Saturday, 27 December 2008

A nice place to meet people

A nice place to meet people

Homosexuals in Brighton are celebrating the facts that the police have apologised for doing their duty and arresting 40 men for committing various homosexual offences in two public toilets over a three month period after receiving complaints.

Call me old fashioned but I have never understood what sort of person goes looking for a partner in a place that smells of stale urine. Does the stench turn them on? Surely not.

To me, the purpose of public toilets are for people to relieve themselves and I do not mean in a sexual way. Besides, I thought Brighton was famous for its "gay scene" with lots of pubs and clubs that cater for their "community".

The homosexuals other complaint was that many of those arrested were not openly homosexual. Why not? Do they think that there is something wrong with being an homosexual?

One of those charged was a Liverpool police sergeant who received a slap on the wrist for his offence and who will probably wind up being promoted.


eloivsdiablo said...

Contradictions abound, much the same as the religion of peace but that's beside the point, Or is it? Never mind. Alright, this sordid affair involves intimacy misfits who are ashamed of themselves and these public utilities provide a discrete means for roving missions of debauchery at various other locations around town, they have no empathy for social norms and should be castrated... Happy New Year...

Anonymous said...

Purely out of interest, Can anyone tell me exactly where the Gay community can be located? I've just got sat-nav for Christmas and i might drive by said community for a cup of tea and a chat, after i leave off these swimming pool filters at my house.
Thanks in advance!


Red Squirrel said...

Why do they not have 'bath houses' like the Romans did?

Anonymous said...

The promotion of homosexuality is just one of the tactics of the Frankfurt School subversives. What is difficult to understand back in the 1920's communism hadn't yet killed 100 million people,so these people had an excuse for their beliefs. what excuse can ZaNuLab give us?

Anonymous said...

Does Wirral Council have a Health and Safty or a Trading Standards Officer to enforce Merseyside Police's failure to protect the public from the unwanted activites of toilet traders?????

Anonymous said...

Local's in New Brighton call the notorious toilet in question, The House of Commons and consider it a no go area. Unsuspecting holiday makers no doubt are shocked at question time. hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Frankfurt school marxists promoted homosexuality as they promoted all anti western/traditional lifestyles as a way of breaking down society and thereby advancing the new socialist
utopia. However you can't make straight men homosexual as it is a defect in development which occurs in the brain of the foetus. So tolerance and understanding is the best way of dealing with the issue, repression just leads to more men hiding their sexuality like the Liverpool policeman quoted ,and having to find outlets for it in grubby encounters in Gents loos as they have done for many years as i recall from the 1950s. The majority of the people arrested in the Brighton toliet were "closet" homosexuals, probably living with their mum and cat still at home.

A Thurrock Patriot said...

Pope Benedict,got it correct

Benedict XVI stressed the importance of traditional marriage and condemned gay acts as against God's will, he said the failure to respect the union between a man and a woman amounted to the 'auto destruction of mankind'. Condemning
homosexuality is saving the world from ungodly behaviour and is as important as saving the rainforests.

Anonymous said...

No you cant make straight men homosexual, though years of continual propaganda aimed at our young, especially women, has turned out some very mixed up people. Those that subscribed to the Frankfurt School tended to be of a certain faith/ideology, which had a higher than normal ratio of homosexuals within it, a fact apparently noted by the Nazis.

But how awful that its become unsafe to visit the public conveniences in what are holiday resorts catering for children. No one is saying that they shouldnt be allowed to practice their acts, but cant they do it in private?..after all if heterosexual couples were to be indecent they would be arrested.

Wasnt it the toilets in a small resort in North Wales where Garry Goble lookalike Peter Moore, the "Black Panther of North Wales" preyed on his victims back in the 90's?.

Anonymous said...

I am going to be controversial today, Green Arrow.

Though I agree with most of what you have written, you write the following:

'The homosexuals other complaint was that many of those arrested were not openly homosexual. Why not? Do they think that there is something wrong with being an homosexual?'

I recall people saying similar things about BNP members after the list was published.

There IS a difference, a very big one in fact, in that these people have committed a crime (though we are also ultimately thought criminals). However, I genuinely believe people cannot help their sexuality, and so long as their partners are over the age of consent then they are free to do what they like. Live and let live.

I am perhaps guilty of homophobia myself on occasion, and I cannot stand camp gays who continually broadcast their sexuality, but overall I think it is rather sanctimonious to condemn their lifestyle. The BNP needs to move on, we shouldn't promote it as a health alternative, but accept that some people are queer.



The Green Arrow said...

UBN, not attacking homosexuals just where they chose to have their fun.

I would equally object to hetrosexuals committing sex acts in a public toilet.

I personally also believe the age of consent for being buggered should be raised to 18 for both sexes. In fact might even be a case for making it illegal.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that it was the Tories who legalised buggery for 16yr old boys, not Labour.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Most of us will remember where we first met the love of our lives. But a stinking toilet? How romantic. Sordid,like everything else in the private lives of such people. Good As You? I think not.

Faith said...

Nobody should be performing sexual acts in public places...our country is depraved.

Anonymous said...

A question please. Is it possible that some of the 40 homosexuals arrested were in actual fact Policemen, and maybe the whole sordid affair was dropped in case it all became public that the police were involved.

Well there is enough of them to form their own Gay Police Association.

The country is is becoming a cesspit.