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Kosovo, what have we done?

The consequences of an independent Kosovo, Kosovo IS Serbia.

This will form part of a series on the horrors, lies and deceptions surrounding the hideous Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The real Srebrenica Genocide
WARNING - graphic pictures
Be sure to read the numerous comments which follow.
The main post originates at
This documents the genocidal attacks on the Srebrenica Serbs from 1992 - 1995.

Overview: Why should one read articles refuting the charge that Serbs committed mass murder in Srebrenica?
Small extract: July 11 is the tenth anniversary of the recapture of the East Bosnian town of Srebrenica by Bosnian Serb troops. In coming weeks we will be sending you a number of pieces challenging the official story about Srebrenica. According to the official account, after the Serbs re-took Srebrenica, they slaughtered 8000 Muslim men.

More articles on the "Srebrenica Massacre" hoax available here.

Emperor's Clothes Articles on Yugoslavia
A partial list

What really happened in Bosnia?
Were the Serbs the criminal aggressors, as the official story claims, or were they the victims?

Part 1 - Who was Alija Izetbegovic: Moderate democrat or radical Islamist?
Alija Izetbegovic, who fought the Bosnian Serbs, was portrayed in the Western mass media as a dovish defender of multiculturalism and human rights. But Izetbegovic published an entire book calling for the slaughter of 'infidels' so that Bosnia could become a theocratic Muslim state, as documented here.

Part 2 -- Painting fascists as victims and their victims as fascists: The mainstream media turned Bosnia upside down.

The media went out of its way to represent the Serbs as the supposed fascists and Izetbegovic's Islamist followers as the supposed victims. There is no shortage of evidence that the reverse was the truth. In fact, it appears that Alija Izetbegovic may have been a Nazi during World War II, and he certainly revived the Nazi SS Handzar Division in Bosnia in the 1990s, as documented here. But the media has not shared this with the public, calling him a 'moderate' instead.

Part 3 -- Who started the war in Bosnia? And who committed genocide? Was it the Bosnian Serbs, as NATO and the mass media alleged, or the Bosnian Muslim followers of Alija Izetbegovic?

There is no question that Alija Izetbegovic and his Muslim followers started the Bosnian war. The Bosnian Serbs were just defending their homes. Nevertheless, the media claimed that the Bosnian Serbs were supposedly conquering territory. The accusation against the Bosnian Serbs that they were supposedly exterminating the Bosnian Muslims was a total fraud, as documented here.

Articles on the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia

WARNING - the following 2 links contain EXTREMELY graphic footage of a *12 year old Taliban child* beheading a man in Afghanistan. Not recommended for people who are anything like me, who get angry almost to the point of punching out the monitor at the sight of *children* who have been indoctrinated with this filthy ideology being used in this way.


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Forecast Saudi court tells girl aged EIGHT she cannot divorce husband who is 50 years her senior
By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 9:49 AM on 22nd December 2008
Comments (25) Add to My Stories A Saudi court has rejected a plea to divorce an eight-year-old girl married off by her father to a man who is 58, saying the case should wait until the girl reaches puberty.
The divorce plea was filed in August by the girl's divorced mother with a court at Unayzah, 135 miles north of Riyadh just after the marriage contract was signed by the father and the groom.
Lawyer Abdullar Jtili said:"The judge has dismissed the plea, filed by the mother, because she does not have the right to file such a case, and ordered that the plea should be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty."
Grooms take part in a mass wedding ceremony in Riyadh in June. Governor of Riyadh Prince Salman and a local group organized a mass wedding for about 1600 couples to help people unable to afford expensive ceremonies
"She doesn't know yet that she has been married," Jtili said then of the girl who was about to begin her fourth year at primary school.
Relatives who did not wish to be named said that the marriage had not yet been consummated, and that the girl continued to live with her mother.
They said that the father had set a verbal condition by which the marriage is not consummated for another 10 years, when the girl turns 18.
The father had agreed to marry off his daughter for an advance dowry of £5,000, as he was apparently facing financial problems, they said.
The father was in court and he remained adamant in favour of the marriage, they added.
Mr Jtili said he was going to appeal the verdict at the court of cassation, the supreme court in the ultra-conservative kingdom which applies Islamic Sharia law in its courts.
Arranged marriages involving pre-adolescents are occasionally reported in the
Arabian Peninsula, including in Saudi Arabia where the strict conservative Wahabi version of Sunni Islam holds sway and polygamy is common.
In Yemen in April, another girl aged eight was granted a divorce after her unemployed father forced her to marry a man of 28.

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facebook is a very populat social network site on the internet.

It has a couple of serbian nationalist groups like



European Indigenous People's Movement

Supporters of

Radovan Karadzic-protest protiv izrucenja u Hag

also Union of Nationalists, Conservatives and Romantics

A very popular one is Vote BNP and Kevin Scott from Newcastle
has "friends" like Gert Wilders and le Penn.