Sunday, 7 December 2008

Enough really is enough

Sadie Graham
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn

I would have thought that with the arrest of Sadie Graham and possibly the arrest of her husband Matthew Singleton, with regards to the leaking of the list of British National Party members, that those duped by them, would have admitted their mistake and asked for forgiveness.

But no. They still clearly have a few die hard supporters, who for their own reasons still seek to cause disruption within the Party. They will not succeed and are wasting their time by posting comments on this site.

Neither will I promote or publish links to those few remaining sites still displaying illegally the membership list. Over a dozen sites have now been closed down and action will be taken against those continuing to break the law.

But us bloggers must now be careful not to publish or say anything that can be used by those charged, as part of their defence in any future trial and so we must be vigilant in checking the comments we post. Let the Law take its course now.

With regards to posting of comments, I sometimes have to reject excellent comments because they are posted "anonymously" but with the name of a known blogger. In the past I have been fooled by people purporting to be someone else and so cannot take the chance. If you are one of those whose comments I have rejected, I apologise.

For those duped followers of the betrayers of trust, I would suggest that they now contact their former colleagues in the Party and see if there is a way back for them. For some that will never happen, for some there is a chance to redeem themselves.

By the way, if anyone has a link to the Sexy Sadie Youtube video mentioned in the link above, I would much appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but whilst reading the above bit in the Mail I found this.
Now this is really scarey....

"Since April 1, hundreds of thousands of State employees, from police to teachers, youth and nursery workers, social workers and sports coaches, have been entitled to interrogate children aged up to 19, using the ‘Common Assessment Framework’ (CAF), a creepy, eight-page, 60-section questionnaire.

CAF includes eyewateringly intimate questions about children’s sexual behaviour, their family’s structure, culture and religion, their views on ‘discrimination’, their friends, secret fears, feelings and family income, plus ‘any serious difficulties in their parents’ relationship’."

Anonymous said...

Hear hear GA. the subject should be very closely monitored as Sub Judice rules will apply.
As for those malcontents popping up on various messaage boards supposedly in defence of the so called rebels, dont even answer them.
Its a ploy to encourage loyal Nationalists to engage in damaging speculation.


Anonymous said...

This whole shameful episode will have many quaking in their boots.
I heard one insightful and very good article which put the situation in perspective.
Supposing a rogue police officer with access to the Sex Offenders Register decided to pass it on to the Flashmobs we have seen organised on Facebook recently (£1,000,000 home trashed by gatecrashers from Facebook)
What would the apologists for this list say if those suspected of paedophilia were targeted by vigilantes?
Lets not stop at perverts though, how about Islamic extremeists, halal slaughtermen, anyone engaged in stem cell research?
The litigation would run into millions.
I sincerely hope that our members genuinely harassed, sacked and villified will sue the butt cheeks off those who did this.


The Green Arrow said...

To the guys who keep posting that a certain person is innocent and the best thing since slice bread.

You have no chance of being published on here.

We will let the courts decide whether the person/people responsible or guilty or not.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

This video ?.

Peter said...

She had everything going for her at the BNP. She was so well respected by everyone, especially after she got elected to being a councillor. Everyone I spoke to was agreed she was a potential future leader of the BNP.

From hero to Zero in the blink of an eye. This is a perfect example of someone who got ideas above their station upon being elected.

The Green Arrow said...

Thats it. Thank you Colonel.

Anonymous said...

A person who is prepared to reject any politcal moralty she may have had for a personal cause might I suggest she join NuLaBour.

Anonymous said...

HE He He!
Two Fat Slags!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever her reasoning, she put the livelyhoods, not to say personal safety of many decent people on the line, and as such forfeits any respect from a political party that has based itself on morality and ideals. Like someone else said, she wouldnt be out of place with Ms Spliff or Ms Harperson.