Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Doctor Buck Ruxton

Dr Buck Ruxton. One of the first of the "enrichers"

There was a time in this country when murders were so rare that the killers names would become household and even poems spring up about them.

For example, the one about Dr Buck Ruxton.

Bloodstains on the carpet,
Bloodstains on the knives

Oh Dr Buck Ruxton
You murdered your wife.

Then Mary she saw you

You thought she would tell

So Dr Buck Ruxton

You killed her as well.

Incidentally, not widely known was the fact the Doctors real name was Bukhtyar Rustomji Ratanji Hakim.

I suppose at some time, I should add the Doctors victims to The Fallen List. They were amoungst the first to become totally "enriched".


Anonymous said...

Life is indeed cheap in Britain. Can you imagine the Corrie/Footie masses demonstrating if a 15 year old was shot by police over here?.

Fyrdist said...

"Corrie/Footie masses" -a truly loathsome, pitiful bunch indeed. They are the sort of charlatans that will, come the glorious day, ride the tide of Nationalist euphoria and claim they did all in their power to bring about the said euphoria that would be a consequence of BNP success.

These people turn my stomach.

Pendle BNP Today said...

Another two to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

Is this Dr bucks descendent?

or perhaps just a new Respect, now Tory candidate?
Imagine a Hard left trot, now a tory and nowt to do with colour. creed or party chances eh?

Anonymous said...