Thursday, 11 December 2008

There is a Father Christmas

Tommy Cone. One of Santa's helpers

I had just finished reading this article here in the Oldham Evening Chronicle and was wondering what sort of infants teacher would tell a class of 7 year olds that there was no such person as Santa Clause, when something one of the classes angry parents said sprung out at me.

Speaking about, how upset his child was on being told that there was no Father Christmas, he is quoted as saying:
“He was nearly in tears — and so close to Christmas. I thought it was wrong.

“He was distraught about it. He’s only seven-years-old and it’s part of the magic of Christmas to him.

“We told him that she did not believe in Father Christmas because of her religion and he’s fine now.

“I found it shocking. She has done it maliciously".
Realising then, that the article originated in Oldham, one of the largest beacheads in the land for the colonisers of Our Country, I wondered if perhaps the teacher might perhaps be a follower of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile?

If so, I wonder how she would feel if True Brit teachers were to tell the poor children born into the cult of Islam the real truth, that there was no prophet Mohammad but just a perverted, power crazy paedophile who used to beat his six year old "wife".

There as been much said in the press, that British National Party members should not be teachers because of their politics. The BNP, rightfully responded by saying that ALL teachers should leave their politics and religious believes at the school gates when teaching children.

If this teacher had been a BNP person she would have been sacked on the spot. As the father said: "She has done it maliciously".

The truth is this. There is a Father Christmas and he employs many agents to do his work. Usually parents and loved ones but sometimes even complete strangers.

Strangers, like Tommy Cone(what a great name) who is mentioned at the bottom of the article.
LOTTERY winner Tommy Cone played Santa when he handed out children’s presents at the Royal Oldham Hospital yesterday.

The former security officer (69) who scooped £4.2 million five years ago in Oldham’s biggest ever single lottery win, delivered sacks of presents when he visited the youngsters’ ward.

Tommy said: “I’ve done this for the last few years.

“I have grandchildren of my own and wouldn’t like to see them in hospital on Christmas Day.

Now perhaps I should not tell you this. But I have some good news and bad news for the members and supporters of the British National Party.

Let us get the bad news out of the way first. You guys have got a stonking great present for Christmas from Santa. Trouble is, it is so big, that you will not be able to have it until June next year.

So what is the good news. The good news is that I have had a whisper that it is to be at least one seat in the European Union. What a present.

However Santa did say in a private interview, that as usual it all depends on how good you are in the runup to the elections. He said you must work hard, deliver lots of leaflets, sell even more papers and knock on lots of doors wishing your friends and neigbours a very Merry Christmas, whilst asking them if you can count on their support come the elections.

For a Christmas present like that I will give it a go.

Totally unrelated but interesting is this story here on the Cumbrian Patriots site.


Anonymous said...

Bambi & Thumper also exist.
check yout inbox.

Anonymous said...

Here's a belting early Christmas treat for you GA:

EU Marxists Bully and Interrogate Czech President

Democracy Stalin-style.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is a Santa Claus, see

He was born in Asia minor when it was a Christian land before it was overrun by the child-raping followers of the Pervert. According to Christian teaching, 'The Communion of Saints' states that saints remain active in this world after their death and can manifest in different forms. So tell that to the paedo-worshipper.

Why doesn't she go and gift-wrap her Koran, stick a sprig of prickly holly on it and shove it where the sun don't shine?

Muslims hate Christmas because it's a time of peace and goodwill and is thus totally opposed to everything the Murder-Cult stands for.

It's also very attractive to children and could lead some of them into the light of truth, which will set them free from the soul-destroying brainwashing of this diabolical cult.

Anonymous said...

School choir banned from singing Christmas carols because 'they are too religious'

Billy Brit said...

Cheer the kid up and embed this one on the site mate!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where these kids came from, being that Dundee is the Muslim capital of Scotland

Anonymous said...

Of course there is a Santa Claus. He is the Spirit of Christian Charity and good will amongst human beings, the presence amongst us of the Spirit of Christmas, which is with us because of God's great gift of Jesus Christ to the world.

Adults understand the significance of Santa Claus, at least partially, as the Spirit of Christmas made real to children, so that they can understand that it is about loving and giving. To
tell a youngster that Santa Claus does not exist, is lke telling him that the Spirit of Christmas does not exist, and in a way, that the story of God's love and his giving of the gift of Jesus as told in the Gospels is false also.

Anonymous said...

Good old Tommy Cone, can you imagine one of property tycoon millionaire enrichers going around the wards handing out pressies? no neither can I.

Anonymous said...

Yep I am Santa!

Fyrdist said...

Tommy Cone is a diamond geezer. His altruism is a shining light in this dark and ugly world. Thank the gods that there are still people like this active in this selfish, decadent and materialistic country.

Anyone remember when the Left used to used do things like this, used to support the working man, the elderly, and the local community? They (the Left) then at least had an element of my respect.

Now they're just a bunch of misguided dense racists who manipulate the Negro and social inadequates for their own failed ideological ends. Now they are nothing more than the foot-soldiers of Zionist terrorists here in Britain, throughout the world, and concentrated in the bandit state of Israel.

Well done, Tommy -you are a beautiful person. Does anyone know where I can find Tommy in order so I can buy him a pint and give him a hug!?

Any work for the betterment of our beloved children (what ever their colour) is, to me, worthy of exceptional praise.

God bless you, Tommy.

GreenPleasantLand said...

PLease please please write something on the supposed anthrax sent to a BNP member in Norfolk... this story needs exposure.

JPT said...

'Leave your politics at the school gate' school techers are told (I think in a dig at the BNP) - surely religion should be left at the school gate also - unless as part of religious education (Christian) of course.

Anonymous said...

have you seen this lastest attempt by one of the Jocks.

Laughed my tits off.

Good on them, with patriots like that North of the border the BNP cant fail to take big leaps forward.

English Jock

JPT said...

Totally unrelated but interesting - police in Smethwick, on a raid on a house have arrested 3 men and seized 20 dogs suspected of being involved in dog fighting.
The police have not yet released the names of the men.
I wonder why???

xoggoth said...

Wouldn't have bothered me, some of us were born engineers. I recall upsetting another kid in my first month at primary school by telling him there was no such thing as fairies.

ayatollah khomeini said...

Seasonal maledictions and woe unto you Kaffir sons of pigs and monkeys.

May Allah’s vengeance fall upon you worshippers of the winged idol sodomized by the topmost branch of a conifer sapling. The tree-idol is the ultimate in debauchery, for our beloved Prophet even at his horniest never had carnal relationships with vegetation.

Moreover you Kaffirs mock the Prophet's mufa’khathat of Ayesha with your blasphemous custom of sitting children on Santa's lap. This practice is an intentionally Islamophobic parody of the hadith in which Mohammad said to Ayesha “Ho! Ho! Ho! Come here little girl and sit on my knee and let’s talk about the first thing that comes up”.

And of course ‘Santa’ is an anagram of the most secret holy name of Allah. But worst of all, you defile the most sacred symbol of Islam - the mistletoe - by performing your writhing, steaming promiscuous orgies beneath its sacred berries. The mistletoe, by its mode of sustenance, is a holy symbol of the role of the Ummah in Dar al-Harb.

So, may Allah curse your abominable festivities. May your tinsel tarnish and your balloons deflate. May your turkeys catch bird flu and your Poinsettia
be consumed by aphids.

May your elderly relatives give you presents of ill-fitting knitwear and your objectionable in-laws buy drumkits for your children. May your holly scratch you and the wounds turn septic, and may your ivy be of the poisonous variety.

Allah Akhbar!