Friday, 12 December 2008

Newcastle is hideously white

Let us hope Newcastle always stays "hideously white"

Newcastle's city council's assistant chief executive, Paul Rubinstein started the ball rolling by attacking the Geordies lack of love for those enriching them out of jobs and homes.
"There is a real issue for our city region - which is the whitest, with the possible exception of the Tees Valley, among the Northern Way city regions - to see immigration as positive, and something which will drive the city forward," he said.

"There is this mythology about the famous Geordie welcome - I don't buy that, I'm afraid."
Now as one who has served alongside Geordies, I can tell you this. They are warm and generous people - to those who are friendly towards them.

Not to be outdone on this attack on True British people, a government official named Neil Murphy, on secondment to Newcastle City Council, leapt in with;
"Newcastle is, to coin a phrase, hideously white. What drives creativity? It's immigration."
Wrong dick head. True Brits drive creativity. Immigration brings crime, grime, TB and aids.

Both men are clearly fans of the former BBC fat cat Greg Dyke who once described the corporation of also being "hideously white" and ignoble Lord Ellis-Thomas who was ashamed of a "sea of white faces".

Well a complaint has been made to race relations investigators by Newcastle resident Bryan Allen who is rightfully claiming that the recent remarks were insulting.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian, Saturday 6 December 2008
Article history
Thousands of suspected perpetrators of genocide are living in the UK and cannot be prosecuted because of a gap in UK law, the Guardian has learned.

Home Office figures show that since 2004, 1,863 individuals in the UK have been investigated for suspected involvement in of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Hundreds of further cases are being investigated each year with annual recommendations for immigration action, including deportation, at around 300 per year. News of the figures for immigration action against suspected perpetrators of genocide came as leading lawyers and campaign groups warned that without a change in the law, many will be immune from prosecution.

"It has been clear to me for some time that some war criminals have been taking refuge in the United Kingdom," said Lord Carlile, the Liberal Democrat peer and the government's independent reviewer of terrorism laws. "The message these figures send out is that war criminals are in some cases escaping to the UK and that is not acceptable." MR PAUL RUBINSTEIN MIGHT DISAGREE.

AbertaweBNP said...

I hope the geordies keep it that way aswell.

Proud to be BNP

watling said...

This Neil Murphy character reckons that:

"Newcastle is, to coin a phrase, hideously white. What drives creativity? It's immigration."

It seems to me that the whole of sub-Saharan Africa is in need of some creative thinking to solve the on-going problems there of war, disease, violence and famine. Indeed, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse seem to have taken up permanent residence there.

Shouldn't Mr Murphy therefore also be recommending mass immigration to "hideously black" Africa? Indeed, why doesn't Mr Murphy go there too and take some creativity with him? A bonus as far as he is concerned would be that the "hideous whiteness" here would be reduced a small fraction as a result of his departure.

Come on, Mr Murphy, emigrate to Africa and do us all a favour. Please take Lee Jasper, Trevor Phillips and Diane Abbott with you when you go.

Peter said...

Excellent GA, I hope the fine people of Newcastle stay strong and keep the "invaders" out just as the other fine people of Stoke are doing.

Multiculturalism is a destroyer of British White communities...Voting for the LibLabCon will certainly destroy your White community. If the "invaders" want somewhere to rob and pillage then get yourselves down to Westminster where their are plenty of traitors and thieves that are sure to give you a warm welcome.

Anonymous said...

Immigration drives Creativity? The man is truly delusional.

This is an insult to a race that races created this civilisation in all its creativity..

I gues they both aren't very craetive so thathave to hate those who are namely the English

Anonymous said...

On hearing this tripe from their council Im sure a lot of Geordies will be thinking aadivvenwannee hae ony immigrunts!

Well Yedivvenhattee! ye jist needtae vote BNP an git yer mates votin 'n a.


Anonymous said...

odin said...

I have a Geordie friend who is adamant that the BNP are racist, & the Labour party is the working mans party. No amount of arguement can change his mind on this! I have sent him an email with a link to GA's article. I doubt he will even agree to talk to me about it though, when he next phones me.

Anonymous said...

1. They have destroyed our pride in our history, and a nation that loses its sense of history soon ceases to be a nation.

2. They have labeled our beloved Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers”, ignoring the great representative republic that these men constructed.

3. They have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture--no matter how backward and barbaric--except for Western white European culture. As Jewish Marxist intellectual thug Susan Sontag stated in a poisonous rant “The white race is the cancer of humanity.”

