Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Paedophile supporters defeat BNP in Dagenham and Barking

Only the BNP will protect your children

When British National Party Councillor Lawrence Rustem refused to apologise to Zanu Labour Councillors for saying that the teaching of sex education to children under 12 bordered on paedophilia, he was of course correct not to.

But for daring to try and speak the truth he was forcefully ejected from the assembly chamber and denied the right to voice his opinion.

It came about when Councillor Rustem proposed that the council condemn a government report recommending that children as young as five be given sex education lessons saying;
"Teaching sex education to children under 12, I consider borders on paedophilia, quite frankly.

"It's not just that it sexualises children. Why do you need to teach sex education to five and six-year-olds? I didn't need it."
Now I hope you checked out the report link, because the report also recommends that children as young as five be taught to understand the "pleasures" of homosexual sex.
During the project, the seminar paper says, its members have 'challenged each other to go beyond imagined possibilities into queer practice'.

The seminar will 'question the taken-for-granted of the supposedly sexless, bodiless and desire-less primary classroom' and examine 'the place of the research team members' own bodies, desires and pleasures in this research'.
"Challenged each other", "Supposedly sexless". What bloody drugs are these perverts on? And just what drugs are the Barking and Dagenham Labour Councillors on who voted against condemning the report?

Mind you, if you check out this list of paedophile politicians from the Lib/Lab/con parties you can understand why they voted they way they did and if you click here you can see the dirty hand of Common Purpose also. Oops, almost forgot. The EU want to legalise Paedophilia.

Councillor Rustem responds on the BNP site here. Well said Sir. Wish I could vote for you.

Come on people. Get real and get with the BNP or wind up with a country of confused and abused children.


Anonymous said...

All going according to plan. The EUrabian project is on schedule. Ayatollah Khomeini would have been proud:

The next step will be teaching the joys of thighing to toddlers:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that low life Chris Bryant(MP posing for casual partners on gay website) have some input into the cirriculum?
any links anyone?

The Green Arrow said...

He does indeed Urban11.

I shall add it into the post.

Whistleblower said...

Green, there are some updates to my blog if you want to paste them over to Liars...

Seems more and more crimes by the SCUM politicos are coming in everyday!


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Chris Bryant with input into our childrens schooling! When I was in Sunday School (many years ago) I remember a picture hanging on the wall in the vestry, it showed Jesus Christ surrounded by children with the caption "Suffer the little children to come unto me". If I had ability as an artist or cartoonist or could use my computor to its potential, I would use the picture of Chris Bryant in his Y fronts, surround him with children and use the same caption, except delete the word unto and replace it with into. It would speak volumes and illustrate the depraved depths to which humanity has sunk today. Dont know if it would be legal as a political poster but if it were it might even reach the hearts of the sheep people of Rhondda and stir them enough to kick him out at the next election. Pigs might fly though. Paedophies and their fellow travellers have spread their evil tentacles right through our establishment and society in general. Also on the wall in that chapel was a tract with the words "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son etc" and I would wonder, in my childish mind, what sort of a man would give his son and I knew, with certainty, that my parents would never give me away whatever the circumstances and now I realise how lucky I was to have such parents, to instill such security into a child. Maybe those hard old days will one day be recognised as a golden period for this civilised country even though there was a great deal lacking, materially. We still had moral values. Incidentally, I am not a Christian rather an unbeliever, but readily accept the doctrine and teaching of most of the gospels, and have often turned to them in times of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Jesus also said that whoever harms or corrupts a child should have a millstone tied round his neck and be thrown into the depths of the sea.

The Marxists' promotion of paedophilia, incest, Islam and the sexualisation of children is not only to satisfy their own perverted and depraved desires, but also to undermine the family.

Destruction of all institutions that cannot be controlled by the State is the long-term objective of the LibLabCon, and the family is top of their hit list.

Remembering Jesus' words, I hope to see the day when the BNP literally put the fear of God into these vermin.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anon 10:11

I take it 'Fear of God' is your name for an eight ft long sharpened stake?

Impalement for the use of (to use terminology GA will be familiar with).

Anonymous said...

That destructive degradeing language they use, that, ''queer studies'' or lets 'destroy everything language' that poses as ''progress'' in thinking?? and society?? It not a game messing with the lives of our children in this way. These people have spent their whole existence pursueing every kind of depravity and promisicuity and permissiveness.

Look at the life of people today what will it be like in the future if this is not stopped

Sweetlips said...

We must fight these Islamic paedophiles everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I asked a lad this morning what he'd think about me teaching his kids the joys of gay sex? He said he'd teach me the joy of him breaking my face!
Well, says I, seems like our Labour government want our teachers to teach the joys of gay sex to five year olds.
Harry, he says, you like a bit of leg pulling but I dont find that funny.
I pointed him in the direction of your blog GA. looks like another one will have the blinkers off pretty soon.