Friday, 26 December 2008

A response to No 10's pathetic Christmas Greeting

Gordon Brown - Wanker (Sorry about terminology)

A blog is nothing without people feeding information to it for it to be disseminated to a wider audience.

Ancient Brit
(sigh) as pointed us to this insult to the True Owners of Our Country in the unelected Browns, pathetic Christmas Greeting on the No 10 website.
Best wishes to all of our users and visitors for a happy and peaceful Christmas.
Thank you for following the Prime Minister’s activities throughout 2008. We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.
Now before I go off on one of my increasingly frequent rants about the Brown Clown. Let us check out first this Dhimmi creatures greetings to the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.
Message from the Prime Minister to mark Eid Al-Adha

During this Feast of Sacrifice our thoughts turn to what it means for Muslims to perform Hajj and what this act of pilgrimage and devotion means for everyone who wants to learn from the great tradition of Islam.

For me, the inspirational thing about the act of Hajj is the great restlessness it shows in the Ummah - the great stirrings for justice that reside in the Muslim heart. When people are drawn from each corner of the world, inspired by a shared and ancient ideal to act as one in the service of a better world - then it summons in us a truly modern hope that we can build a global society characterised by fairness and cooperation and respect.

At this special time for the Muslim community we can also reflect upon and celebrate the tremendous contributions of British Muslims to our national life.

Please accept my warm best wishes, and those of the whole government, on this auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

Eid Mubarak.
You can read that vomit at its source here or for a much better read then check out this previous article and follow the links for a clear understanding of just what the "Feast of Sacrifice" entails.
During this festival the turnips mass slaughter almost any living creature they can get their hands on. Sheep, camels, cows and goats. You name it and if it breathes they will hack its head off.
But back to the greetings. There are similar greetings going out to the Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and all the other colonisers of Our Land and you can read them here on our forum.

Gordon snacking between meals. Strong stomach required to view

Now then what about a suitable response to the slap in the face greeting from Brown? What about this.

"Thank you unelected Prime Minister Brown for your insincere greeting. You can stuff it where you have had your rimming tongue.
  • Are the people who have lost their jobs this year happy?
  • Are the starving and freezing old age pensioners happy?
  • Are those True British People made homeless happy?
  • Are the family's of Our dead servicemen happy?
I could go on but you do not give a toss. All you care about is yourself and what you think the history books will say about you. You are a liar, fraud, traitor, snot eater, masturbater and are a shining example of the shite that rules over us. For Now.

As for peaceful. You know what is coming, some of us know what is coming and I promise you this. You WILL pay for the destruction of the peace of this Country.

Right some blog news. Could people please refrain from posting entire news articles in the comments please. A link is enough but try to keep them on top topic otherwise I must reject them.

A message now for those attempting the art of black propaganda. Do not waste your time.

Have a good Boxing Day BNP.

If you are not yet a BNP member then you are cordially invited to join. Membership entitles you to take part in the Battle for Britain that restarts on January the 1st.


Red Squirrel said...

Happy Boxing Day GA!
Gorgon's Eid Mubwank message was even more sickening than his nose picking!
"tremendous contributions of British Muslims to our national life."
I can think of none whatsoever, only parasitism and being highly offensive and violent!
Instead of thinking about what the turnips get up to during Hajj he should be aiming a missile at their meteorite! And another one at Saudi slug central, just to make sure they get the message!

The Green Arrow said...


Respectfully rejected. I understand the point you are making but to me a coloniser is a coloniser is a coloniser.

Anonymous said...

Merry Boxing Day, GA.


In the fat zio-banksters recession, and while our people are cut adrift and our old folk freeze and starve -

And if we don't like it we are "nazis", "racists", "extremists" and "fascists" ......

Roll on the day of retribution!!!

Anonymous said...


Your blog has descended into vulgarity, GA.

Time to take a break or move on.

Man Of The Woods said...

Was looking for the Prime Minister's Christmas message earlier and was disgusted as you are that the traitorous c**t chose not to give a message.

The distinct lack of a message is a message in itself, and is one that Christians should heed.

I look forward to the day that Gordon Brown has a noose around his neck.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be carefully taught--to commit racial suicide

As I type, I'm glancing at some grotesque thing on ABC, about the Grinch and Christmas, in which humans interact in brotherhood with a variety of monstrous looking other species, and a little girl has a tender relationship with an unsettlingly hideous but sensitive and kind-hearted being called the Grinch, and everyone loves each other. This is not our society celebrating the beautiful holiday of Christmas. This is the Liberal Controllers of our society carefully teaching children an unnatural and dangerous lie that they would never believe unless they were carefully taught. How many whites will militate against vitally necessary immigration restrictions in the decades to come, how many young white females will be raped and murdered by nonwhites in the decades to come, because of the message of trusting and loving racial aliens that programs like this implant in them?