4. They have driven our Christian faith and heritage from the public square by utilizing their countless criminal cadres of ADL and ACLU Communist lawyers. Our children will soon grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the cross. However, the menorah is still allowed in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

5. They have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World dregs who will soon replace us as the majority. The Javitzes, the Lautenbergs and Cellers meticulously designed the legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously--and with no sense of irony--supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

6. They have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “Chosen” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, pedophilia, scatology, licentious sex, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list.

7. They have brought homosexuality out of the closet and into our faces. Sodomy is shown in their media and movies as normal, healthy, enjoyable and something to celebrate openly in as brazen a fashion as possible. They have founded, funded and fronted every homosexual advocacy group in America.

8. They have brainwashed our children. With their control of the institutes of “higher” learning, they have filled the minds of the young with Marxism, Deconstructionism, relativism, anti-White self-hatred and lies about “diversity” and non-judgmentalism. These sundry “isms” are the pernicious lies that have jettisoned the positive “isms” that once bloomed in our society: patriotism, altruism, individualism, nationalism, etc.

9. They have subverted our government. With Zionist control of media, both print and television, the two major political parties and the highest echelons of government, our foreign and domestic policy has been steered away from the interests of the European-American majority, rendering us incapable of self-preservation. The war in Iraq, the 9/11 attacks and a possible clash with Iran in the near future, are all results of the Zionist subjugation of the most powerful nation on earth, and the prioritizing of Israel’s concerns over those of the United States.

10. They have force-fed the propaganda of radical feminism to American women and girls. Thanks to the steady diet of anti-male, anti-marriage and anti-family books, lectures and college courses from the likes of the Steinems, the Friedans and the Abzugs, many women now see the prospect of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation.

11. They have made abortion into a sacrament. Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and every other leftist pro-abortion promoter and provider in America is run from top to bottom by “the Chosen”. Unlimited and unregulated abortion on demand is lauded and touted in the controlled media as a positive social good for the United States. Twenty-four years after Roe v. Wade and with over 40 million abortions under their belts, these same groups still cheer and applaud for more. And with most abortion rights organizations top-heavy with Jews and a large percentage of abortion doctors also being Jewish, they have definitely made a killing out of killing.

12. They have sold us the packaged and deliberate lies of egalitarianism. All races are equal in intelligence, morality, accomplishments and potential, except of course, for one. The Jewish “race”, as their own leaders refer to their people, is declared by Jewish anthropologists to be “superior.” Jews are seen as uniquely intelligent, uniquely moral and a group that stands above all other groups in its supremacy. They truly believe they have a God-given right to rule over us. To criticize their pernicious power is the most egregious societal taboo.

And on and on it goes. Everything on this list can be easily verified. Jews, mostly Zionist in nature, have spearheaded every movement or cause that now threatens our destruction. And now the leviathan of Zionism and Talmudic Judaism extends its tentacles into every facet of our country and indeed into almost every other nation and culture residing upon the earth. With its expansion comes the debauching of all peoples, all heritages and all traditions. What will we do to stop it? Will we fear and quake before the strawmen buzzwords of “anti-Semite” and “hater”, or will we stand and battle for the survival of civilization? It is up to all of us, Christians of both the right and the left, moderate Muslims who eschew violence, anti-Zionist Jews of conscience and indeed people of no particular religious persuasion. We must rage against the dying of the light, but that is not enough. All of us must kick at the evil and the darkness of Zionism until it bleeds daylight. HE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH AND DOES NOT BELLOW IT OUT IS LOST.

not your grandad's labour party said...

The attitude of the Metropolitan NuLabour elite to the provincial working class is exactly that predicted by George Orwell in 1984 in the way the Party Members despised the Proles.

Anonymous said...

Won't be white much wonder they pretend there's only 60 mill whn infact there are 80 million plus here and now...

Over the past 5 years...Whites increased by 1%
blacks and browns by...80% thats' in this little island..

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has had to take in a million Indians, almost 700,000 Pakistanis, 260,000 Bangladeshis, up to a million Nigerians, over 100,000 Iraqis. In the past five years the white population grew by 1 percent, the Bangladeshi community grew by 30 percent, the black African population by 37 percent and the Pakistani community by 13 percent.

As Browne points out in a personal aside, one of his neighbors emigrated from Bangladesh 30 years ago. He brought over his non-English-speaking wife while his older son recently brought over his second non-English-speaking wife after divorcing the first. Six months of the year he spends on the family farm in Bangladesh, where they have servants and laborers to help them.

