Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Dude, Youtube and the BNP

This is UPDATE VIDEO with Statistics - Please Watch It

As reported here, YouTube closed down the account of 1kewldude3 (The Dude) because of his excellent and hard hitting videos in support of the British National Party.

As a result of this and an unlucky mishap with his machine, all of his work now is either lost to us or the only copies on YouTube and so therefore it is of the utmost importance that we get his account reinstated.

Public outcry made YouTube see sense over the Fitna Video and Pat Condell and now we must make them see sense over The Dude.

Now we have further confirmation of YouTubes attack on Freedom of Speech in this communication sent to Doitmyselfagain who is responsible for the excellent video above.

YouTube | Broadcast Yourself™

The following video(s) from your account have been studied and have passed the inspection by the YouTube team under our Community Guidelines:

* Won't Get Fooled Again? - (Doitmyselfagain)

Your account has already received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will not now expire at all. Additional violations will result in the disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and the termination of your account forthwith.

It may interest you to note that after consultations with the British authorities your own channel has now been branded "highly distasteful", and therefore it will not now be possible to send your videos to "Friends".

For your reference, a copy of this message has also been emailed to the address associated with this account.

The YouTube Team
By denying Doitmyselfagain the right to send his work to "Friends" means that his work does not get the full coverage it deserves.

I am also fascinated by their statements "consultations with the British Authorities" and "highly distateful".

There is that bloody word again. "Authorities". Who are these British Authorities?
and who decided that our comrades work was "highly distasteful"? Not the truth seekers that's for sure.

So you can see why it is important to support The Dude and through him, others like Doityourself again.

Please sign and distribute the following petition and when you have done that then register with Facebook and join this group. See you on both of them.

I would also urge all our video creators to duplicate their work on Liveleak. I promise that any videos I receive that are Liveleak located will get priority over YouTube.


Anonymous said...

This goes to prove a point that it's not just the B.N.P. that are being roundly attacked by this shameful government, as "Doitmyselfagain" comes out of the "Libertarian" movement, that does little else than attack the satellites of this New Labour government.

Perhaps they too will now start and wake up to the fact that New Labour are morally corrupt.

Anonymous said...

In fact ANYONE who is against this Marxist scum!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I see the petition has almost reached 100 already, which looks promising after such a short time.

Thank Heaven that there are now alternatives to YouTube, it served a great purpose, however, that is why the enemy has decided to castrate it.

Time to move on.

This shows the need to back up everything one posts to the internet, if the censors can stifle you, they will

Anonymous said...

I tried to sign up for liveleak account, it seems by ip address has been banned, and I have never even used liveleak before, also my digg account is unusable, thats the 2nd time they have blocked my ip address , and I have never posted anything obscene or illegal, not even a swear word.
Im Not sure if its linked to pro BNP support I give.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous of 21st December at 1722.

Does your ISP give you your own STATIC IP ADDRESS (as mine is, bought at significant extra cost compared to today's "bargain broadband offers") ?

If SO then your experience IS interesting.

If not, then the "ip address" you used to connect to liveleak is about as pure as a used condom you might find washed up on a beach and you have even less idea where the IP address has been ...

On a more general note I haven't spent 20 years in IT for nothing, I can recover data from all but the most terminal hardware failures and I know where you can (for a rather large fee) get hard disk platters changed in a clean room environment ....

GA you know where to find me ....

Anonymous said...

you censor messages yourself, hypocrit, you're just like youtube.

BefriaMedia said...

This sound like organized censorship.

The oddest is the youtube claim

"after consultations with the British authorities your own channel has now been branded "highly distasteful"

The only reason for a private firm to consult with the authorities is to find a criminal. This statement is either A. only a personal opinion of yotube, or

B. something much more dangerous related to limiting the freedom of speech.

No authority would or should ever work with a media business like youtube to brand them distasteful or in any other way. This may be bigbrother censorship government, supported by the muslim founder of youtube?