Wednesday, 17 December 2008

BNP Chairman's Christmas Message

Chairman’s Christmas Message 2008 from BNPtv on Vimeo

Christmas is a time for family and communities to come together.

In this year’s Christmas Message, Party Chairman Nick Griffin urges us to remember the true values of Christmas, and to especially remember our elderly neighbours who this year may be alone and contemplating whether they should ‘heat or eat’.


odin said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

My very first BNP Christmas broadcast.


Merry Christamas and A Happy New Year to all

Anonymous said...

BNP by election 2008 Kells and Sandwith Simon Nicholson, The Clements incident..
Spot the skinhead and facial tattos competition.

Anonymous said... (Another for Liars Buggers and Thieves there is a picture in todays Liverpool Dailypostas well , looks like the Council leader is next. Thank You Green Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nick for that heartfelt and above all genuine message,I couldnt imagine any of our Fabian "leaders" doing the same. You are right, 2009 will be a very important year, as its the final push by the forces of evil to destroy our country, after their contrived credit crunch watch out for the big bale-out by the euro, and the total devaluation of the pound as happened before when we went decimal. But until then, I would like to wish all of those fighting for our noble cause a peacefull Christmas and a forthright new year. And to those who visit the site to denigrate our efforts, I wish them the same, as they should start to appreciate a festival of peace and goodwill before its thrown out in favour of the festival of slaughter.

No Longer the Lemming

Anonymous said...
Interesting 2 stories on dhimmiwatch. Funny as the "salvation army" and the "xmas offensive to other faiths" were taken straight from the 2 BNP articles on this!
Jihadwatch are politically opposed to the BNP yet they just poached 2 stories from the BNP!!!

We must be doing something right!