As happens thousands of times to thousands of immigrants, it isn’t just the "one" special case in which secondary immigrants come over to be with families, and it has created a deluge. As his friend relates they will bring over husbands for his two teen-age sisters, and then they will have rights to bring over the spouse’s parents and grandparents.



As the Norwegian MP said;

We must make the majority the minority and never allow them to become the majority ever again..
FJORDMAN Reported this!


Anonymous said...

God Bless the Geordies! Look to the West The East and the South of your home and see the white folks reviled by government and abused by colonists and keep your land safe!
Can I claim asylum from Glasgow?
SNP likes everyone but whites who AREN'T Nicola Sturgeon clones.


Anonymous said...

Here is Paul Rubinstein (nice Jewish name).

Aren't Jews good at telling us all to import more and more immigrants whilst themselves not practicing what they preach?

"Immigration to Israel in 2007 Down 6% -at its Lowest Since 1989."

Read all about it.

Fyrdist said...

A couple of points from Anon's (20.00) great article regarding the massive fall in Israel's immigration:

1)"This is the lowest number of immigrants since 1989, after the wave of immigration following the fall of the Iron Curtain." -Even these immigrants were probably Khazars (Jews of Turkic origin that have no claim whatsoever on the land that is Israel).

2)"Forecasts for 2008 do not show an increase in newcomers." -While Britain's level of immigration will undoubtedly be tenfold.

3) "The largest number of immigrants, 6,445, came from the former Soviet Union..." -Once again, fleeing Khazars who were turning their back on the remnants of Bolshevism -THEIR failed ideology which was a product of THEIR hands.

4) "The third-largest number of immigrants came in 2007 came from North America..." -Jews returning "home"?

Evidence of the Jewish hand in the rise of Bolshevism? Here it is:

One of Bolshevism’s key features was the marked ethnicity of its chief protagonists. In 1918, the Bolshevik Party was controlled almost entirely by revolutionary cadres of Jewish (Khazar) extraction. According to Robert Wilton, the Russian correspondent for the Times newspaper, “out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State, there were in 1918-1919, 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Czech, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews. If the reader is astonished to find the Jewish hand everywhere in the affair of the assassination of the Russian Imperial Family, he must bear in mind the formidable numerical preponderance of Jews in the Soviet administration.”[15] Wilton’s remarks are validated by Hilaire Belloc, who, in 1937, wrote that “As for anyone that does not know that the present revolutionary Bolshevist movement is Jewish in Russia, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppressions of our deplorable press.”[16] Sir Winston Churchill also noted the decidedly Jewish character of Bolshevism in the Illustrated Sunday Herald of February 8th, 1920, when he said “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.”[17]

Taken from Troy Southgate's work to be found here:

Anonymous said...

Odin. Your friend has been hoodwinked into supporting an elite commie party.
Research would prove this to him very quickly.
Bertrand Russell said of the poor; were food wasters.
He also lied to the USA causing the Atomic bombs to be used.
Yes.Your friend has kept the Fabian party in Government and they are nothing to do with the working man.
Thats'why you can now see clearly Brown not giving a toss about workers favouring the super rich.
Tossing a few words to the lower classes in the hope that they are too thick to have worked out. that they are no more for the working man than are the other two parties.
Hobsons choice is no choice.

Recommend he read;LORD HEWARTS BOOK. 1929 THE NEW DESPOTISM. This lord was the top judge in England. he reported how the fabians were subverting our laws and gradually destroying the country.
American book not tampered with where UK edition dodgy pages.

..CAME ACROSS THIS BELOW.......................

Smiling Muslim Savagely Beats English Train Conductor
Bradford Telegraph Argus, UK December 12 2008
By Jenny Loweth

A 24-year-old man who smiled as he savagely beat up a train conductor has been jailed for three and a half years.Ansar Hussain flew into a violent rage when Euan Hilton confiscated his out-of-date Metro travel pass, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Hussain, of Barlow Road, Keighley, humiliated and racially abused Mr Hilton on the Skipton to Bradford Forster Square train.

At Saltaire station, he seized the conductor’s master key, shut the train doors and jumped on to the platform with him. The passengers were locked on the train with Mr Hilton at Hussain’s mercy.

Mr Hilton said he curled in a ball as Hussain rained kicks and punches on his head and upper body.

As he crawled towards the back doors of the train, Hussain set on him again, punching and grabbing him.

He rifled through Mr Hilton’s uniform pockets before fleeing the platform (...)

Posted December 12th, 2008 by hd

Anonymous said...

This Hussain creature sounds like a typical enricher.

A vote for any party but the BNP is suicide.

The BNP will prevail come hell or high water.