Thursday, 4 December 2008

A pig at the trough

Peter Howard putting lives at risk

Ever wondered how the Lib/Lab/con Councillors feeding off the public manage to justify their pilfering of the public purse?

How about we take a look at Conservative Councillor and Chairman of the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority, Peter Howard.

Peter, along with others, has just seen his special responsibility allowance increase a massive 50% from £16,921 per year to £24,500 per year. God only knows what other remunerations he receives. But you can bet they will be generous.

The increase in allowances was opposed by an independent remuneration panel following a review of services this year but Peter and the fire and rescue authority ignored its advice and trousered the extra cash that is as much as a pensioner gets to live on a year.

The Pig at the Trough, derided the extra money as a relatively small amount despite other councillors saying it was wrong to accept the money. Especially in view of the fact that Peter was responsible for the planned closing of four fire stations in the area. Well his extra money had to come from somewhere.

Despite a 12,000 name petition demanding that one of the fire station not close, as it would put lives at risk, greedy pig Pete, cast the deciding vote to close Sedgley fire station, despite this from the do nothing FBU.
“It’s extremely disappointing they haven’t listened to the public.”
Of course they do not listen to the public. When the choice is serving the public or feeding your face, a pig will always choose to feed his face.

The only way the people of the West Midlands will get a councillor to listen to them is to elect a British National Party councillor who is a real person and not a pig at the trough.

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Anonymous said...

What a rotten corrupt scumbag he is. But this is how democracy works now. The politcians tell the people what's good for them they certainly won't listen to the will of the riff-raff on the streets, who do they think they are anyway?

Still, good to see another union working tirelessly a determindly to save British jobs.

And the British just sit there and take it. For how much longer I wonder?