Monday, 15 December 2008

Victims of an agenda - why white boys may be failing

By Sarah Maid of Albion

“White boys outclassed!!” shrieked Friday's London Metro as they gleefully revelled in a report that working class white boys were struggling to keep up with other groups in British schools.

The report in question seemed to rather appeal to many in the media, who enjoy portraying young white males as brutish lumpen inadequates, unable to compete with girls and, “more able”, immigrant students. It was also a further report in a series over the last decade which has suggested that white boys are experiencing difficulty within our education system, and one which should cause us considerable concern.

Those of us who do not share the anti white prejudice of those on the left, know that white boys are not automatically dimmer or less able than their contemporaries. These are not the results we would have seen twenty or even fifteen years ago, something has changed, and we have to ask what.

Blame has been aimed at families, the media and television, however, although I am sure these play a role, these influences are common to all, not just white boys. Whatever, it is that has happened has been happening in schools, where education is provided to our children by teachers. And it is teachers who appear to include some of the most politically correct and politically motivated members of our community.

Is there a connection?

One has to ask what they are teaching our children, particularly our white boys, and what effect that is having on their achievements.

Anyone with any knowledge of the education system in America is aware, that school life tends to be a twelve of fourteen year guilt trip for white children, particularly white boys, who find themselves at the sharp end of the race / gender divide. The politically correct attitude which permeates American schools holds whites responsible for the vast majority of of social ills, and white males, in particular are singled out for particular levels of condemnation.

In addition, the wide spread practice of Affirmative Action means that, non whites receive additional advantages and support, not available to whites, because they (non whites) are viewed as disadvantaged.

To what degree are similar unfair practices happening in our schools? We do not officially practice Affirmative Action, however, who can doubt that significant numbers of left wing, diversity supporting, teachers would automatically devote a significant amount of their effort to working for the success of those groups, such as girls, and immigrant groups which they view as more socially deserving, at the expense of those perceived as less deserving, namely white males.

Is it much of an extension to move from that point to, if only subconsciously seeking to disadvantage the less deserving group, so as to give the more deserving a better chance at winning?.

It is not just the male ego which is a delicate flower. As a mother, I know how fragile a young boy's confidence and view self worth can be, these are things which need to be nurtured, because they can be so easily damaged.

It goes without saying that many on the left are prejudiced against white males, and to survive within the current state school system it is all but essential for modern day teachers to come from the left. Are those prejudiced expressing themselves in the way that many teachers interact with white boys, and are white boys suffering because their teachers have an agenda, subconscious or otherwise, to promote other groups before them.

Could it be that our white boys are failing, because that is what they are being taught to do?


Anonymous said...

It is not just the attitude of schools that promotes the faiure of white boys- this attitude is society-wide.
White males (who are not gay) are the main target. I agree with Sarah that much of this may be subconscious - the teachers, news readers etc. are effected by the propaganda and wishes of the reds/few. Of course many consciously wish to see the demise of white men, but many more are promoting the demise of white men subconsciously.

odin said...

I think you are right Sarah!

extant said...

Out of the Horses mouth-

I had to remove my child out of the State Education system at the age of 10.
He could barely read or write , I had no choice.
He is now in a private school at a cost of £9,700 per year,it is a commitment to say the least.
He has come on during the past few years very well , however he has not escaped the positive white discrimination.

He has been attacked and threatened with his life by Muslim pupils on a number of occasions.
The higher set classes are reserved for ethnics.

When ever a Muslim pupil attacks a white , whity gets the punishment, I am not exaggerating.
It is not just my child who has been on the receiving end , I have spoke to other parents who has received the same treatment.

I have recently had a meeting with the Head,I told him "you are breading uncontrollable , undisciplined Monsters"
He said,"Islam is different,isn't it", I said "no its a vicious.obho rant and racist cult".
He then said ,"well these pupils are not whiter than white". I said "careful,that is a racist comment",he went bright red and said "I have to be careful with my words with you , don't I !"

I said "yes ,is it cos iz White",his face was an absolute picture :^)

Keep up the good work Green Arrow, we are all counting on you.

Regards T

Anonymous said...

It's a fundamental belief of the educational establishment that only whites can be racist:

So when a white boy gets stabbed or beaten to pulp by a gang of Muslims its a racially aggravated attack by whitey.

Jeannine said...

It's another example of anti-white institutional racism. The BNP website had an article a couple months ago Whites to Blame for Poor Black Academic Performance, which showed how 'academic' Dr Steve Strand blamed the poor academic performance of black male students on whites. A couple years previously he had blamed the academic performance of white male students on whites. Whites (and white heterosexual males in particular) frequently get blamed for all the world's ills.

Anonymous said...

