Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Stereotype Crumbles

Eurostar. How they see the English
By Elizabeth

Occasionally, self-reflection is a very positive activity. I don’t mean in a moralising or narcissistic manner, more a verification of where you stand in life and the reasons why you uphold certain beliefs or condemn others, in other words the application of critical analysis.

If you identify your position unambiguously, and are able to explain it, then you are increasingly likely to enjoy credibility from others and may even persuade them to review their own positions.

So it was then with the publication of the ‘Roll of Honour’ and its subsequent negative fall out for those who were on it I thought an assessment of why I remain a Nationalist was in order.

If race truly were a ‘social construct’ as the politically correct have us believe there would be no need for nationalism. Other races obviously exist phenotypically and genotypically but I’m not here because I hate them, I just want to defend our own culture, traditions and people and hopefully in the process try to secure a civilized future for those of us who follow.

I’m frequently misunderstood which is not discouraging it can be amusing. Some individuals appear totally convinced that nationalists lurk on the edges of society dragging their knuckles unable to string two words together. They also suppose us to be uninformed, indoctrinated, poor, socially incompetent, filled with hate or had our views formed as a result of some past traumatic incident. They could not be more mistaken.

My knuckles are roughly located in the same area as everybody else’s and it’s perfectly evident from this article that words are not alien to me. I’m not a genius but neither am I a brainless idiot. I hold a University Hons. Degree in Art and Philosophy and by anyone’s standards extensively read. The stereotype crumbles.

As for being marginalized or socially cut off my friends and acquaintances range through artists, architects, interior designers, youth workers, truck drivers, farmers, dinner ladies, and yes nationalists like my good friend The Green Arrow.

I have black friends and white friends have been taught how to drape a sari and cook an authentic curry (still much in demand!) I’ve visited Turkey, Egypt, Slovakia, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Ireland, hardly a globetrotter but probably enough to make me racially and culturally conscious to some extent. The stereotype crumbles.

I also do not believe that I’m lacking in social skills as much of the media like to suggest is typical of the white nationalist, who live their lives bonding together exclusively… unable to associate with anyone outside their circle. What utter rot!

Although I have friends in the nationalist movement I rarely see them and I certainly did not become one in order to make friends… that was just a bonus. My immediate circle who I see on a regular basis are from many walks of life, so this does not apply to me either. The stereotype crumbles.

Prosperity or poverty then? I’ve experienced both so this is not valid. Love of one’s country does not depend on whether you are rich or poor. The stereotype crumbles.

Am I xenophobic, do I hate and fear other races; am I a bitter narrow-minded bigot? Again…I don’t hate anybody I just don’t like the feeling of having my back up against the wall and everything our country has ever stood for relentlessly worn away by corrupt politicians and the EU in some kind of vast social engineering experiment.

I haven’t been brainwashed into nationalism either, I’m here without restraint after careful reflection, and all my views are self-formulated.

This leaves some kind of ghastly incident in the past as a possible stimulus. Like anyone else good things and bad things have occurred during my lifetime but they have not made me what I am today, and they correspond to nothing. If a horse kicks me I don’t believe that all horses will do the same and that this is the characteristic behaviour of all horses. I need much more substantive evidence than that. The stereotype crumbles.

Yes I’m listed and have suffered fallout with the rest of you, but my priority here is to point out that I came to be listed through independent means and reasoning. I source all kinds of data continuously; expressive of both sides of the question, and come to my own conclusions i.e. the principles of nationalism are true and right. It’s a hard and thorny path; difficult truths are not popular with the majority. It’s also a risky path but if I did not believe in what I was doing wholeheartedly then why should I take the risk?

The stereotype is no longer viable.


Keith from Brum said...

From one knuckle dragging nationalist to another, that was very well put Elizabeth, and reflects the views of all we patriots of this fair land.

It's a pity that Gordon and his crowd of traitors won't be reading it.

Anonymous said...

Dont you believe it Keith from Brum, he'll see it hear it and have to face it at the ballot box.
Beautifully and succintly put Elizabeth, a good article.
We have similar traits and I also am on the Roll of Honour.
As a lifelong Tory I first joined the BNP to scare the daylights out of the cosy Old Gang of Three.
They weren't listening to the low grumble outside the ivory tower.
There was already smoke curling under the door but they refused to hear the alarm.
I reasoned that if the BNP climbed up the pole they'd take note and do something about the land grab by foreign cultures and creeds evident all around us.
They didn't and I saw their plan, to replace us with cheap grateful labour and votes.
I respect and admire many aspects of these foreign cultures, but they are not mine and they should never replace ours.
I now remain a Nationalist because I like the people, the Party and the vision of a safe secure and prosperous homeland where the indigenous Brit comes first.
No contest really?

Helena C

Anonymous said...

Is that man a skinhead or is he just bald?, as you see in Britain such is the hate for white men by Nooo Labours women that they would wish to eradicate us all, and as a man can no longer become Prime Minister if he is bald or too masculine, how long before there is a midnight knock on the door for us the follically challenged...lol

JPT said...

He appears to be pissing coffee.
Or being English is it tea?

Anonymous said...

I was horrified to discover one morning that I was a racist! The BBC had announced that the entire BNP membership list had been leaked and now I was a racist. I used to think that racists were people that hated other races but now I realised looking in the morning mirror with fear that I was indeed a racist, because the BBC said so, my hand holding the razor trembled.
But the worst part was....the spam in my email. Dear lord, WHY????? The day after the story broke I received my fist hate spam, abbey national had requested my password...but ...but ...but I have never been an abbey national customer??? OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! They have found me!!!!

Days after I would lie awake at night, constantly checking my blackberry for spam, night after night, days on end, 2 weeks have passed and I'm still getting more and more spam, including, gulp, the dreaded viagra spam.

This has gotten so bad, the harassment and the bank of scotland spam that i've decided to surrender, ok, I am now a socialist, sob sob, please forgive me mr galloway, you have been always right, Islam is peaceful, and Karl Marx was the bestest and most greatest ideologue ever to have lived.

Please can you far left stop sending me spam, it's killing me.....