Saturday, 13 December 2008

Communist Searchlight launch European Election Campaign in Rhyl !

One of them will have to sleep on the floor

By WalesBnp

The Communist Searchlight organisation (which lists formal representatives from the Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem and Plaid parties as vice-presidents) apparently launched their European Election campaign in Rhyl, North Wales recently.

Following reports from well placed informants within the extremist far-left group that ‘something big’ was being planned, our local news reporters were on hand to photograph and record the exciting events in Rhyl town centre for posterity.

The campaign launch, which seemed to involve just two rather grubby looking individuals from Searchlight with their Red Flag and Hammer and Sickle trying to sell copies of the ‘Morning Star’, was conspicuous by the absence of their colleagues Mark Isherwood AM (Conservatives), Leanne Wood AM (Plaid), Mike German AM (Lib-Dems) and Huw Lewis AM (Labour), as well as by the absence of their president, Plaids’ Dafydd Ellis Thomas (Leader of the Welsh Assembly).

This was very disappointing for our reporters who were hoping to catch a glimpse of these celebrities attending such an auspicious occasion - if only to show their support publicly for the organisation their parties are formally associated with, and which after all is used by them to produce third-party smear leaflet campaigns against opponents standing in democratic elections.

Sadly, it was all over in less than an hour after it began, and as the massed horde of two outdated and redundant far-left stooges drifted away into the distance, they at least managed to leave their trademark mess of litter on a park bench behind them.

We didn’t quite know what to do with the photos that were taken of this forlorn scene, so because it was obviously difficult for them to be able to photograph their massed ranks by themselves (or at least without reducing their numbers by 50%), in the spirit of fair play we thought maybe they might like to use these copies to use in the Morning Star as a memento of their day out:


Anonymous said...

Sad, sad people!

Anonymous said...

I have a very small amount of grudging respect for them. At least they have the honesty (or is it stupidity?) to fly their colours.
Unlike the treasonous slime that have infested the liblabcontrick.

Anonymous said...

and the the Lib Lab Con are a party to this?

Anonymous said...

True Urban11 at least they are out in all weathers peddling a rotten ideology.
Unlike the others who support Marist Searchlight under the counter these poor guys are showing face.
I always admire foot soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Dont you mean Zionist/Communist Searchlight?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you read it right, White American. All your people, as in “genociding” them to extinction.


Read on; you’ll get the picture.

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