Friday, 19 December 2008

David Ruffley MP and the BNP

He gets my back up as well Puss

Well Odin, the reader who posted the link to this story, on the Green Arrow Forum started off with "Words fail me".

And to be honest they almost failed me when I listened to David Ruffley, the Shadow Minister for Police Reform, speaking about elections to Police Authorities.

Towards the end of the programme at 24 minutes in, on Thursdays 18th, BBC Radio 4 programme World at One, he said, that should a British National Party Candidate be elected for a position on a Police Authority then the election would have to be re-run.

When the interviewer suggested that this was not very democratic, the fascist Ruffley vehemently disagreed and said that the action would be "Very democratic" and cited an obscure precedent in California!!!!!

Go listen for yourself. Mind boggling hearing him waffle about democracy and then speak about ignoring it.

Should you wish to challenge David about his incredible statements then you can do so on his tax payer funded website.

Note to any of our serious Facebook users. Ruffley has a strong Facebook prescence:
“Anyone wanting to keep in touch with me and join the ever growing Facebook community should log onto and add me as an online friend.”
How about one of you more knowledgeable Facebook users starting a new "Ruffley is a Fascist Bastard" group and see how many we can get to join it?


Thanks to THURROCK PATRIOTS the snowball is starting to roll. Join the "David Ruffley is a Fascist Bastard" group on Facebook by following this link.


Anonymous said...

No, GA, no, you are way out out of line here. What has become you, are you anti-democratic? Are you a fascist, a hater, a nazi?

My friend, please, re-consider your somewhat skewed, anti-democratic view of today's enlightened European democracy.

Anytime there is a vote that the heavily pro-EU, authoritarian liblabcon don't win, why on earth shouldn't there be a re-rerun? For God's sake in your version of democracy you'd actually think the people matter. Get a grip you nazi, only the elite politicians matter. THEY KNOW BEST. That's REAL EU democracy and I'm staggered that you don't do as you're told.

Haven't you and your fellow fascists learned anything? This is the EU now, and politicians like the honourable Mr Ruffley know EXACTLY what is best for you and everyone else. If anyone DARES to differ, well my word,they must be taught a lesson to MAKE THEM SEE what is best for them because they know nothing or they are fascists. That is SOOO obvious it shouldn't need stating but fascists and nazis are EVERYWHERE.

Please shut your big nazi mouth and do exactly as these nice, caring, trustworthy pooliticians tell you or you'll be in trouble, cappice? People like you just cannot be tolerated in the new, multicultural, democrtaic European Union. Only a fascist or a mentally ill person woud disagree and we can't have either of those just ask MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, bastion of free speech. He's made this very clear in the EU parliament are you dumb, a nazi - or what?

You've been warned.




The Green Arrow said...

Nice one Reconquista.

They have the same attitude with the Irish Referendum. Wrong result. Unacceptable. Vote again.

Have a good Christmas my friend and rest assured we will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Cheers GA and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

You know, with each passing day, these power-mad monsters become more and more like the very people they accuse the BNP of being. They have been driven insane by their marxist-liberal ideologies.

I really hope you're right and that the BNP prevail next June GA. My God do we need them.


odin said...

[Quote]: the Conservative MP said that actually it would be very democratic, and cited a (supposed?) precedent in California ![quote/]

They must have been searching for a long time to find this! Does this mean that Californian law is legal in this country? if it does then we are allowed to have guns!