"...some form of racialist police state will be imposed. A state where the elites will encourage the historically oppressed to get even with their former oppressors. He claims that "dominant" groups will be obliged to yield power to "oppressed" groups, with the former being displaced from their jobs in the economic sphere until each category of task reflects the proportion of "oppressed" people in the population. Fonte believes that this will not be the end of it either. The proportion of "oppressed" people in the population will grow constantly. That's because another tenet of this Tranzi-ism holds that "dominant" countries must welcome immigrants from "oppressed" countries in unlimited numbers. Furthermore, if any "dominant" people protest, they will be jailed for "hate speech."

Looking around our world we can see this beginning to happen with all kinds of laws being enacted to punish those who offend, even just by thinking something the authorities think you shouldn't. It is becoming clear too that these laws are applied to the native "dominant" population rather than to the "oppressed" new arrivals. Examples abound of assaults by "oppressed" people on the persons of "dominant" people being ignored by police. Even replying in kind to a racist comment from an "oppressed" person brings instant arrest and the imprisonment of the offender. "

"Many will have noticed the rise in the number of "victim" groups emerging into the national consciousness. Groups such as women, blacks, Muslims, gays, Latinos (in the USA) and immigrants or any conceivable combination thereof. This too is part of the "oppressor" groups versus the "victim" groups philosophy espoused by the Marxists, the privileged and the marginalised. As one philosopher remarked, "Multiculturalism is not ‘multi' or concerned with many groups, but ‘binary' concerned with two groups, the hegemon (bad) and "the Other" (good) or the oppressor and the oppressed."

This means that "equity" and "social justice" mean strengthening the position of the victim groups and weakening the position of the oppressors – thus justifying group preferences. Equality under the law is replaced by legal preferences for victimised groups."

More at

Anonymous said...

These persecuted and dispossessed white teenagers are the potential BNP voters of the not too distant future. It is imperative that the BNP attempts to reach this group to show them why the educational system and the Metropolitan LibLabCon elite (such as Harridan Harm-Men) hate them.

I doubt whether the BNP can actually establish any sort of presence within the repressive environment of the schools themselves, but is should be possible to set up 'forbidden fruit' websites ("Stuff your teachers don't want you to know" etc) which could become part of a rebellious youth culture movement.

I'm a bit out of touch wiv modern yoof myself so I can't offer any suggestions of how it can be done, but I do believe it can be done and should be done.


The schools are just a reflection of society in general,and no wonder that white boys are disadvantaged,since all the resources go to "those that do not have ENGLISH as a first language"and the red retards who pretend to educate ,divert all of thier time to licking the arse of degenerate sub human invaders,what really surprizes me is that parents allow this to continue,my children are all grown,otherwise i could guarantee some fun time at the pta,the heads office and the "education authority"with my very good friend mr baseball bat,parents you do not have to put up with this apology for an education system,pull your children out,what you give them is inestimably of more value than a twisted red pervert,they are yours do not let them be undermined,we are the English,and this country is ours,the third world filth are not our countrymen,do not accept them.

Anonymous said...

Reading "Why Men Don't Iron" by Anne & Bill Muir, a readable study in gender science, will explain the original problem why boys in general were underperforming. Mainly due to boys not being allowed to be boys, non-competitive sports and lessons geared up for girls only. Plus hardly any male teachers in primary and junior education.

As this Dane told me last night, "Karl Marx would be proud of the progress made in the EU!"

Anonymous said...

White boys have big aspirations and great potential, but they find themselves facing insurmountable hurdles, that crush their spirits and strength.

To put insult to inury the same hypocrits that create those hurdles, smugly lay the blame at those white boys themselves.

Ethnics might have big aspirations, but they do not have the potential that white people have. It is the whites who are pushing evolution forward, and the ethnics that (try to) follow.

Ethnics therefore do not become demotivated, moreover they are given preferential treatment on all levels, despite their shortcomings.

Our own white boys would love to be technicians, and scientists, and doctors, and builders, and artesans, but they also have morals and ethics, and that is why the elite much prefer to have other races take their place, people whom will be completely obedient to their agenda.

So no, it is not an "aspiration gap", it is in fact an "opportunity gap" for white boys.

For one, if those "poor white" wouldn't have to pre-occupied all day with surviving the streets, bad housing conditions, black schools etc, then perhaps they would have time and energy to be involved with something greater. But they are being kept down, on purpose.

Anonymous said...

In the U.S.A. there is now a case of a young 8 year old white boy having been punched in the face by a black teacher (for breaking a crayon). That sums up in short why poor white boys are not just stifled in their development but actually threatened with their very life. And when the white boys do not become successful white men. Then our white society will be lost forever.

Anonymous said...

GA: you have no guts. I take it that I was correct and spiked your nerve.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 06:48

More guts than you my friend. Do you think it is a pleasant job having to filter crap comments like yours everyday?

Nothing spikes my nerve. Pathetic death threats, promised arson attacks. Like Nick Griffin said "water of a ducks back".

Want a platform? Then go start your own blog. When you have, let me know and I promise never to visit.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I appreciate what the article says. The Indo-Europeans have indeed built great civilisations, the yong white males have all the poteniala nd will build a graeter future than is being imposed by nothing but political thugs who want simply to ruin.