Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This is not what they fought for

Brigadier John Platt

Let us make it clear. For a long time I have not subscribed to the myth that Our Hospitals and Nurses are the greatest in the world. They might have been once but that was a long time ago.

A time that would have been remembered when the person I am going to write about now, was alive and in his prime.

In his day, God help the Nurse who allowed a patient in her care to get even a bed sore let alone lie in a soiled bed. These days Nurses demand porters to "turn" a patient in case they get a bad back and over 30,000 patients a year die as a result of dirty wards and practices by indifferent nursing staff and Doctors.

Whilst dying of old age, a 101 year old war hero, Brigadier John Platt who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his bravery in Battle whilst fighting to make a home fit for heroes, was send home to die in a nappy. Perhaps it would have been better for him to have died of the wounds he received in battle then live to see what happened to the country he fought and bled for.

This brave man, who had served Our Country so well was betrayed, degraded and humiliated by his treatment in Salisbury District Hospital. His earing aid stepped on, his false teeth gone "missing" and left to lie surrounded by soiled pyjamas.

Unable to feed himself he was discharged in a confused state and clutching just a bag of dirty clothes and died five days later.

His daughter-in-law Amanda described his treatment as ‘disgraceful’.
She added: ‘All that he had at the end of his 101 years was his dignity and they took that away from him.

You just don’t do that to people … I was so furious. I think respect in that situation is the same as compassion.

I just can’t believe that any hospital would keep excrement-covered clothing in a locker for five days. I got the impression this lack of attention must be endemic because it was so lightly treated.
Do you think that a British National Party government would allow this kind of treatment of any of our elderly, let alone a War Hero? You know they would not.

By now those responsible for this disgusting treatment would be queuing up in Job Centers during the day and doing community work cleaning public toilets in the evening and their pensions removed. They would not get away with the half hearted apology that they have now.

God forgive these people because the British National Party will not.

If you want decent treatment and fairness for the elderly then get up of your knees and fight back. Join the BNP or live in shame for ever.


Anonymous said...

The Greatest Generation are regarded by the Labour (mis)government as hideously unvibrant war-surplus proles, often with Politically Incorrect opinions.

They are consuming resources which could be better spent on more culturally enriching members of the community.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

A sad but yet true reflection of what’s happening in Britain.

Aberdeen is lucky enough to have a good hospital, but for how long will that remain. Already the enrichers are bringing in various viruses and diseases that had long vanished from our shores.
Also the decent ward sisters are having their hands tied in respects as to what they can demand from their staff.

In short the standards are sadly going to drop especially for locals who will increasingly be forced to wait behind queues of enrichers in the scramble for treatment in a NHS that’s starting to buckle under the strain.

Two main media articles points to this already over the last few days with the patients dying as a result.

I would like to wish you a Happy new year Green

It’s a shame that your last post was not a more positive one, but perhaps it is a timely and poignant reminder of what we are all fighting for in the New Year.

I will raise a glass to all true nationalists at midnight in the good old Scottish tradition. Hopefully the other Scottish tradition at new year of letting bygones be bygones will wash over, where there has been discord in the nationalist ranks. This post really does highlight why we all need to get onside with one another, and return Britain to being a country fit for the heroes that deserve so much better as their lives reach the twilight years.
“Have a Guid Ain” and “Lang May Yer Lum Reek”

Anonymous said...

The treatment of the Brigadier is a metaphor for what the eu/liblabcon/islamist scum are doing to Britain.

The people have to be woken up in large numbers, and very fast, because time really is running out!

The key to our victory is public awareness, therefore our primary duty above all things is to WAKE THEM UP! NOW!

English Rose said...

Hi GA, it's like everything Labour touches turns to s##t. Have you seen the streets after christmas? Full of uncollected rubbish and only getting bigger.
Watch out for the rats!!! Oh I forgot they're in Downing street.

Anonymous said...

A disgraceful situation. How we have betrayed that wonderful generation - my parents generation - that fought and died for our freedoms. Let's hope that the BNP gets the opportunity to right these wrongs before too long.

BTW, you do not help the cause of defending British traditions by the careless use of American spellings - the word is *centre*, not 'center'.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for the lesson Anon. Sometimes I cater for our American Cousins.

That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Have a Happy New Year.

Red Squirrel said...

Happy New Year to You All! I raise my glass to you at this auspicious time! My friends.
kindred and comrades of the resistance.
Hail to our Glorious Dead, our fallen Heroes, they will not be forgotten, because they are with us still.
We are strong. Hail Victory!

Anonymous said...

try reading squandered by David Craig. if you can't be bothered,search Paul Steane,if you want to see how far the NHs has declined under ZanuLab. scarey stuff.

Anonymous said...

We all have to realise that the constantly repeated mantras (repeated by media, politicians, etc.) that all the health service professionals are 'hard working' and 'doing a great job' blablabla is not true. There are some good doctors, nurses and others but a significant percentage of these people are not caring people and are not doing a good job. This is not all due to over stretched resources. Some of these medics (i.e. doctors, nurses, pysios, etc)are just not good people and should be sacked. Of course, they have the 'public sector' safety net but that is another issue that should be addressed. Some of these medics are no good and some are actually evil. I have met a few that are lazy, some that are incompetent, some who just don't care and some who are actually evil.
Remember the 2 ambulance drivers who were discussing whether to lie about the man who had a heart attack? This is uncaring if not actually evil. We need a clean sweep of the clinics and the hospitals when the BNP comes to power. We as the public also need a proper means int he meantime by which we can address the useless, the uncaring and the evil in the medical profession.
It is a government mantra that these people are all doing a great job. This is simply not true.

Anonymous said...

This is the article on the ambulance drivers/medics from last week.
I wonder how many times this has happened and it was not accidently recorded on tape.