Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Only the BNP will stop this kind of oppression

Watch as Darren Pollard (Baby Blue Films) is confronted by two police officers claiming it is an offense to film an officer. They proceed straight into Civil Jurisdiction - obviously they have jumped the gun somewhat as no statute was cited nor existed..

I know that many of you will have seen this video the first time around but it is worth looking at this updated version because of textual additions.

I suffered this kind of harassment once. Stood waiting for our taxi in the next village up, two police officers approached my party and told us to move on. I politely pointed out that we were awaiting our cab which was due any minute. I was told if we do did not move on I would be arrested. I refused to move and was arrested for drunk and disorderly just as the taxi pulled up. I was released a few hours later and the one officer attempted to push me down the steps outside the station. I was much nimbler then, caught my balance, turned and laughed in his face. I knew then that there was something wrong with Our Police Force and have never trusted ANY of them to this day.

When my case came up at the local magistrates, I pleaded not guilty and defended myself. I ripped the lies by the two police officers to bits and made them look like the thuggish morons they were and still are.

I also ran rings around the prosecutor who said that I swore at the officers, making reference to my time in the armed forces. I turned to the bench and said quite truthfully that because a man served in the armed forces did not mean to say he was obliged to use bad language(which I had not). Case dismissed.

Only the British National Party will ensure that there are elections for Chief Constables so that thugs like those shown and described are not permitted to get away with their criminal behaviour.

Oh and one last thing. Any police officer seen slouching around with their hands in their pockets, like the scruffy slattern shown, should be sacked or made to sew up their pockets to stop them playing with their sick selves.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Fromnay of them now there is a sense of overwaening arrogance and aggression.

On eday I was walking along theroad in centre of Manchester City centre and slowed down and stopped to look in camera shop window. I could see two ''policemen'' (community policemen)who had been walking were behind me, they slowed down and I thought they wereabout to stop and speak to me, I could se this reflected in the window. I keptlooking in the window ignoreing them

They no longer serve a community they serve the Labour Governments agenda.

They are not about crime prevention but about control

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your views ---

Remember these jailed Revisionists at Christmas 2008

2008 List of Incarcerated and Indicted Revisionists Addresses. Don't forget them. The season is the reason.
Whittle, Stephen ("Heretical Two" US asylum seeker)
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Sheppard, Simon ("Heretical two" US asylum seeker)
c/o Santa Ana Jail
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Jim Trafficant (helped free John Demjanjuk)
P.O. BOX 4000

Germar Rudolf
Schloss 1
D-72108 Rottenburg

Ernst Zündel
J.V.A. Mannheim
Herzogenried Str. 111
D - 68169 Mannheim

Gerd Honsik
Justizanstalt Wien-Josefstadt
Wickenburggasse 18-22

Attorney Sylvia Stolz
Oberer Fauler Pelz 1
D- 69117 Heidelberg

Wolfgang Fröhlich
Justizanstalt Wien-Josefstadt
Wickenburggasse 18-22

At large but currently under indictment:

Horst Mahler

Vincent Reyonard
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money the best thing to do is to send one or two
bank notes inside an envelope and write on
the following address:
BP 256

Georges Theil
6 Rue Gallice

Anonymous said...

That W.P.C makes me sick (as most of them do). Surly, arrogant, hands in pocket, little Miss know-it-all doing a friggin' man's job. And all this when there's dishes to be washed. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.19 -WTF?

Anonymous said...


AN ATTACKER sexually assaulted a man in a car park.
The 29-year-old victim, who is from Stoke-on-Trent, was attacked by a man in the Huntbach Street car park in Hanley, at around 2.30am on Saturday.
He was returning to his vehicle after a night out when he was assaulted.
The offender is described as Asian, aged 30, 6ft and with a stocky, muscly build.
He had short, dark hair and was clean shaven.

He was wearing a plain, navy-coloured fleece-type jacket which was zipped up at the front, dark blue trousers which had a number of pockets and black lace-up boots.
Officers from Stoke-on-Trent CID are now studying CCTV footage of the area and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.
Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Dave Stones at Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 4455 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800

Anonymous said...

dont police officers on duty have to wear headress?

Anonymous said...

There are good and bad policemen, Green Arrow. Unfortunately one tends to remember the bad ones.

I suppose due to the power they have the bad ones should be weeded out.

Did you ever see the footage of a student getting punched in the face by a copper outside his house? He was doing nothing wrong and the policeman just clocked him and arrested him. The chap across the street filmed it all and it made the national news...

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas GA enjoy the vid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Go and see the movie the Changeling on at the cinema now. The film is set in 1928 in a supposedly democratic country where the police are corrupt and highly politicised. People who embarass the police get harassed or worse sectioned into mental hospitals. All sounds like the UK now.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to accept the idea of a Ponzi scheme be played on members of the public, who are ignorant of how such schemes are worked, in fact the schemes are targetted specifically at such people. Yet Madoff would have us believe that he managed to convince professional investment companies to put their funds with him without any due diligence being performed. This is clearly nonsense.

watling said...

As many of you out there will know from experience, the BNP attracts the attentions of the police like wasps around a jam jar.

We were selling VoF in the street and the police wandered over, claiming that a "Jewish gentleman" had complained that we had given him an offensive leaflet. This complete lie (we didn't have any leaflets) was simply a ruse to hassle us and ask for our names and addresses.

Amusingly, an old dear bought a newspaper while the police were still talking to us. We made a point of continuing to sell newspapers after the police had gone, so that those watching would know that we were doing nothing illegal and that we would not be cowed by the state's troopers.

On another occasion I was at a BNP meeting in a sleepy village in the middle of nowhere. Sure enough, as we left, there was a police car outside.

One day the police will get the message that BNP supporters are law-abiding and that if they want to catch a few thugs they should go to a UAF meeting instead.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas GA and all others involved in civilisations last fight against the evil ones(s). We are indeed Indigo people.

On the subject of the police, I think they are in the same position as most who work for government departments, Common Purpose "leaders" rewarding those who follow in their own footsteps, while the decent consciencious staff are left to get on with carrying the burden for the creeps and shirkers, unrecognised for what they do. I have a couple of friends who have recently left the police for these very reasons, one a wpc who was well on the way to promotion.

And as regards the Madoff con, well he is just a fall guy, a well paid off stooge employed to give the public a figurehead to blame for the criminal activities of the one worlders.

Anyway may you all have a peacefull Christmas. Regards, Nobody's Lemming.

Anonymous said...

Is the young lady policeman Darrens sister, Vicki Pollard?