that Irish pigs have been contaminated with dioxins, then give us the evidence.
Is it not strange that the Irish may have to vote a second time on the Lisbon Treaty aka "Constitution", (sic), and all of a sudden a scare, affecting a major part of the Irish economy comes under scrutiny?
Call me a conspiracy nut,please...!!! and tell me I am imagining it.
You pigs in Brussels we know your plan, and WE are ready for you.
Bring it on, we have defeated your kind before, and with the aid of unified, and non enriched people of this land we will do it again...

O Gees said...

I am British/Irish. I do not fall for the divide and rule bullshit.
The people of Ireland have said "NO" to the creeping Marxist EU beast. Let that be the answer - anything else is just evidence of totalitarian "persuasion"
Ireland will be offered many sweeteners between now and the October re-referendum...don't fall for it.
Ireland will be put under pressure; the pork scare is a prime example of problem creating which can be solved by the oh so benevolent EU.
One thing we Irish can do is talk - and we have a keen ear for those who talk bullshit....maybe that is the reason the constitution is sound enough to repel this assault on our democratic freedom...one that was hard fought from the "Imperialists of England" - And don't forget that imperialism is the pastime of aristocrats and not the people.
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales - We can work together.......and we don't need your divide and rule jackboot aristo's, monarchs, imperialism or EU communofascists.

Fuck off and get a job....stop leeching off your betters.

The Green Arrow said...

Agreed O Gees and united we will see the common enemy off.

Good Luck